July 23, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.19, 100 Light Years from Home: “How Does It End?”

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Brooding is much more fun on the beach

Summary: Joey and Dawson are watching some movie about spring break, because, fittingly, it’s their spring break. Dawson’s about to head to New York for a meeting about his movie. He’s uncertain, so Joey says lots of nice things about him. She thinks Mitch would love what Dawson’s doing. Joey realizes that after the awful year they’ve both had, things have worked out well. Dawson stills feels bad about the way he treated Joey right after his father died, but she’s past it. Then there’s some blah blah about dreams, but no one cares.

Dawson heads off with Oliver, who bugs him about what (or who, more accurately) he’s thinking about. This is a mini-clip show, so Dawson tells Oliver about their relationship as we see flashbacks from the pilot. Meanwhile, Joey’s reading on a beach in Florida while Pacey and Audrey make out in a bedroom. (It seems her parents own the house where they’re staying.) They talk about their families, who don’t appear to know about their relationship. Jen and Jack are also there, and the latter is cranky.

Joey gets a call from Charlie, who’s been calling her every few hours and won’t take the hint that she doesn’t want to talk to him (mostly because she keeps flirting instead of making the hint a clarification). Later, the girls and Pacey hang out by the pool and try to decide what to do. Joey spots a movie star named Chris who turns out to be a friend of Audrey’s. He’s there for an MTV-sponsored M2M concert and offers the kids free passes. Audrey assures Pacey that she and Chris were just friends, but Joey knows they dated. Charlie calls again, then reveals that he’s at the house.

The kids go to the concert, where Pacey rejects the advances of a girl who turns out to be one of the M’s of M2M. Joey flirts more with Charlie while Audrey tries to avoid having any kind of meaningful conversation with Chris. Pacey’s beginning to suspect that something’s going on there. Charlie tells Joey a story about all the steps he took to track her down, but it turns out Pacey told her where they were. She tells him that doesn’t mean she’s going to hang out with him.

Pacey and Chris chat about Audrey, and the truth about Chris and Audrey’s relationship comes out. Chris is happy that Pacey doesn’t seem to be dating her, since he’s been thinking about how cool she is lately. Joey interrupts a conversation Charlie’s having with a girl and gets her to leave by telling her that Charlie’s one of the Hanson brothers. After some Joey/Dawson flashbacks highlighting the intensity of their friendship and relationship, Oliver asks Dawson, “How does it end?” He hopes it’s tragic, with Joey running into a homeless Dawson on the street and not recognizing him. Then Dawson gets hit by a bus. (I love you, Oliver.)

Charlie gets Joey back by interrupting her conversation with another guy. Jen watches, then has a coughing fit while Jack (who seems drunk) gets excited about a hotel raffle. Pacey confronts Audrey for lying about Chris; she says if she’d told the truth, Pacey would have ruined the evening by trying to get her to compare the two of them. Audrey says Chris was her Dawson, and breaking up with him was the hardest thing she had to do. She still wonders sometimes if she did the right thing. Pacey reminds her that their relationship was supposed to be casual, so her lies don’t matter.

The next morning, Pacey tries to convince Joey that he’s learned from his past relationship mistakes. She points out that her own Dawson is in the past, as is Audrey’s Dawson. Pacey just wants a girl who doesn’t have a supposed soulmate. Joey advises him to leave himself open to the possibility of falling in love with Audrey. He asks if she takes her own advice. She admits that she might possibly like Charlie, but they’re not going to have a serious future. Pacey points out that Charlie came all the way to Florida to see her.

More Dawson/Joey flashbacks as Oliver wonders if Dawson’s considering going to Florida instead of New York. Dawson doesn’t know what he would say if he did go see Joey. Oliver thinks he should take a chance. (I no longer love you, Oliver. Stop encouraging this.) Dawson knows it’s crazy but decides to go anyway. Charlie gives Joey surfing lessons as Jen nurses a cold, Jack drinks, and Pacey, Audrey, and Chris avoid each other. Jen notes that Jack seems to be drinking to forget something, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Joey tells Jen about her day with Charlie, and though Jen claims to be okay with that, she’s not sure why Joey wants to waste her time. She warns Joey not to fall victim to Charlie’s charm. Joey thinks her instincts trump Jen’s experience. She throws Jen and Dawson’s relationship in Jen’s face, asking why Jen cares so much about Charlie and what he and Joey do. That night, Chris comes by the house and tells Audrey he wonders where they would be if he’d followed her to Boston. She says they’re different now, though he thinks she’s pretty much the same. They kiss, which Pacey sees.

Joey’s a little distant with Charlie, pointing out that she’s not sure how she feels about him. He knows she’s only uncertain because of what he did to Jen. He swears that’s not all he is. “Haven’t you ever hurt anybody?” he asks, thankfully not triggering a stream of flashbacks. Sometime later, Dawson arrives at the house to find Jack on the roof, drunk. He jumps in the pool and Dawson pulls him out.

Jack confides that college has turned out to be harder than he expected. He’s failing and will have to ace all his finals. Dawson promises that their friends will help him out. Jack points out that he wasn’t very helpful when Mitch died, but Dawson disagrees. Jack tells him that Toby has a new boyfriend. He starts crying, wondering how to fix his life when he doesn’t know where it went wrong. He just wants to go back and start over.

Audrey starts to tell Pacey that she kissed Chris, but he lets her know he saw. She asks if he cares about her; she can’t keep seeing him if he doesn’t. She wants to be his official, exclusive, serious girlfriend, and she wants him to want the same thing. Pacey assures her that he does. He’s wanted to tell her all day and was just waiting for the right time. They make their relationship official.

In the morning, Pacey finds Dawson in the kitchen and tells him that he’s made a mistake if he came there to see Joey: “It’s over.” Dawson disagrees: “No, it’s not.” He’ll keep coming back as long as there’s something to come back for. When something pulls him this strongly, he has to act on it. Dawson asks where Joey is, and Pacey tells him she’s with Charlie.

Joey and Charlie spent the night in a tent (inside the house), telling each other their life stories. He realizes that even though they’ve been together all night, he hasn’t given her “a proper kiss.” They smooch while Dawson mopes on the beach.

Thoughts: Why in the world would you want to date a guy who screwed over your friend? Especially when that screwing over was in the form of sleeping with someone else, exactly like your father did to your mother?

I either never knew who M2M were or I blocked them from my memory. Either way, I’m good with it.

Joey, why are you wearing jeans on the beach? And not sitting on a towel? Are you familiar with sand?

Dear Charlie, you are creepy.

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  1. Muffy said,

    M2M’s music was catchy. I was teen doing that time. There were like a million and one bubblegum pop artists. The genre made a huge comeback doing that time.

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