July 26, 2012

BH90210 4.4, Greek to Me: What’s the Rush?

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Who wouldn’t want to be frat brothers with these guys?

Summary: It’s David and Donna’s third night on CU’s radio station, and they’re looking for calls from people they didn’t go to high school with. They’re out of luck. The next day, the girls all go to sorority row for Rush Week, while Brandon and Steve play football with the KEG brothers. After the game, Brandon heads off to meet someone at the student union, though Steve thinks it’s in his best interests to hang out with the brothers. The activity of the day is rating girls as they walk by.

One of the KEG brothers, John Sears, recognizes Kelly, who blows him off. Sears tells Steve that he asked Kelly out in high school and she turned him down. Brandon meets with Josh and someone named Angela; they’re considering him for a spot on the student senate. Brandon tells them he doesn’t want to coast through college. The girls go to Alpha Omega, where the sisters creep me out by wearing matching pink dresses and singing “Que Sera Sera.” Kelly’s worried because Alpha Omega’s frat is KEG, and she can’t stand Sears.

Andrea and Dan chat in her dorm, and he comments that he thought she would rush a Jewish sorority. Instead of telling him where to stick his bike, she wonders if this means there’s anti-Semitism in Alpha Omega. Dylan and Brenda run into each other and find out that they have a poetry class together. He can’t believe she’s considering rushing, but she’s not that enthusiastic about it. Josh and Angela tell Brandon they’re going to back him for student senate. They find out he’s friends with Steve, and Angela makes a veiled “nice choice in friends” comment.

The girls meet up at the Peach Pit to find out together that they all made the first cut for Alpha Omega. Meanwhile, Jim thinks Brandon joining student senate means he’ll be president someday. Brenda just hopes for a better parking spot on campus. Cindy asks what the progressive party stands for. Brenda says they’re the “politically correct crowd” and wonders how they’ll feel about Brandon being in KEG.

Donna and David do their show again, and she’s amusingly frustrated and tired. Steve calls Brandon from outside the Walshes’ house to summon him outside for a talk about rush. He doesn’t think the KEG brothers will be happy with Brandon’s desire to join the student senate. Sears told him that pledges aren’t even allowed to hang out with the progressives. Steve’s worried that he’s going to have to drop Brandon as a friend. (Dude, you could drop the KEG brothers. Just saying.) Brandon tells him to chill.

The girls go back to Alpha Omega, where Brenda doesn’t even bother to hide her boredom. The president, Leslie, tells Andrea that the sorority is a family and they’re looking for people who fit in. Andrea learns that they’re both only children and were editors of their high school papers. David dorks out at his apartment while Donna tries to sleep so she’ll be up for a ’70s party that night. He snarks that no one made her rush. Then he totally tries to get her into bed instead of just letting her nap.

Kelly asks Dylan to come to the party with her, but he’s no fun, so of course he won’t go. She has fun anyway, probably because Steve’s dancing will leave her with happy memories for the rest of her life. Kelly asks Steve if Sears and Leslie are tight; she’s worried that Sears will start telling people lies about her and ruin her reputation. Brenda tells Brandon that she would have liked to have something to share with the other girls, but she’s obviously not cut out for sorority life.

Leslie apparently wants to set Kelly and Sears up, to Kelly’s dismay. Sears promises Kelly that he’s not the same guy who used to be a jerk to her. He’s won her over enough to make her want to stay at the party after Donna leaves. Brandon plays pool with KEG’s president and they bond over being known as good guys. Brandon’s consideration for student senate is public knowledge, and the KEG brothers want him to choose between them and the senate.

Leslie tells Andrea that there aren’t a lot of Jewish guys in KEG, which Andrea notes is a strange thing to say. Brenda meets up with Dylan at the Peach Pit and complains again about not liking the sorority. Dylan tells her to do what’s right for her, not what makes her friends happy. Donna’s fed up with having a horrible radio time slot and turns it into a rant about waiting for guys to call. She moves on to complaining about David being all over her that afternoon. He’s not happy about her comparing guys to dogs.

Kelly and Sears listen to the bickering couple at the KEG house and flirt a little. Kelly breaks the news that she has a boyfriend, though Sears notes that he’s not there. He thinks that means Dylan isn’t that interested in his girlfriend. Kelly takes that as her cue to leave. She winds up at Dylan’s house and asks him why he can’t be more like everyone else. (Because he’s a loner, Kelly! A rebel! A maverick! Get with the program!) He points out that she wouldn’t want him to be like everyone else.

Steve talks KEG up to Brandon again the next day, telling him that they’re practically guaranteed spots. Brandon introduces Steve to Josh; neither guy is that happy to meet the other. Andrea rants to Dan about Leslie’s comment; he wonders if the sororities are competing to land the most Jewish rushes. He thinks Leslie might be wondering if Andrea’s willing to leave her religion at the door when she joins the sorority.

The girls head to a candlelight ceremony at Alpha Omega the night before they’ll get their bids. Leslie sees that Andrea’s wearing a Star of David necklace and gives her a hard look. Over at the student union, Brandon, Josh, Angela, and other students go over some proposals, one of which will take some funding from the Greek houses. Josh accuses them of being racist and elitist. Brandon defends his friends who are pledging, noting that the Greeks are more inclusive than some of the groups the senate wants to fund. He decides he can’t run on the progressives’ platform.

Leslie goes to Andrea’s room to blast her for wearing the Star of David to the ceremony. She announces that she’s also Jewish, everyone in the sorority knows, and no one cares, but only because she doesn’t “flaunt” it. Andrea wonders if Leslie tells her sisters she’s going shopping when she goes to temple on the high holy days. She decides Alpha Omega isn’t the right place for her after all.

Donna brings her aunt’s dog to the radio station to conduct some experiments. (Hilariously, the dog is also named Silver.) David’s upset with the stunt, but Donna uses it to spark a discussion and get some callers. Andrea laments to Brandon that she didn’t consider the fact that blue-eyed, blond-haired Leslie could be Jewish. Brandon wonders if he made the right decision dropping his senate plans, especially since it means Steve will bug him more about joining KEG.

Leslie approaches Andrea to tell her that the Alpha Omega sisters were sad to hear that she dropped her bid. They noticed Andrea’s Star of David and don’t care that she’s Jewish. Leslie admits that she still carries insecurities from her family changing their name from Shulman to Sumner. Brandon tells Steve, Sears, and the KEG president that the student senate is targeting them for budget cuts. Steve’s happy that Brandon’s willing to fight for them so they can keep drinking beers and rating the hotness of women. Brandon still doesn’t want to pledge, which makes Steve cranky.

Brenda’s happy to hear that Andrea doesn’t want to join Alpha Omega either. Kelly and Donna decide not to pledge either. They decide to form their own sorority, with the Peach Pit as their house and Nat as their philanthropy. Then they sing “Que Sera Sera” just to annoy me.

Thoughts: Sears is played by Paul Johansson, Dan on One Tree Hill, a show I’ve never watched. That’s the one where the dog ate the heart, right?

Tired, ticked-off Donna makes me happy.

Usually Andrea bugs, but I loved her wearing the Star of David. I’ll forget the part where Andrea has only ever mentioned being Jewish, like, twice.

Puppy! This show needs more puppies.


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