July 29, 2012

BH90210 4.5, Radio Daze: Inappropriate! Inappropriate!

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Would someone please get Kelly a copy of “The Gift of Fear”?

Summary: It’s the first day of classes at CU, and Donna is already as tired as a typical college student, thanks to her and David’s late-night shifts at the radio station. Kelly’s very excited for the first day and way too energetic for that time of day. David’s still in bed – well, what passes for a bed, since it’s just a mattress on the floor. Andrea and Donna have a class together and are surprised to recognize their instructor as Dan, Andrea’s RA.

Dylan sees Brenda looking through the classified section for a job. She wants to get a head start on real life despite only being a college freshman. Their poetry professor makes me glad I never have to take another college course. Steve complains about the amount of schoolwork he already has to do, since it’ll interfere with his social life. Brenda’s running out of ideas for a job but wants to check out the boutique where Celeste works. Steve confides in Brandon that he wants to break up with Celeste since college is a bad time to be “tied down.”

Brenda has an interview at the boutique but isn’t hopeful about getting the job since there’s a lot of competition. She mentions the freshman pool party on campus the next day, but Steve hasn’t asked Celeste to it. Donna tells David that the radio show is too much for her and she doesn’t think she can keep it up. David’s sure that once the program director sees how great they are, he’ll give them a daytime show. She doesn’t want to wait, telling David she’s going to quit. He takes it personally and gets cranky.

Sears shows up at the beach apartment with flowers, having followed Kelly home, which is totally not creepy at all, YOU CRAZY PERSON. He knows Kelly has a boyfriend but isn’t willing to give up on the possibility of them having a relationship. Instead of shoving him down a flight of stairs and running away, Kelly’s flattered. Steve and Celeste make out in his room, and the promise of sex keeps him from going through with the breakup.

Brenda mopes home to tell her parents she hasn’t been able to find a job. Brandon suggests that she resurrect Laverne. Brenda’s worried that once she’s done with school in four years, there still won’t be any jobs. Jim offers her a position at his office, but she wants to find one on her own. Andrea and Donna have been given the assignment of writing their life stories in ten sentences. Donna’s struggling to come up with something. She asks Andrea if she’s selfish for quitting the radio show. Andrea tells her that being successful takes commitment.

Dan pops in to offer to get sodas for the girls. After he leaves, Donna says he’s cute. Andrea notes that he’s a teacher, but Donna points out that that’s never stopped her before, since she almost hooked up with Chris. Sears runs into Kelly (or stalks her, whatever) and asks if she’s going to the pool party. Again, she doesn’t call him a stalker or leave. Dylan shows up and starts babbling about beat poets and the lecture he wants to go to instead of the party. Once again, Kelly will be attending a social function without her boyfriend.

Brandon asks Steve about his breakup, but Steve admits that he didn’t dump her and instead invited her to the pool party. Donna visits the program director, who’s in a bad mood and doesn’t listen to her. Instead, he puts her on the radio to fill in for his afternoon DJ. Donna gets off to a shaky start but uses the show to get out all of her frustrations. Brenda finally finds an interesting job on the job board, for a TV production assistant. It’s actually a job in a daycare on the set, which isn’t Brenda’s idea of a good time.

The program director is so impressed with Donna that he offers her a regular afternoon slot. But just her, not David. Out of options, Brenda goes to Jim to ask for a job. Her first assignment is to deliver some contracts to someone by 9 that night. Brenda promises to do so after she stops by the pool party. Speaking of the party, Celeste is there and doesn’t like that Steve’s hanging out with girls. Brandon tells her that jealousy isn’t going to make things better. She doesn’t listen. In other news, Sears is still creepy.

A couple of girls recognize Donna’s voice from the afternoon show, which is the first David has heard of it. She has to tell him that she’s basically been promoted without him. He accuses her of dumping him as a partner so she could move up. Dylan shows up, spots Kelly and Sears together, and acts like a jerk. Kelly manages to get him to calm down and be happy to be there with her. Andrea’s skipping the party to write her life story for Dan, at least until he forces her to go.

Steve basically ignores Celeste while Donna asks Brenda to help her solve her David problem. But first, a dance contest! Brenda kills any good will people have built up toward her by trying to get David to join it. After way too many shots of people dancing badly, Steve follows Celeste as she storms out, complaining that he hasn’t been paying any attention to her lately. Somehow, Brenda and David win the dance contest, and for some reason, the two of them and Donna wind up in the pool, followed by everyone else.

After the party, David apologizes to Donna, assuring her that he knows she would never do something to hurt him. She thinks they both deserve the afternoon show. He tells her that being on the radio in high school made him a celebrity, but he’s worried he can’t handle a show on his own. Donna reminds him that he taught her all she knows. He was great before they worked together, and he’ll be great afterward. Brenda realizes that she hasn’t delivered the contracts, so she rushes off to do the one single task she was given.

At the Walshes’, Brandon psychoanalyzes Steve, saying he doesn’t want to allow for the possibility of Celeste breaking up with him. Steve admits that he thinks he’s falling in love with her. Jim tells him to go to Celeste and admit that he’s an idiot. (Jim, that was awesome.) He adds that everyone’s allowed to make mistakes. Brenda arrives home and has to confess that she missed her 9 p.m. deadline. She asks for another chance, since everyone gets to make mistakes. Brandon and Steve cough pointedly.

The program director tells Donna that she can’t have the afternoon show after all. (The DJ was his girlfriend, and he took the show away when they broke up, but now they’re back together.) David tells her she can rejoin their show, but Donna’s done with the radio. The next day, Steve visits Celeste at the boutique to apologize for being an idiot. He’s just trying to adjust to college life. She accepts the apology but still isn’t happy with him. He apologizes some more until she takes him back.

Andrea’s life story is boring, and Dan tells her to write like herself, not the way she thinks writing should be. Donna’s is much better – she uses the theme of shoes to talk about different stages of her life. After class, Andrea, who was clearly hurt by Dan’s criticism, tells him she wrote about having to make the hard decision of not going to Yale. He tells her she hid behind her intelligence and didn’t express what makes her unique. She admits that she didn’t want to make a fool of herself. Dan says that until she takes that risk, she won’t grow. Then he asks her to dinner.

Sears goes to the beach apartment again to point out that Kelly never tells him to go away. (Do it now, Kelly! Do it now!) He kisses her, because he is a full-on skeezeball. “Please leave me alone,” she whispers, then kisses him again. Okay, so they’re both skeezeballs.

Thoughts: Donna has the exact brown boots I wanted in 1993.

Luke Perry’s forehead is approaching Van Der Beekian proportions.

Brenda mentions a TV show called Love on a Drawbridge. I’m intrigued.

Brenda, why couldn’t you just deliver the papers before the party? Why is this so difficult to grasp?

They seriously couldn’t hire one extra with dance talent for the pool party? I mean, there had to be one extra in L.A. who could keep rhythm.

Ew, Andrea is Joey Potter now.


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