July 29, 2012

BSC #104, Abby’s Twin: Hey, Kids! Let’s Learn About Scoliosis!

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Abby, we need to have a talk about your pants

Summary: A school health check reveals that Abby and Anna may have scoliosis. The girls see an orthopedist who tells them that the curvature of Abby’s spine isn’t enough to worry about, but Anna needs to wear a back brace. Both girls freak out, and Abby goes overboard trying to make her sister feel better. She buys her a bunch of new clothes (which Anna hates), cuts her hair like Anna’s, and tries to spend more time with her. Clearly Anna just wants to do her own thing, but Abby’s not very good with taking a hint.

Anna finally tells Abby to leave her alone since she’s the one with scoliosis, not Abby. Then, because they’re 13, they stop talking to each other. Abby finally admits to her mom that she’s worried she and Anna won’t be twins anymore. The girls both wind up at a BSC winter carnival, and Abby gets overprotective again when Anna wants to go sledding. She realizes that sledding isn’t going to hurt Anna, and Anna realizes that her sister just wants to help, so they make up.

Re: the winter carnival, it’s the special BSC activity du jour. The girls spend a lot of money and put in a lot of planning, then worry that it won’t snow. It doesn’t, and the girls plan to cancel, but then it snows, so everything goes off fine. I know, I was worried, too!

Thoughts: I would understand Abby’s whole “we won’t be twins anymore!” panic if she were, like, eight. But she’s 13, and it seems a little histrionic for someone who’s usually so laid-back.

Abby talks about how cool the other BSC girls are, and she mentions that though she thinks it’s great that Mary Anne has a boyfriend, being single is also cool. I like seeing that in a book for girls who are starting to get interested in dating.

Mary Anne and Jessi buy $20 worth of hot chocolate. Holy crap, that’s a lot.

At the carnival, the girls charge people a quarter to go sledding. Yeah, thanks, I think I’ll go home and sled for free.


  1. This is awesome! I read so many baby-sitter’s clubs books when I was a kid, but I guess I outgrew them before they reached number 104, because I have never read this one. I think my favourite was number 4, Mary Ann saves the day!

  2. stellarbook said,

    not in love with the book…

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