July 31, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.21, After Hours: Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinsons

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Boo, hiss

Summary: Pacey brings groceries home, where Jack is studying and regretting his swan dive into the pool. He’s now focused on getting all his work done and passing his finals. He’s also trying to stay out of Gram’s house while she and Clifton “practice for choir.” Pacey announces that his new boss kissed him, which he hasn’t yet told Audrey. Jack isn’t sure he should, even though Pacey notes that Audrey told her after she and Chris kissed. Jack notes that Pacey didn’t do anything wrong, but when he sees that Alex is not, he says Pacey’s in trouble.

Alex has come over to apologize for coming on to Pacey (so that’s what the kids are calling it). She thinks she’s still single because she takes getting what she wants for granted. She also wants to give Audrey her job back. Alex promises to be completely professional at the restaurant from now on. She admires the apartment, which is actually Danny’s; Pacey says he’s looking for someone to take over the lease. Alex says she’s considering moving in and letting Pacey live there rent-free.

Joey and Dawson study for finals, though his studying consists of watching movies. She’s fallen behind because of her brief foray into singing. Grams tries to encourage Jack, who thinks he can get through most of his finals, with the exception of calculus. He missed too many classes and doesn’t have the notes he needs to learn everything. Grams attempts to cheer him with Bible stories, but it doesn’t work.

At the movies, Dawson runs into Amy the movie critic, who’s just ditched her date for the way he ate his candy. He quotes her review of his and Oliver’s movie, which she said was both derivative and full of potential. Amy invites him to her place to watch a film. Pacey tells Audrey that she has her job back, but she thinks Alex was just trying to be nice to him. She’s figured out that Alex wants Pacey. She asks if Alex has hit on him, which he denies. They fight, and though Alex tells Audrey she’s glad to have her back, Audrey announces she’s quitting.

Dawson and Amy discuss Steven Soderbergh and how his earlier movies were full of talking but didn’t show the interesting stuff. (Hmm, sounds familiar.) They make out and wind up in bed together. Afterward, Dawson notices a videotape (heh) of a movie Amy directed. He wants to watch it, but she refuses to show him. Audrey finds Joey in the library and confides that she thinks Pacey might be cheating on her with Alex (AKA Mrs. Robinson). Joey points out that if that were true, Alex wouldn’t want Audrey around. She convinces Audrey that Pacey is working on a surprise for her.

Pacey offers to stick around the restaurant while Alex works, even when she insists that she’s fine walking home alone. He finally wears her down. Jack goes to his old frat house to ask one of the brothers for help with his studies. They won’t let him into their notes and tests file since he’s no longer in the frat. Dawson bugs Amy about her movie, which she says isn’t good. In fact, it’s so bad that it made her never want to make another one. Dawson thinks she should go back to filmmaking anyway, but Amy likes her job as a critic.

Pacey walks Alex home to her hotel, and he urges her to move into Danny’s apartment. In fact, she can come by and see it again right now, if she wants. They hug goodbye, and fortunately, it doesn’t turn into anything else. Joey and Audrey study, though Audrey’s really thinking about what Pacey might be planning for her. Joey tells her to go talk to Pacey instead of distracting her. As soon as Audrey leaves, Jack shows up looking for math help from Joey.

Dawson and Amy are back in her bed, talking about their recent failed relationships. She’s surprised that he and Jen are still friends. She thinks that he’ll find the right girl soon enough, and Dawson tells her he already knows her. He tells her about his ill-fated trip to Florida. Amy doesn’t think that Joey spending the night with Charlie means she’s moved on – after all, Dawson’s spending the night with her, and he hasn’t moved on.

Jack goes back to Grams’, having had no luck in finding help with his calculus. Never fear: Eric the homophobic gay frat brother is there! Alex goes to Pacey’s apartment after all, even though it’s the middle of the night. He lets her stay and offers her champagne, though he seems uncertain about the idea. Alex starts talking about their previous kiss and hug, and of course, Audrey hears. Pacey chases her outside and announces that Alex kissed him, but it didn’t mean anything. She argues that he could have stopped her if he wanted. He says he needs the job, which doesn’t help things.

Back in the apartment, Alex has made herself comfortable and is not at all sympathetic to the fact that Pacey has probably just lost his girlfriend. She notes that everyone already thinks they’ve had sex, so they might as well actually do it. They start to, but Alex stops them, saying it’s enough to know that they could go through with it. At the library, Joey has another distraction in the form of a couple who really puts the P in PDA. Jack’s impressed that Eric risked expulsion from the frat to bring him old tests and papers. Eric doesn’t think it would be that big of a loss.

In the morning, Amy gives Dawson What’s Up, Tigerlily?, Woody Allen’s first movie. It’s derivative, like Dawson’s movie, but she sees a glimmer of Allen’s later films in it. Amy says they’re in different places in their lives, and they both know Dawson shouldn’t be getting too close to her. She tells him they should see a movie sometime. As Joey frets about her finals, Grams gives Jack a lunch she packed him (aww!), and Dawson wanders around Boston, Pacey tries to call Audrey, who won’t pick up the phone.

Dawson finds Joey half-asleep in the library, giving her coffee and a look that says he wants to jump her. She says the previous night was a metaphor for the whole semester. Everything got off-track and she has to straighten it all out. Dawson asks if she likes his shoes. That probably refers back to a previous conversation I somehow missed, but I really, really, really don’t care.

Thoughts: So Dawson spent all this time not having sex because he wants it to be special, then has a one-night stand with someone he barely knows? Um, okay.

Where’s Michelle Williams? Why two Jen-less episodes in a row?

What’s with women on this show being hot for 19-year-old guys? I wasn’t even hot for 19-year-old guys when I was 19.

Amy and Dawson order Chinese food like they’re on Gilmore Girls. Why do people on TV always order so much food?

Alex could easily be completely unstable, yes? I mean…really. Pacey’s a moron.


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