August 2, 2012

BH90210 4.6, Strangers in the Night: Up All Night

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This is just before Dan goes from interested to not interested in 3.5 seconds

Summary: Did you know there are lots of different kinds of cars in Beverly Hills? Let’s look at some of them! It’s just a lead-up to Dylan’s car breaking down and being taken to a garage, where the mechanic tells him he drives it too much. He should get another car and only drive the Porsche on weekends. Sears calls the beach apartment to invite Kelly to breakfast and be creepy some more. Donna’s annoyed with David for skipping class again and lazing around the apartment.

Brenda makes up for her previous inadequacies by being professional and helpful at Jim’s office. Dylan stops by for a quick meeting, wanting money for a car. Jim agrees, then bonds with him over memories of the green Triumph he used to drive. Kelly and Donna hang out in a lounge while Brandon and Steve play ping pong and engage in some truly horrible trash talk. (’90s music alert: REM’s “Man on the Moon.”) Then they all ditch Brandon, who can’t even get Andrea to hang out with him.

Donna and Kelly attend an Alpha Omega meeting, where Kelly’s enlisted to go with a KEG member to do something with clothes for a drive. If you can’t guess who that KEG member will be, congratulations on being born yesterday. Andrea and Dan hang out and attempt to flirt; he’s clearly not troubled by the idea of dating a student, since he’s technically a teaching assistant, not a professor. Andrea isn’t bothered by it either and invites him to her dorm room, where she almost loses her virginity to him. He balks when he learns she’s a virgin.

Brenda complains to her parents about how school and her job have put a halt to her social life. Jim and Cindy suggest that she date the 24-year-old son of one of Jim’s clients. She’s skeptical (and not a fan of his name, Stuart). Andrea has trouble sleeping that night and goes to Dan’s room. The two of them admit that they can’t stop thinking about each other. The next morning, Kelly meets her KEG clothes-drive helper, and would you believe it’s Sears? He’s sad that she didn’t call him the night before, and she says her life is complicated and she needs time to figure it out.

No-longer-virginal Andrea gets an early-morning visit from Brandon and asks if she looks any different. He hasn’t noticed anything. At the beach apartment, Donna bugs David, who’s letting his radio shift interfere with the rest of his life. Dylan, Brandon, Steve, and Kelly talk cars and act dorky. Donna complains to Brenda about David’s behavior and lack of cleanliness. Brenda doesn’t care since at least Donna has a boyfriend and doesn’t have to go on a blind date arranged by her parents.

Dylan, Kelly, Brandon, and Steve go to a car dealership to check out Brandon’s choice of vehicle, a Dodge Viper. For some reason Jason Priestley uses a southern accent through the scene. Andrea goes to class, and Dan is unable to keep from making eyes at her. Stuart goes to the Walshes’ for his date with Brenda, and she quickly reevaluates her feelings about the setup. She should also reevaluate her feelings about her family, because they’re all annoying.

Dylan shows up in his new car, another Porsche. Jim isn’t thrilled with the amount he paid for it. He’ll still give Dylan the money, but he wants to know why a flashy car is so important to Dylan. Brenda and Stuart have that awkward-first-date thing going on, so he goes for the booze, slipping the waiter some money not to check Brenda’s ID. At their apartment, Kelly and Donna try to enforce some rules, but David’s a bratty little child and won’t cooperate.

Andrea and Dan go at it again on his bed, though she’s not sure it’s a great idea for them to get involved. (Once you’re taking your clothes off in his bed, it’s a little too late, Andrea.) She thinks she needs to either switch classes or stop seeing him. Dan tells her to get a new English teacher. Stuart and Brenda are getting along well, even though she makes the cardinal sin of talking about her ex. After dinner they go to a club and we have to watch them dance.

Sears calls Kelly again and asks her out. She won’t go, so they just talk, at least until Dylan shows up to complain about Jim. Kelly ditches her call with Sears to go for a drive with Dylan. Back at the club, Brenda worries about how late it is, but Stuart convinces her to stick around for at least one slow dance. Brandon and Jim are also still up, the former studying and the latter waiting to hear how Brenda’s date went.

David uses his radio show as a confessional, admitting to being a slob and driving Donna and Kelly crazy. Donna’s happy to hear him apologize on the air. Seeing how much David’s struggling with sleep, class, and the radio, his program manager gives him some caffeine pills. (Ruh-roh!) Dylan brings Kelly home after their drive and tells her he’s trading the car in for a Bronco the next day – he doesn’t need a car that will help him pick up girls, since he already has one. She tells him they both want different things from their college experiences, and they should see other people.

Stuart brings Brenda home and they share a goodnight kiss that almost turns into a goodnight makeout session. Inside, Brenda tells Jim that even though she’s still living at home, she’s an adult and he needs to trust her to make her own decisions. He agrees and just asks her how the date went instead of lecturing her for being late. Elsewhere in Beverly Hills, Dylan is stopped at a red light when a guy with a gun reaches through his window and tells him to get out of the car.

Thoughts: Stuart is played by the same guy who played the bellhop in “A Fling in Palm Springs” (thanks to Sada for that trivia).

Paris has a line in Gilmore Girls where she says that she thought she would get into an Ivy League school and not have sex, but she wound up having sex and not getting into the Ivy League school. Looks like the same thing happened to Andrea.

A plotline about Dylan getting a new car? Is it my birthday already?

Jim had a green Triumph? Is he Lila Fowler??

I kind of appreciate Andrea asking Dan if he has protection. Not only is it (obviously) important to do, but it’s something she would do.

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