August 4, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.22, The Abby: Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

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I couldn’t find a good picture for this episode, so here’s a cute pug

Summary: There’s chaos in the hallways of Worthington’s dorms, since the school year is over. Audrey wants Joey to go to L.A. with her for the summer, but Joey’s planning to go back to Capeside. Audrey suggests that she tag along for a few days. There’s a knock at the door, and the girls prepare to throw water balloons at whoever’s there, since they think it’s one of their crazy floormates. It’s actually Professor Wilder, who’s probably glad he didn’t get into a relationship with a 19-year-old.

Wilder’s there to give Joey a copy of the school’s literary review, which contains the story she wrote about Dawson at the beginning of the year. She tells him that they’ve gone their separate ways. They talk about their summer plans, and she admits that she’s not that happy about going home, since it feels like a step back after a year of moving forward. Wilder thanks her “for more than [she] can possibly imagine,” but he doesn’t elaborate on that.

Over at the restaurant, Alex tells the staff that they’ll be hosting a lunch for their investors the next day. It’s possible it will lead to the opening of another location. She wants everyone to be on their best behavior since her job could be on the line. Pacey nixes one of her menu ideas, and Alex pulls him aside to warn him not to mess with her, since he won’t win. Dawson gets a call from Waller, but won’t share the obviously good news with Oliver until Oliver admits he was an idiot.

Jen and Jack discuss vacation ideas; she wants to go somewhere like Fiji, but he wants to backpack through Europe. Jen thinks that sounds like a bad version of summer camp. Jack also wants to go to Cleveland, for some reason. Joey and Audrey pack up to move out of the world’s nicest dorm room. Alex yells at the kitchen staff, then proves to be a true bitca by firing a single mother working three jobs, even after Pacey tries to stop her.

In Capeside, Joey and Audrey meet up with Dawson at his house, and Audrey asks to see the infamous room where Dawson and Joey spent so much of their childhoods. Joey asks Dawson to spend some time with Audrey while she goes to see her father in jail. Back in Boston, Jack and Jen tell Grams that they’ve decided to go to Costa Rica for two months. Jen knows it could be a disaster, but for the rest of their lives, they’ll be able to say they went there. Grams ruins Jen’s good mood by telling her that her parents want her to spend the summer with them in the Hamptons.

Pacey ruins Alex’s lunch for the investors by taking all the food to a homeless shelter. Oh, and he rehired the fired waitress. He announces to the head investor that he’s witnessing a coup d’etat brought about by Alex’s horrible, horrible nature. The investors just want to know where their lunch is. Pacey bought pizza for them, telling them that his feelings are shared by everyone else on staff. Alex yells that he’s fired, and he responds, “Reap the whirlwind.”

Joey goes to the prison but learns that Mike was paroled four months earlier. A guard tells her that it was Mike’s choice whether or not to tell his family he was released. Joey gets emotional, saying that Mike is her dad. The guard sympathetically tells her that he heard Mike is working in a five and dime in another town.

Dawson gives Audrey a tour of Capeside, as well as some stories of the gang’s teenage experiences. He thinks Pacey still likes Audrey, so she shouldn’t give up on him. They start talking about L.A., and Dawson announces that he’s going there to work on the movie with Oliver and Waller. Audrey’s excited for him, as well as the fact that she’ll have him around to hang out with. She invites him to stay with her.

Jen has a weird little dance party, then tells Jack that she’s trying not to fall apart because of her parents. He doesn’t want to go to Costa Rica by himself, so he’s going to cancel their tickets. Jen doesn’t want to spend the summer with their parents, but Jack thinks she should. She wants some time to think about her options and figure out what to do. He leaves and she goes back to her dance party.

Pacey waits for Alex outside the restaurant so he can tell her he didn’t want to let things go and wonder what could have happened. He wants to know what happened to make Alex so horrible. Alex says that she believes people get what they ask for. Pacey starts to leave, but can’t get his car to start, so Alex offers him a ride.

Joey tells Bessie about Mike, and Bessie tells her not to judge him for staying away. Audrey’s on Bessie’s side, saying that now Joey gets to decide whether or not she wants her father in her life. They talk about Dawson, and Joey remembers him coming along the last time she visited Mike in jail. Audrey adds that Dawson drove from New York to Florida to see her, which Joey didn’t know about.

Alex tells Pacey she plans to get a new job, since his comments about her are going to ruin her reputation. She starts complaining about her future prospects, and Pacey notices that she’s speeding. He tells her to slow down, but as we all know, Alex is a complete Nutter Butter, so she ignores him. She thinks her life is over, but it makes her feel alive. Unable to make her stop, Pacey tries to call her bluff, urging her to drive faster. He stars to kiss her, and she finally gets so shaken that she stops.

Joey goes to the Leerys’ to tell Dawson that Mike was paroled. Dawson thinks it’s understandable that Mike would want to stay away, since the last time he was around, he made Joey’s life hard. Joey asks about L.A., and Dawson shares the news about the movie. She’s happy for him, but she also seems sad that he won’t be around. Joey says she’s worried she’ll say the wrong thing. “You’ve already said all the right things,” Dawson assures her.

Alex admits to Pacey that she has problems (yeah, no kidding) and could have killed someone tonight. She appreciates that Pacey saved her. He tells her it’s not too late for her to try to make things right. Jen talks to her parents on the phone, then tells Jack that she declined their invitation to the Hamptons. She thinks they were relieved. Jack thinks she made a mistake. Grams joins the conversation, saying that Jen’s parents’ attempts at reconciliation may not have been enough to salvage the relationship. However, if they really want it to work, they’ll try again.

Dawson visits Mitch’s grave to tell him about the events of the past year. He admits that he wants to be with Joey, but he’s not sure they can make things work after all this time. Meanwhile, Joey goes to the five and dime with a copy of the literary review.

Thoughts: So why was the episode called “The Abby”? Why give the episode a name like that and not explain it??

It’s Bessie! Yay, Bessie! Sorry you only got one scene.

Alex went from annoying to cartoon villain in one episode. Nice writing, there.

And Pacey’s an idiot for accepting a ride with her. Hello, Boston public transportation. It’s called the T, Pacey.

I know this is common sense speaking, but couldn’t Jen go to Costa Rica and then spend a couple weeks with her parents? She really doesn’t have to choose between the two. Summer’s a good three months long.


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