August 5, 2012

BH90210 4.7, Moving Targets: Happiness is a Warm Gun

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Hee hee hee

Summary: The girls are having what they’re calling a sorority meeting at the Peach Pit, but Brenda’s late because she was getting ready for a date with Stuart. The others can’t believe she’s dating a guy named Stuart, and that they met through a set-up arranged by her parents. Donna tells the girls how a regular sorority meeting works (apparently it ends with pins and discussing who lost her virginity). Andrea decides not to volunteer any information about that last part.

Kelly moves on to talk about Dylan’s carjacking, and Brenda says that it looks like the car was found. Indeed, Dylan and Brandon are at an impound lot, having gotten a call about the Porsche, though a cop there doesn’t know anything about it. There was a screw-up, which just makes Dylan madder. Brenda and Stuart go to a club again and she teases him about possible nicknames. He tells her about his father’s disapproval of his various career attempts. She’s surprised, since he was perfectly nice when she met him.

Dan wakes up Andrea in the middle of the night (they’re in his bed) since she thinks she’ll miss a class if she stays with him. She complains about not being able to tell her friends about her relationship. She’s looked at the guidelines about RAs and there’s no rule about them dating students. Dan still doesn’t want to go public since that sort of thing is frowned upon. He’d rather not find out the consequences.

Stuart takes Brenda home, asking him to invite her in. Of course, she won’t, since her parents are there. He wants to spend more time with her, but she doesn’t want to do anything to screw up what they’re getting started. Inside, Jim and Cindy are waiting up to tell Brenda that they don’t like how late she’s been staying out with Stuart. She replies that they should feel lucky that she came home at all.

The next day, Brandon bugs Brenda about Stuart; he seems to think she’s attracted to his money. She says that Stuart’s the first guy since Dylan who knows how to “woo.” After a class, Brandon invites Steve over to study, but he has access to old tests thanks to the KEG house, so he’s not worried about his grades. He teases Brandon about sucking up because he wants to talk to their professor. The two discuss Kelly and Dylan, and Steve says that everyone at the KEG house knows Kelly’s with Sears now.

Dylan meets with Jim about getting another new car. Dylan’s beating himself up for not getting away from the carjacker. He’s shaken by the fact that he just had a gun in his face. Jim suggests that he get counseling, but Dylan has another idea: visiting a shooting range. Jackie stops by the beach apartment to do David’s laundry (…seriously?) and order pizza for the kids. Erin has also come over to be adorable.

Brandon meets with his professor, Cory Randall, who likes sports metaphors. He assures Brandon that if he’s read the chapter, he’s fine. Dan and Andrea run into each other, but she’s upset that they can’t be a public couple. Brandon and Steve discuss their test, and it sounds like Steve’s non-studying has actually paid off. Kelly and Sears hang out, but she still doesn’t want to move their relationship past talking. He’s worried that she’s still interested in Dylan.

Speaking of Dylan, he’s nearby, and Kelly tells him she still wants to be part of his life. He doesn’t seem to care much about his life since he came so close to being killed. Brenda has another date with Stuart, which her parents aren’t too thrilled about. She points out that Jim and Cindy set them up, so they have no reason to object now. They just think things are moving too fast. Just then, Stuart’s father, Larry, calls to invite the Walshes to brunch with his family that weekend.

Steve got a B on Randall’s test, and Brandon got an A+ and a “see me.” Dan and Andrea try to plan a date at a movie theater where they won’t be spotted. Now Andrea wants more time to think about where they should make their public debut. They decide to stay in and play Scrabble instead. (That Andrea knows how to have a good time.) Kelly tells Jackie that Dylan has asked her to go to the gun range with him. She’s pretty sure he has PTSD.

Mel shows up to get Erin, but he’s not alone: He’s with a new girlfriend named Nina. Jackie and Kelly are both upset about that. David argues with Kelly that Jackie and Nina were going to have to meet sooner or later. She tells him he’s as bad as his father. He replies that she’s as neurotic as her mother. Neither will listen to Donna as she tries to make peace.

Kelly and Dylan wind up at the shooting range, but she’s not comfortable with firing a gun. He blasts her for not being prepared to fend off a criminal. Then he fires off a bunch of rounds at a target, because that’s healthy. Afterward, they fight and he tells her she needs to make sure she’s protected because the world isn’t safe for anyone.

The Walshes go to the Carsons’ house, which Jim accurately describes as “overwhelming.” Stuart’s swimming laps, and hello, wet David Gail. Jackie feels bad about her behavior with Mel, but Kelly assures her that everything will be okay. Brandon and Steve see Andrea at the Peach Pit and note that they haven’t seen her for a while. She tells them she’s seeing someone but they’re taking things slowly, like getting into a cold pool. They encourage her to cannonball in naked already.

Kelly tells the guys she’s worried about Dylan and thinks he might have bought of gun. Brandon doesn’t think it’s a big deal; lots of people in L.A. have bought guns since the riots. Kelly says it’s worse than that since Dylan’s troubled and thinks he’s a tough guy. She’s never seen him this angry. She asks Brandon and Steve to talk to him since he won’t listen to her. Brandon promises to do so after he meets with Randall.

Brunch goes well, though Stuart wants to leave when Larry tries to talk business with Jim. (He really just wants to go off and make out with Brenda.) Randall wanted to meet with Brandon to discuss a student named D’Shawn Hardell who needs tutoring. He thinks the two of them would get along well since D’Shawn’s a basketball player and Brandon was a sports editor. D’Shawn needs a C in the class to stay afloat. Brandon agrees to help him out.

Brenda and Stuart play pinball, and he tells her she’s made him feel better about being involved in his family business. Brandon meets D’Shawn in the gym, but D’Shawn will only agree to be tutored if Brandon plays two-on-two with him and some friends. Erin’s over at the beach apartment again, and Kelly’s mad that Mel left her there with David again. The former stepsiblings fight some more until Donna reminds them that the war is between their parents, not them. Kelly and David decide to make peace for their sister’s sake.

Andrea summons Dan to the student union for a date. She then cannonballs into the pool naked, in Brandon and Steve’s parlance, by kissing Dan in the middle of the room. The other students applaud. Jim and Cindy learn from the Carsons that Brenda and Stuart have another date planned for that night. The Carsons aren’t concerned about all the time they’re spending together. When Larry goes looking for Brenda, Stuart tells him that she’s showering. Larry asks him to be more discreet, since Brenda’s younger, and suggests that they cancel their date.

Steve and Brandon hang out with Dylan at his house, bringing up his recent shooting-range visits. Dylan thinks Kelly feels guilty because he was carjacked right after she broke up with him. Later, Dylan tries to buy a gun, but the seller won’t make a deal since Dylan isn’t 21. Unless Dylan wouldn’t mind coming back after hours…

Thoughts: D’Shawn is played by Cress Williams. I never understood why Television Without Pity’s ER recaps called him that. Now I do!

Brenda and Brandon keep saying “woo,” which reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. Then five seconds later, Randall talks about the Mendoza line, which ALSO reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. I was half expecting Neil Patrick Harris to show up next.

I just read The Art of Fielding, so all of Randall’s sports talk both annoyed me and felt fitting.

The Carsons have pinball machines. Now I want to date Stuart.

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