August 11, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 6.1, The Kids are Alright: The One Where They Finally Do It

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This is Joey’s professor. Just imagine him in a colorful shirt and flip-flops, and COVERED IN MY KISSES

Summary: Previously on Dawson’s Creek, Joey considered going to Paris. Then she didn’t. In an incredibly cheesy voiceover sequence, she tells us that instead, she spent the summer in Capeside, waiting tables and reading. She met a boy, but he announced he was in love with her way too soon. Pacey and Audrey spent the summer in L.A. Jack and Eric dated, but then Eric dumped him (via email) for someone else. Jen went to the Hamptons and learned that her parents are divorcing. She was thrilled. Joey doesn’t know how Dawson’s summer went since they haven’t talked since the airport.

Joey runs across the Worthington campus and straight into someone deliciously snarky who’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops. Joey’s late for a meeting with Professor Hetson, who isn’t even in his office yet. Oh, and he’s the deliciously snarky guy. Audrey, Pacey, and Pacey’s unattractive facial hair are also at Worthington, along with a friend of Audrey’s whose parents want him to go to school there. It’s Jack Osbourne, because this was the early 2000s when Hollywood was contractually obligated to put at least one of them in everything.

Audrey’s worried that now that the summer’s over, she and Pacey will fall apart. He wonders why she isn’t rushing to get to class. She notes that nothing happens the first day of school. Pacey promises that he had a great summer and appreciates that her father has given her some job prospects. Audrey worries that Pacey will turn into a “lame 9-to-5-er.” He wants to make a change from the restaurant world.

Hetson tells Joey of an opening in the English department for a research assistant. She’s not that interested, but he tells her it’s a job a lot of people would love. He notices that she’s in one of his classes even though she’s only a sophomore. Joey assures him that she’s up for the challenge. He calls her bluff and tells her to read Last Exit to Brooklyn before the first class (which is that afternoon).

At Grams’, Jen asks if there’s anything noticeably different about her. The change is that she’s happy. If her parents can take steps to make their lives better, Jen knows anything’s possible. “What’s happened to my granddaughter?” Grams asks. “If you’ve eaten her, I want you to spit her out this instant.” Then Clifton calls, so that’s still going on. Jen uses the distraction of the phone call to give Jack and his latest boy toy a chance to escape the house without being spotted.

Pacey rushes to Joey’s room to tell her that no matter what, she doesn’t want him to stay there. Audrey arrive next and asks Joey if Pacey can stay with them for a few days. Joey respects Pacey’s wishes and says no. He pretends to be hurt. Joey gets to reading, but is distracted when Dawson calls, leaving a message on her machine to tell her he’s in town. (It sounds like Todd’s with him.) He wants to meet at a coffee shop, and Joey decides that’s more important than her reading.

Pacey winds up at Grams, getting ready for a job interview with a stock broker. Jack thinks he’s just obnoxious enough for the job. (Heh.) Pacey replies that Jack’s life is a little dull. Jack agrees, noting that it’s tough to bring someone home to a house where a grandmother lives. Pacey suggests that the two of them get a place together. Jack says it’s a bad idea, though he’ll need some time to figure out exactly why.

Jen goes to her art history class and is stunned to see that one of her fellow students is Grams. Grams tried to tell her that morning, but Jen was talking too much. She went to one of Clifton’s summer-school classes and remembered how much she liked learning, so she decided to enroll. Pacey visits a loft he’s interested in and meets the current tenant, Emma, who could give Hetson a run for his money in the snark/sass category. Pacey promises that if he and Jack moved in, neither of them would fall in love with her. She decides to interview some other potential roommates.

Jen and Jack have a pop-culture class together, and they both think the teacher, Professor Freeman, is cute. They just can’t decide if he’s gay. (He appears to be straight, as he says he’s married.) Joey waits for Dawson at the coffee shop with ten minutes to go before her class. She winds up heading back to campus and arriving at class late. Hetson calls her out on it, then answers her phone when Audrey calls. He does relay her message that Dawson couldn’t make it but will meet her and the others at Hell’s Kitchen that night.

The class starts discussing Last Exit to Brooklyn, and Hetson calls on Joey first. She admits that she didn’t get to read the whole thing. He’s disappointed but wants to know what she thought of what she did manage to read. Joey says it was heartbreaking – the characters are in a horrible world. Another student, Eddie, disagrees; he thinks Joey’s condescending for thinking there can’t be beauty in that horrible world. Then he winks at Joey, so he’s already on my list.

Emma turns out to be a waitress at Hell’s Kitchen, which Pacey thinks is a sign. He makes it clear that he’s dating Audrey, so she doesn’t need to worry about him. Audrey announces that she doesn’t want him living with a hot girl. (Emma’s just flattered that Audrey thinks she’s hot.) Pacey next introduces Emma to Jack, but that still doesn’t sway her toward letting them move in with her. Joey arrives and meets up with her friends, but Dawson still isn’t there.

Later in the evening, Joey asks Pacey why he didn’t want to stay with her and Audrey. Pacey reminds her of their return to Capeside after their summer on the boat, and how they didn’t want to go back to the real world. He adds that Hollywood Audrey tired him out. Joey’s torn between supporting him and wanting to warn him that if he hurts Audrey, she’ll hurt him.

Back with the others, Joey wonders where Dawson is. Audrey says the whole summer was like this – Dawson was always with Todd, working as his assistant. Oliver ditched L.A. after a bad experience, leaving Dawson a note reading, “I’ll see you in Hell, Leery.” Audrey’s surprised that Dawson and Joey didn’t talk all summer. Joey heads to the jukebox and tells off a guy who’s hassling Emma. They bond over bad experiences waiting tables. Emma lets Joey know there’s an opening for a waitress at the restaurant.

Pacey decides to leave since he has his job interview the next day. Audrey’s disappointed that he doesn’t have the energy he had all summer. He points out that she has classes the next day, but Audrey thinks socializing should take priority. She tells him she got them a nice hotel room for the night so they can have one more night of vacation before returning to their normal lives. Joey debates her two job options with Jack and Jen, who know her well enough to know she’ll opt for the research-assistant position.

Jen and Jack leave, but Joey decides to stay and wait for Dawson. She’s there for a long time and finally decides to leave. Of course, that’s when he shows up. They talk about their summers, and Dawson relays a story about speaking to Steven Spielberg on the phone (for two seconds when he called for Todd). He’s pleased that Joey waited around for him, though she claims it’s because she’s been waiting all night for her song to come up on the jukebox.

Joey brings up the fact that they spent the whole summer incommunicado. Dawson says he felt good about the two of them after she told him things would work themselves out. She thinks this means they’re really growing up. He seems different, but in a good way. Joey’s song finally plays, and she tells Dawson that it reminds her of the two of them seeing Clueless in middle school. He grabbed her hand when they ran across the street to Gail’s car, and it made her happy. This song was playing on the car radio.

Dawson asks Joey to dance, and after they do that for a while, he walks her to her dorm. She tells him he can sleep in Audrey’s bed if he wants, since she’s at the hotel. He falls asleep as she gets ready for bed, then wakes up and turns her clock forward so he can give her her birthday present on her actual birthday. It’s a Hollywood snow globe. (Way to break a five, Dawson.) He tells her that even though they didn’t talk all summer, she was still with him. They hug each other for a long time, and then there’s kissing, and then their clothes come off.

Thoughts: Hetson is played by Roger Howarth, who soap fans would know as Todd Manning from One Life to Live and General Hospital. Hetson is pretty much exactly like Todd, just with a different wardrobe and no scar. And he hasn’t swapped any babies yet. (Aside to General Hospital watchers, specifically Jason/Sam fans: Hetson’s shirt has dragons on it. That has to mean something, right?)

Eddie is played by Oliver Hudson, brother of Kate.

Pacey, your hair makes you look like the Heat Miser. Just thought you should know.

Jack can’t afford his own place? Did his father cut him off?

A snow globe? A snow globe? You suck, Dawson.

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