August 12, 2012

BH90210 4.9, Otherwise Engaged: If You Ain’t No Punk, Holla, “We Want Prenup!”

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The perfect encapsulation of this mess: Brandon’s worried, Lucinda’s thrilled, the whole thing’s a disaster

Summary: In what I guess is a reference to Back to the Future, “The Power of Love” plays as Brandon races across campus to get to the gym. It’s 7 but Lucinda isn’t there. Womp womp! She arrives a little while later and they start flirting. Meanwhile, Brenda’s just waking up and admiring her new engagement ring. Stuart calls and basically makes sure she still wants to marry him. They arrange to have lunch together that afternoon.

Jim and Cindy discuss the engagement, wondering if Brenda’s pregnant. Jim even asks her straight out when she comes downstairs. Cindy reminds her that marriage is a big step, especially for two people who barely know each other. She doesn’t think Brenda sees Stuart for who he really is yet. Jim notes that they could still have a great relationship six months from now, so they can wait until then. Brenda makes it clear that she’s not listening to anyone else’s opinion on the matter.

On their way to class, Lucinda invites Brandon over for dinner that night. Then she practically gropes him in the middle of campus. At the Peach Pit, Brenda shows off her ring to the girls. They start talking about Kelly and Sears, who Kelly thinks respects her wishes for a slow start to their relationship.

At the KEG house, Steve learns that Sears hasn’t been all that patient in waiting for Kelly; he’s been hooking up with another girl. Another brother asks Steve to go on a double date with him and two girls. Steve doesn’t want to go behind Celeste’s back, but the brother says she’ll never find out. Sears pressures him not to let down his frat brother.

Dylan and Jim meet to go over paperwork, and Jim admits that he sort of wishes Brenda and Dylan were still together. Dylan reveals that he knows a little about Stuart and that he’s not the great guy he appears to be, but he won’t elaborate. He thinks Brenda’s crazy for getting engaged to him, but he knows his opinion doesn’t matter. Jim asks him to talk to Brenda since he and Cindy aren’t getting through to her.

Kelly and Jackie take Erin to a playground, where Jackie reveals that she’s planning to take Mel to court to get full custody. Kelly argues that it was just one weekend, asking if they can settle things out of court. Jackie wants Erin to have a stable childhood, since Kelly didn’t. She warns that Kelly and David’s relationship could get messy with their parents going to battle. Meanwhile, David gets a subpoena to give a deposition to Jackie’s lawyers.

Brenda goes by a construction site to meet Stuart and finds him fighting with the foreman. David meets with Mel and his lawyer to go over what he’ll say in his deposition. The lawyer’s pretty shady. Brandon heads to D’Shawn’s for a tutoring session, though schoolwork clearly isn’t as important to D’Shawn as cartoons and basketball are. He thinks Brandon’s stressing out too much.

Brandon complains to Professor Randall, who isn’t too helpful, as he’s headed out of town. He offers Brandon tickets to a hockey game, but Brandon already has his date with Lucinda. Randall urges him to score, which, ew. Steve finds a girl named Laura Kingman in a dance studio and introduces himself as her blind date. Dylan goes looking for Brenda, but Kelly tells him to mind his own business since you can’t always choose who you fall for.

Brenda and Stuart have lunch and he apologizes for the fight with the foreman. He feels bad for the guy since he’s poor. Brenda finds this mature and sensitive. For “dessert,” Stuart takes her to a hotel, telling her he’s gotten them a room for a month. Brenda looks for a pen so she can practice writing Brenda Carson, because she’s 11 years old. Instead, she finds a prenup. Stuart says it was his parents’ idea, but she notes that he’s not telling her she doesn’t need to sign it.

Brenda mopes home and tells Brandon about the prenup. She thinks Stuart doesn’t trust her, so they might need to break up. Brandon isn’t too upset about the news. He offers to cancel his date to hang out with his sister, but she’s thinking of going to a poetry reading at school. At the beach apartment, David picks a fight with Kelly about the lawsuit. Donna asks them to make a pact not to let their parents’ problems become their problems.

Lucinda and Brandon cook and flirt at her house, then make out a little. She mentions a husband, so Brandon thinks she’s divorced, but she’s actually still married. She doesn’t see any problem with dating someone else, since they have a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy. Brandon also doesn’t have any problem with dating a married woman, since she’s pretty.

Brenda attends the poetry reading, which is not, as one would expect, where students read their own poems, but where they read published ones. Dylan’s there, being all Dylany. The double-daters wind up at the KEG house, where Steve learns that Sears has yet another girl over. Steve likes Laura but doesn’t plan to leave Celeste for her. The other brother tells him to keep his options open.

Dylan and Brenda get coffee and discuss Stuart. He thinks she’s having second thoughts about the engagement. He tells her that if she marries Stuart, she can never have another chance with Dylan. (That’s supposed to change her mind?) Brenda’s upset to hear that Dylan’s been talking to Jim about the engagement.

Brandon and Lucinda make out on her couch, and she’s ready for more. He accidentally spills some wine on a picture album, and when he opens it to clean it, he realizes that he knows Lucinda’s husband: It’s Professor Randall. Lucinda doesn’t see a problem with this, not like that’s any surprise. Brandon finally decides that the situation is a hugely bad idea, though it sounds like he’s more concerned about Randall flunking him than about sleeping with a married woman.

At home, Brenda confronts Jim about asking Dylan to throw himself at her. She feels like she can’t trust her parents anymore. She remarks that at least the Carsons are upfront about what they expect. The next morning, the Walshes learn that Stuart and Brenda (who took off the night before) had a fight. Brenda’s now at the hotel, looking for a notary public to witness her signing the prenup.

Sears asks Steve for details on his evening with Laura. Steve confronts him for saying he liked Kelly, then hooking up with other girls. Sears reminds him that he hooked up with Laura (or so it appears) while talking about how much he likes Celeste. David is deposed, and Jackie’s lawyer asks why he didn’t call Mel when he realized Erin was sick. She questions how he didn’t know his sister was sick.

The lawyer asks why Mel and Jackie divorced, then why Mel and David’s mother got divorced. David says he doesn’t remember the circumstances. The lawyer mentions that David’s mother had a nervous breakdown, which seems to have been brought on by Mel’s infidelity. Mel fires back that Jackie had a cocaine addiction, but it has nothing to do with Mel’s parenting. David just agrees with the lawyer that Mel was responsible for his mother’s breakdown.

Brandon tries but fails to avoid Randall at the student union. Randall knows that Lucinda and Brandon met at the gym, and he wants Brandon to come over for dinner sometime. Ruh-roh! Brenda meets Stuart at the construction site and makes it clear that she didn’t fall in love with him because of his money. She also wouldn’t want to depend on him because he’s better off than she is, and she wouldn’t want to take his money if they split up. Brenda thinks the prenup probably is a good idea; she just didn’t like being blindsided. She gives Stuart the signed prenup.

At the beach apartment, David tears into Kelly, telling her that Mel cried and accused David of selling him out. Kelly storms out, announcing that she’ll be staying with Jackie. Donna chastises David for getting mad at Kelly for something that wasn’t her fault. He tells her to leave, too, if she’s going to take Kelly’s side, but she wants to stay with him.

Thoughts: Bringing David into the custody battle is pretty mean.

If any of my professors told me to “score,” I’d run screaming from the room.

No woman Lucinda’s age would find Brandon’s cheesy flirting charming. At least not a woman with any dignity. But I guess that’s in short supply around here, huh?

Also, Mr. Morals is okay with adultery? The same guy who had a whole crisis about cheating on a test?

Why is David getting flack for how he reacted when Erin got sick? Jackie was right there. Why call Mel? Once David handed her off to her mother, his job was done.


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