August 16, 2012

BH90210 4.10, And Did It…My Way: Waking Up (to What a Horrible Idea This Engagement Was) in Vegas

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Wait!… Is there cake?

Summary: Brenda and Stuart have been making the most of their hotel room and are looking forward to getting married. Meanwhile, Jim is angry, comparing their living situation to Pretty Woman. Brandon notes that his parents are reacting to this relationship the same way they reacted when Brenda was with Dylan. Stuart’s parents want to have lunch with Jim and Cindy, who think the four of them will be able to come up with a plan to divert a crisis.

Kelly stops by the beach apartment to get some of her things, since she doesn’t want to have anything to do with David. Donna tells them to stop fighting already. Kelly’s worried that Erin will be hurt by the custody battle. David is less concerned about her and more worried about Jackie taking out her anger on Mel. At the KEG house, Steve gets a call from Laura but gets Sears to pretend he’s not there. Sears lets him know this isn’t the first time she’s called.

On campus, Brandon fills Dylan in on the Brenda situation. They joke that she’ll wind up with another trip to Paris. Brandon asks what Dylan knows about Stuart, but Dylan wants to stay out of it. Laura asks Andrea if she knows Steve, then if she knows how to get in touch with him. (She totally just wants to borrow his notes.) Andrea gives her Steve’s home phone number.

Brandon complains to Professor Randall that D’Shawn is a less-than-willing student, so maybe he needs a different tutor who can get through to him. Randall invites them over for dinner with him and Lucinda. Speaking of Lucinda, she interrupts and pretends she didn’t almost see Brandon naked the other night.

The Carsons and Walshes meet to talk about their children’s engagement and are joined by the children in question. Jim almost barfs when Stuart jokingly asks if he can call him and Cindy “Mom” and “Dad.” It quickly becomes clear that the Carsons are not at all opposed to the marriage. Mr. Carson even wants to pay for the wedding (and it’s going to be huge). Jim tries to be diplomatic by saying that he thinks the kids should wait to get married. Mrs. Carson agrees, suggesting a June wedding.

Brenda’s upset about Stuart’s parents taking control of everything, so Stuart suggests that they go to Las Vegas and elope. He wants to keep it quiet, but Brenda tells Brandon, who thinks she’s crazy but reluctantly gives his blessing. (Hey, Brandon, at least you’ll get to take over her room again.) She tells him not to tell Jim and Cindy, which I’m sure will work out.

Sears and Dylan encounter each other at the Peach Pit and jab at each other a little. Sears thinks Dylan has a hold over Kelly, and Dylan can’t figure out what she sees in the other guy. (Nat can’t either.) Cindy and Jim angrily wash dishes and complain about the Carsons. They think Mrs. Carson just wants an excuse to throw another party. They also think they still might be able to get through to Brenda. After all, they have six months to try.

Brandon calls Steve to invite him on a road trip to Vegas. (Sorry, Steve, it’s not that kind of road trip.) They’ll have to drive to Burbank to get a flight. Steve’s next call is from Laura, whose voice he doesn’t even recognize. He gets rid of her, then calls Kelly. Soon the news about Vegas makes its way through the group. On his way out the door, Brandon tells his parents what’s going on but tries to get them to stay out of it. Jim’s willing to stay behind as long as Brandon has a plan. (He doesn’t.)

Steve and Brandon barely make their flight, which Kelly, Donna, Andrea, and David just happen to be on as well. Donna asks Kelly and David to stop fighting while they deal with Brenda. They reluctantly call a temporary truce, which is good news for Donna, since she has to sit between them on the plane. The truce turns into actual apologies. Just as the plane is about to leave, Dylan arrives.

Brenda and Stuart are already in Vegas, celebrating their stealthy escape from their families. On the plane, Steve teaches Andrea how to play Blackjack as she rambles about relationships. Brandon asks Dylan again what he knows about Stuart, pointing out that now that Dylan’s on the plane, he’s officially involved. Dylan tells him that Stuart used to deal drugs at a club. He hopes Brenda knows what she’s doing.

Fast-forward to everyone getting to Vegas. Andrea wants to try to stop the wedding, but Dylan and Brandon know that will just make Brenda more determined to go through with it. Brandon suggests that they all pretend they support her decision but drop hints about what a mistake it is. Dylan promises to “take care of Stuart.”

Stuart and Brenda discuss married life, which he thinks will have her turning into a housewife. The gang shows up and Brenda tells them they’re getting married at midnight. The guys want to throw Stuart a bachelor party while the girls give Brenda a shower. Stuart’s a little nervous to learn from the guys that the gang is a family, so the girls will always be around and Brenda will tell them everything.

Brenda admits to the girls that she signed a prenup but Stuart will tear it up after six months. She’s happy they’re there to be her maids of honor, not stop the wedding. Everyone goes to a casino, where Andrea worries that they’ll get in trouble since they’re all under 21. She then proceeds to win a bunch of money at a slot machine. She has to give $500 to a security guard and leave the casino.

Stuart wants to take the guys to a strip club, though he assures Dylan that he’s a much better guy than he used to be. Dylan and Brandon admit to each other that they’re starting to like him. Back in Beverly Hills, Cindy finds humor in the elopement since it means Mrs. Carson won’t get to have the big wedding she wanted. Then she and Jim decide to go to Vegas after all.

It’s 11 p.m. and Brenda has picked out her wedding gown. The girls give her her something old, something new, etc. Meanwhile, the guys hit a strip club and are a little too happy to be there. Dylan makes a last-ditch effort to rattle Stuart, telling him about Brenda’s past near-infidelities. They might mean she’s too young to settle down. Elsewhere in Vegas, Cindy tries to call Brenda and Stuart’s room, but they’re obviously not there. She starts calling wedding chapels to try to find them.

The kids all gather at a chapel for Brenda and Stuart’s $215 ceremony. David suggests that he and Donna also get married (then get an annulment the next day). Dylan offers to hold on to the ring for Stuart. Cindy finally finds the chapel she’s looking for, and she and Jim run off as the ceremony begins. Brandon reminds Brenda that marriage is for life, so eventually their father will have to accept his son-in-law.

The officiant rants about how difficult marriage can be, cracking up Steve and David. When he asks if anyone objects, Brenda says, “I do.” The officiant thinks she’s jumping the gun. Brenda tells Stuart that she’s enjoyed their relationship, but she thinks she’s really in love with love. Stuart has already realized that they hardly know each other, so it’s too soon for them to get married. Jim and Cindy arrive in time to learn that the wedding has already been stopped. Everyone winds up at a restaurant, where Brenda and Stuart assure each other that they’re still in love.

Thoughts: How ironic that I watched an episode that takes place in Vegas on the anniversary of Elvis’ death.

Brandon, I thought I told you to stop calling your parents by their first names.

If I wanted to stop my sister from getting married, the last person I would call is Steve.

Andrea has no money, right? So how did she pay for a plane ticket? Maybe Donna bought it for her?

The girls packed a lot of clothes for a trip that shouldn’t take that much time. Though two of them are Kelly and Donna, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Andrea, you of all people don’t have to worry about being carded.


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