August 18, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 6.3, The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest: Horrible Bosses

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Early-2000s email looks weird

Summary: Joey’s trying to type an email to Dawson about “the incident,” but she can’t figure out what to say. Audrey thinks she’s making a mistake and goes on a rant about how email is making society worse. Joey wants to let Dawson know she cares about him, but she also wants him to know she’s still mad. She doesn’t want to have the conversation over the phone. Audrey tells her that if she has to do this through email, she’d better do it thoroughly and pour her heart out.

Joey’s still working on the email that night, long after Audrey’s gone to bed. It mostly says that she wishes him well but they won’t be together. When she’s finally done, she brings up her address book and goes to click on Dawson’s name for the send field. But she’s so tired that she accidentally clicks “campus wide” just above his email address. Ruh-roh!

In the morning, Jack and Emma are amused by how professional Pacey looks on his first day of work. Everyone’s getting along, though Emma is a little naggy. Joey checks her email and sees that she has dozens of messages in response to her email to Dawson. She sees in her sent box that she sent it to the wrong address. Audrey’s too tired to offer much sympathy.

Pacey’s new boss, Rich, assigns him to sell stocks to people who probably won’t buy them. This plotline is stupid. Audrey joins Jen and Jack in Professor Freeman’s class; apparently she can just audit any class she wants in a school she doesn’t attend. Freeman offers an extra-credit assignment in the form of a double feature. Jack will mostly like show up for that.

Hetson hands out a new reading assignment to Joey’s class: her email. He wants to use it as an example of bad writing. He chastises Joey for distancing herself from the situation, telling her that you can’t do stream-of-consciousness writing if you’re just observing. Pacey isn’t good at his job, and Rich thinks it’s because he can’t relate to the people he’s supposed to sell to. He needs to make people feel like idiots for not listening to his advice. Basically, he needs to be a jerk.

Joey starts her new job at Hell’s Kitchen, thinking that her past restaurant experience has prepared her well enough. Emma disagrees. Joey goes to take some students’ orders and hears them talking about her email. She tears into them for treating the writer (who they don’t know is her) like she exists for their entertainment.

Jack spots Freeman at the movie theater and goes to talk to him as Jen and Audrey tease him. (Jen calls him “Swimfan,” which is awesome.) Jack is disappointed to learn that Freeman doesn’t know his name. Back at Hell’s Kitchen, Joey’s day gets even worse when Hetson comes in. Emma tells her he’s a regular. She doesn’t want Joey to run away from her problems, so she makes her wait on him.

Joey and Hetson banter, and then she lights into him for humiliating her in class. He points out that writers have to endure that kind of experience on a regular basis. If she can’t handle it, she should drop his class. Hetson continues that “it’s hard to write that sex stuff,” and at least she got this embarrassing situation out of the way early on. If Joey’s going to stay in the class, she needs to start proving to at least one of them that it’s worth it.

Rich takes Pacey on a field trip to a car dealership; he wants a Z8. Pacey can’t believe Rich can afford one. Rich advises him that a car says a lot about who the driver is. Pacey’s messy Mustang makes him look unserious and resistant to change. When they get back to the office, Pacey channels Rich (and maybe Hetson, a little) to sell some stocks. Rich is proud.

Jack chats with Freeman again after the double feature, and Audrey invites him to go to Hell’s Kitchen with them. Jack raves about Freeman’s class, practically declaring his love for his professor. Pacey has trouble closing any sales the rest of the day. Then he learns that Rich is taking credit for his big sale.

Eddie and Joey banter at Hell’s Kitchen (it’s like that’s the theme of the episode), and she rants about her horrible day. Eddie shoots back that many people don’t think about Joey when she’s not around, since they have their own lives. Oh, and he didn’t check his email, so he didn’t see the one she sent to everyone and hadn’t heard anything about it until she brought it up.

Pacey confronts Rich over pretending to take him under his wing, then taking credit for his success. He knows Rich is going to keep taking Pacey’s money and calling it his own. Rich says he’s just doing his job. That job is to make money, not praise Pacey. Pacey can keep going with the status quo, then eventually walk away, or he can shoot for better, like Rich does. After all, Rich used to be in Pacey’s position, and someone did the same thing to him that Rich did to Pacey.

Audrey tries to make Joey feel better by telling her that she barely heard about the email all day. Joey points out that she wasn’t on campus all day. She laments that Dawson will never see the letter meant for him. Audrey offers to be Joey’s expression sponsor, someone she can open up to the next time she feels like she just has to say something. Jen takes a liking to Eddie, who Joey tells her isn’t that great a guy.

Pacey pulls Audrey away from the group to tell him what Rich did. She encourages him not to let Rich get away with it. Pacey doesn’t think he has a choice, since that’s just how things work at the office. Audrey says these are supposed to be “the easiest days of [their] lives.” He tells her he’s seen how the real world works, and he can’t forget about it. He needs respect, and he may need to take a different path to get it.

Joey starts to apologize to Eddie, but he lets her earlier rant go. Joey’s song choice from the night she slept with Dawson comes up on the jukebox, and the two of them agree that they hate it. In the morning, Jack tells Emma about his Freeman troubles; he thought they had a moment the day before, but Jack doesn’t want him to know he’s into him. Emma thinks Freeman would be flattered.

Pacey goes to the office early, getting right to work. In class, Hetson teases Joey about the email again, so she bites back, asking if they’re going to move on to something more stimulating. Eddie approves. On the movie set, Dawson tries to write Joey an email but doesn’t get to finish it before Todd calls him away.

Thoughts: What did we learn from this episode? If you’re a jerk, you can drive a nice car!

I don’t know why a school would give students a way to send an email to the entire student body. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Freeman is handsome, but not as hot as Jack, Jen, and Audrey think. He looks kind of like Harry Hamlin.

Jack, teasing Audrey about Pacey living with Emma: “The three of us took a bath together this morning.” Jen: “I thought you only took a bath with Grams.” It’s her delivery that really makes it awesome.


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