August 21, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 6.4, Instant Karma!: Everyone Gets Drunk and Does Stupid Things

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“So what are we using for subtext this week?”

Summary: Dawson’s on the set with Todd, who’s being a jerk, as usual. The lead actress, Natasha Kelly, hasn’t arrived yet, since Todd fired the PA who was supposed to fetch her from the airport. Dawson runs off to get her himself. At Hell’s Kitchen, Joey and Eddie banter about On the Road and he calls her on being angry; he guesses it’s because of a guy. Audrey, Jack, and Jen are also around, but Pacey’s still at work. Audrey’s mad that he’s been spending so much time studying for his broker exam.

Audrey decides to bail on the party she, Jack, and Jen were supposed to go to, but Jen and her ugly bangs really want to have some fun. She makes them agree to do some true partying. Natasha mopes all the way from the airport to the studio, drinking from what really looks like a bottle of vanilla. She tries to get Dawson to stop for flowers to take to Todd, warning that he doesn’t want her angry on set.

Rich wants Pacey to go out to some clubs with him and their bosses. Pacey asks to call Audrey to let her know, but Rich won’t let him. (So we can all see where this is going, yes?) Natasha continues harassing Dawson, calling him Donald, then acts fake cheery with Todd, who can immediately tell that she’s been drinking. And then we learn why Natasha’s so ticked: Dawson is the girl he dumped for Joey. Todd tries to shoot Natasha’s big scene in the movie but she’s awful.

Jen, Audrey, and Jack leave Hell’s Kitchen for some big house party, but none of them knows where it is. They run into Pacey and his co-workers just as they’re talking about going to a strip club. Audrey accuses Pacey of lying to her about working, saying he’s turned into an annoying suit. He argues that he wants to make something of his life, so he has to play by the rules. Audrey leaves with Jen and Jack, telling Pacey not to follow her.

Eddie and Joey pack up a big delivery while talking more about On the Road. He thinks she hates it because it’s about people who follow their own road, and Joey won’t act on her impulses. She argues that she does, since she bought a ticket to Paris over the summer. Eddie enlists her to help make the delivery.

At the house party, Audrey complains about Pacey, creeping Jen and Jack out with discussion of their sex life. Jen runs into C.J. (literally) and thinks he’s going to judge her for drinking. Professor Freeman’s at the party, which is totally realistic, and Jack gets a beer with him. Joey and Eddie wind up delivering the food to a movie set, and I bet you can guess whose movie it is. Go on, guess!

Pacey calls Audrey, who’s drunk enough to drop her phone in a glass of beer without caring about it. Jen’s starting to get concerned about the amount of alcohol Audrey’s had. Joey goes looking for payment for the delivery and is told to ask Dawson. Natasha meets Joey and quickly realizes who she is. She goes on a rant about rocking Dawson’s world in bed, only to get dumped on her answering machine.

Jack and Freeman discuss The Simpsons, then Freeman’s class. He thinks Jack has a gift for looking below the surface to see what’s really going on. He reveals that his wife just called him from a business trip the day before and told him she’s pregnant. Freeman was having a hard time being at home, so he came to the party. At a strip club, Rich tells Pacey not to worry about his relationship; if he really loves Audrey and is really sorry, she’ll understand. Pacey tells him he’s full of crap but doesn’t leave.

Audrey’s moved into the sleepy stage of drunkenness, which is also the stage where she’s ready to hook up with a random guy. Jen tries to stop her, but another guy tries to keep her from following Audrey and the guy upstairs. C.J. overhears and gets Jen upstairs to retrieve Audrey. Natasha refuses to leave her trailer until Dawson’s gone, so Todd tells him he has to go. Dawson’s sad to be fired but understands.

Jen and C.J. take Audrey to her room, where she wants to be alone. Jen tells C.J. that she’s been in Audrey’s position more than once, and it was strange to see the situation from a different side. She thinks C.J. will see her as a mess. He tells her she didn’t do anything wrong, and anything she did wrong in the past has made her more compassionate.

Eddie and Natasha watch as Dawson tells Joey he’ll probably be going back to California. He asks if she thinks things would have worked out between them if things had been different. She says that’s been the theme of their relationship. Maybe it’s better that things happened the way they did because that made them let go of each other and stand on their own. Freeman drives Jack home, admitting that he went to the party hoping to see him. Jack is a little creeped out.

Pacey goes to Audrey’s dorm but doesn’t know what to say. Fortunately, she’s fine with not talking. Dawson takes a last look at the movie set, then starts to leave. Natasha stops him and lets him know she got him unfired. She admits that she got drunk because she knew she was going to see him. Dawson apologizes for the way he dumped her. Natasha says she got him his job back because she could see that Joey hurt him a lot worse than she did.

Back at Hell’s Kitchen, Joey asks Eddie why he likes On the Road. He says it’s about people who take chances and really live, and he’s always wanted to be one of those people. Joey responds by kissing him. She explains that she was following an impulse, but Eddie disagrees: She’s reacting to the pain of seeing Dawson again. They need to deal with their issues and leave Eddie out of it.

Thoughts: This is another episode title that doesn’t get explained. There isn’t really any karma at play here. Maybe for Dawson, but that karma wasn’t instant.

Dumped on an answering machine? I’m Team Natasha on this one.

As if a diva actress would date a director’s assistant.

Audrey and Pacey’s falling-out happened too quickly. I think they’re trying to speed things up to get to other stuff, so they had to have things fall apart early on, but it just doesn’t work.

Is this Jack/Freeman plot going to be Joey/Wilder 2.0? Can I boycott if it is?

Eddie, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH JOEY. YOU WILL REGRET IT. All you’ll ever hear is “Dawson, Dawson, Dawson.”


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