August 25, 2012

BH90210 4.12, Radar Love: For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her. Oh, There She Is

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Of all the cable cars in all the cities…

Summary: The morning after Brandon ran away like a little boy, Brenda shares the news with Cindy and Jim. Cindy’s worried but Jim knows he’ll be back for Thanksgiving. Brandon drives down a highway somewhere, then pulls into a gas station to fill his tank. He spots a woman with blond hair, wearing a beret, and thinks she’s Emily Valentine. She’s not.

The KEG and Alpha houses are working together to serve dinner for runaways and pregnant girls at a place called Downey House. Kelly, Donna, Steve, and Sears are all involved. Apparently Sears spent last Thanksgiving hitting on various girls. Steve lets an insult slip, but Sears and the other brothers tell him to shut up since he’s still a pledge.

Donna promises to protect Kelly from Sears before she heads to Houston to see her parents. Kelly laments spending Thanksgiving with just Jackie and Erin. Donna spots Kelly and encourages her to patch things up with Dylan. After all, he cared enough to smash a pie in Sears’ face. Kelly notes that he did that for himself. (No, Kelly, he did it for me.) Donna suggests that Kelly invite Dylan over for Thanksgiving. Kelly does, but he has plans to go to Baja.

Dan and Andrea play chess and discuss Thanksgiving; he’s invited her to spend it with his family but she hasn’t accepted yet. She’s nervous, which he says is because she’s neurotic. (This guy’s a winner.) Brandon winds up at a campsite, where a man named Curtis invites him to join his family for dinner because everyone loves Brandon so much that they just have to spend time with him. Through exposition, we learn that he’s going to Marin County to look up Emily.

At Downey House, Donna tries to keep Sears away from Kelly. Sears quickly turns his attention to a runaway named Denise. He cranks up the charm, and the poor girl has no reason to think she shouldn’t trust him. Brandon tells Curtis about his past with Emily, which is a nice way for us to kill a couple minutes.

Dylan goes to the Walshes’ to get a check from Jim and ends up eating dinner and chatting with Brenda (she’s been cast in a campus play). She invites him to come over for Thanksgiving, noting that he always says he’s fine but always ends up coming over anyway. Cindy approves of the invitation and tells Brenda there’s room for more guests, especially since Brandon’s still gone.

In the morning, Brandon heads to the Valentines’ house in Marin. Well, to their former house – they moved to Greece. Andrea helps Donna and Kelly get ready for the Downey House dinner, telling them she’s worried that dinner with Dan’s family is something of a test. She also revealed that she slept with Dan. Brenda calls Kelly to tell her that Cindy’s already invited Jackie over for Thanksgiving. Kelly knows David is in for a bad holiday with Mel, so she asks to bring him, too.

Brandon finally calls home, telling Cindy he’s in San Francisco and will be home for Thanksgiving dinner. He gets on a cable car, and in a huge whatever moment, he runs into Emily. She now looks completely different, with shoulder-length brown hair. KEG and Alpha serve dinner for the girls, and Sears flirts more with Denise. Kelly spots the two of them leaving together and gets worried. She and Donna send Steve to check things out, noting that Denise is only 15.

As Steve tells KEG’s president, Mike, what’s going on, Sears and Denise go outside for more charm and flirting. Steve interrupts to tell Sears that Mike wants him to go back to the house to get something. It works, so now Kelly and Donna are happy. Brandon goes home with Emily, who has the nicest place I’ve ever seen an 18-year-old live. They discuss her previous mental issues, then quickly move on to making out.

Emily’s neighbor Rosie interrupts and invites Brandon to stay for Thanksgiving. Emily also offers him use of the shower and possibly a bed for the night. When Brandon goes to get his things from his car, Rosie reminds Emily that she’s moving in a week. Emily isn’t sure what to do since she’s still madly in love with Brandon. Meanwhile, Sears returns from his errand unhappy that he was sent away.

Brandon calls Cindy again to tell her his Thanksgiving plans have changed. Cindy doesn’t seem to think it’s strange that he’ll be spending the holiday with a girl they last saw damaging property. Brenda tells her and Jim that Brandon keeps a picture of Emily in a drawer. The Walshes who aren’t Cindy think Emily has changed, but Cindy’s worried that she’ll break Brandon’s heart again.

The next day is Thanksgiving. Jackie and David make awkward small talk at the Walshes’ while Erin remains adorable. Kelly’s surprised and annoyed when Dylan shows up, since he was supposed to be in Baja. Steve and Sears are at the KEG house, and Sears has decided to make Steve’s pledge process horrible. Steve admits to being part of the stunt the night before, reminding Sears that Denise was 15. He doesn’t regret what he and the girls did.

Andrea meets Dan’s parents but is more interested in their catered affair’s bartender: Jesse. They even remember each other’s names from their brief first meeting. Andrea impresses Jesse with some Spanish but almost ruins the mood but admitting that she’s dating Dan. Jesse doesn’t seem to care. Neither does Andrea, who gives him her last name and address.

Kelly’s anger at Dylan makes dinner at the Walshes’ tense. He finally pulls her out of the room and they have a loud fight everyone else can hear. Kelly’s mad about Dylan ditching her for the Walshes, and he’s mad about her ditching him for Sears. They do agree that he should have told her he was spending the holiday with the Walshes.

Emily burned her, Brandon, and Rosie’s turkey, so the three of them decide to get pizza. Rosie urges Emily to tell Brandon she’s leaving, but Emily wants to wait another day. Then there’s more making out, and I feel bad for Rosie since she has to be in the same room with the two of them.

Thoughts: Ugggggg, Emily. What did I do to deserve this?

Denise is played by A.J. Langer, who’s probably best known as Rayanne from My So-Called Life. Did you know her husband is a lord and the future Earl of Devon? She’s a frigging countess!

The only reason this episode is called “Radar Love” is because they keep playing it through the episode. It’s annoying.

If nothing else, this episode made me want to go back to San Francisco.

“Did they have a forwarding address?” What, are you going to drive to Greece, Brandon? Actually, do it. I want to see you try.

Jesse’s a cutie. I don’t blame Andrea for having a crush on him. I do, however, blame her for staying with the annoying, condescending, boring Dan when she could be with someone much more interesting and fun.
If nothing else, this episode made me want to go back to San Francisco


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  1. Megan said,

    I’m gonna start to watch 90210 season four.

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