August 28, 2012

BH90210 4.13, Emily: Jesse’s Girl

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Just to clarify, this isn’t Jesse’s girl

Summary: Brandon’s still at Emily’s place in San Francisco, on what appears to be the day after Thanksgiving. They talk about flowers and her time in the hospital and dim sum, and I want those two minutes of my life back. At the Peach Pit, Donna tells Andrea and Brenda that she’s about to go through Hell Week for her sorority. Brenda thinks Kelly’s late meeting them because she’s still mad about what happened with Dylan the night before. Kelly actually hasn’t talked to him.

After Brenda invites the others to the workshop she’ll be starring in, Andrea tells the others she ran into Jesse at Dan’s parents’ house. Donna senses that there’s some attraction between them. Andrea wants to dump Dan but isn’t sure how to do it. Brenda notes that Andrea’s getting a lot of action for someone who barely dated in high school. (I know, right?)

Steve’s already undergoing Hell Week torture at KEG house, though so far the pledges just have to do a lot of pushups. Next they have to memorize information about the frat brothers. One brother will be assigned to each pledge to make his life hell. Meanwhile, Kelly, Donna, and the other Alpha pledges are paraded around campus in robes and shower caps. Leslie encourages Kelly to go kiss Dylan, which she really doesn’t want to do. Donna notes that Leslie could have made her kiss Sears. Kelly completes the task with much more than a single kiss.

Andrea’s in the middle of breaking up with Dan when she checks her messages and hears one from Jesse. Dan makes a slur about Jesse’s last name, then tells Andrea not to accuse him of racism. She tells him she’s not in love with him, so they’re over. He doesn’t take it well. Brandon regales Emily with tales of the girls he’s dated since they broke up. She notes that he likes “wounded birds.” He admits that he came to San Francisco because he was trying to put distance between himself and Lucinda. Then they decide to announce that they love each other.

Brenda goes to the first rehearsal for the play, The Mask of Melancholy. It’s unintentionally hilarious. Also, it includes the direction, “And that’s when you take off your clothes.” She balks, but the director uses some artsy language to change her mind. The KEG pledges have to march to the student union, where Sears makes Steve do more pushups and sing the alphabet. As Steve leaves, he asks Kelly and Donna if he can borrow a dress. Cut to Steve in drag. It’s awesome. He tells the girls he won’t let Sears get the best of him.

Brandon and Emily do touristy things in San Francisco. Then she educates him about the sea lions in the bay. Brandon’s so hot for her that he’d consider transferring to Berkeley to be near her. Steve’s ordered to dress back up in drag the next day and pass out photos of himself in the student union. He also has to steal a baseball signed by Jackie Robinson from Professor Randall’s office. A brother named Keith offers him the office key to parallel the infamous legacy key from West Beverly.

Jesse and Andrea hang out in a park, and he wonders why she would go out with a guy like him. She notes that she’s dated white, black, and Republican guys, so dating a Latino isn’t that much of a stretch. Andrea learns that he’s not just a bartender – he’s also a law student at UCLA and did his undergrad at Yale. It’s true love, y’all.

Back at Emily’s place, Brandon and Emily start to engage in another makeout session, but fortunately are interrupted by Rosie. Emily tells her not to tell Brandon about her upcoming move, but as soon as Emily’s out of the room, Rosie spills: Emily’s leaving in three days for the Cousteau Institute in France.

Rosie comes back over in the morning and asks Brandon if he talked to Emily. She’s worried that Emily will miss out on a great opportunity for some guy. Brandon denies that he’s keeping her from going to France. Rosie says that if he really loves Emily, he’ll make her go. Steve does his drag task as his friends make fun of him, because what else are friends good for? Sears thinks he’s a wimp, telling Keith he doesn’t think Steve has the guts to steal Randall’s baseball.

Brandon tells Emily he knows about the Cousteau Institute, and she has to go to France. Emily isn’t sure she’s up to it. Also, she loves him and doesn’t want to leave him. Clearly the girl still has some mental issues to deal with. Brenda tries to talk Kelly out of coming to the play, then tells her about the nudity. She attempts to justify it as art, taking chances, etc. Fortunately, her parents won’t be there. Dylan lets her know that there are posters advertising the play all over the student union.

Brandon Emily choices I love you blah blah go to France already.

Jim and Cindy dine at the Peach Pat, chatting with Nat about Emily. Dylan shows up and mentions the play, which the Walshes didn’t know was debuting that night. Kelly, David, Andrea, and Donna join them there, though it looks like Kelly’s the only one who knows about the nudity. Brandon helps Emily pack as Jim and Cindy suffer through Brenda’s awful play, unaware that it’s about to get even awfuller. Kelly tips everyone off, but Brenda has put on multiple layers of clothes and changed the end of the play. The director’s mad but admits that she was great.

Steve lets himself into Randall’s office and grabs the baseball, but he’s caught by a security guard. Emily and Brandon say their goodbyes, and she tells him he doesn’t have to stay faithful to her while she’s gone. He just has to be faithful to himself. They waste more of my time, and then she finally leaves and he heads back to Beverly Hills.

Thoughts: And that’s why you don’t sleep with your English TA – you may end up breaking up with him, and you’ll still have to see him.

Dan went from creep to racist in two episodes. Impressive.

Next time, read the script before you commit, Brenda.

Why does Emily spend this episode dressed as a school marm?

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