September 2, 2012

BH90210 4.14, Windstruck: …In Bed

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I think this is in the dictionary under “awkward”

Summary: The Gin Blossoms play in a radio station filled with boxes labeled “sex.” Donna’s there doing an interview with Howard Stern, who’s really her landlord. He says his audience keeps asking him why Donna’s still a virgin. David wakes Donna from her weird dream with flowers – it’s their two-year anniversary. They give exposition about it being unseasonably warm outside and the Santa Ana winds coming around. David totally wants sex, and Donna wonders if she was talking in her sleep.

Brandon reunites with Nat after his trek to San Francisco, then learns about Steve’s bust. Brandon is less than sympathetic, telling him he’s an idiot in the middle of a bunch of other idiots. Steve defends the KEG house, then asks Brandon to talk to Professor Randall about letting Steve slide. Brandon tells him to rely on his frat brothers instead. They got him into the mess, so they should get him out of it.

Everyone but Andrea and Steve is going to Chinatown, where David and Donna will celebrate their anniversary. Donna tells Kelly about her dream and how it made her feel like “the last American virgin.” Dylan runs into Brandon, who’s surprised to see that Randall gave him an A+ for the semester. D’Shawn got a B+ despite never studying. Dylan tells Brandon about his fight with Kelly on Thanksgiving; he plans to be on his best behavior in Chinatown.

At home, Brenda becomes the tenth person in the episode to ask Brandon about Emily. Fortunately, he wants to talk about her about as much as I want him to talk about her. Also fortunately, Brenda laughs at him when he says he loves Emily. Steve begs his frat brothers to come to his rescue, but they can’t get involved because they’d get in trouble for hazing. Mike, the president, thinks he’ll get off easy anyway since this was his first offense. Steve promises to cover for his brothers, but Mike has to put him on probation for a few days.

In Chinatown, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, and Dylan give Donna and David a poster of them as the American Gothic couple. They open their fortune cookies, playing the “in bed” game. David’s happy that Donna’s fortune comes out, “You will be starting on a new adventure in bed.” After dinner, David and Donna throw coins into a fountain, hitting bowls that read “luck” and “love,” respectively. Donna suggests that they all stop by West Beverly’s Christmas dance, but no one’s on board with the idea.

Dylan offers to drive Kelly home, but first they have to flirt, which leads to making out. David and Donna go home, and his hopes of a romantic evening alone are dashed by her allergies. Elsewhere, Jesse gets further with Andrea than David’s gotten all night. Too bad creepy Dan is watching them kiss. Donna has another dream, this one featuring Landlord Stern interrogating David in front of Donna’s parents. David says he loves Donna for her mind, and he’ll marry her if she sleeps with him. Stern offers to pay for the condoms. Felice tells Donna she has her blessing to have sex.

Speaking of sex, that seems to be what Kelly and Dylan did, as they wake up in his bed. He wants to go to Joshua Tree, but she has to participate in a charity carwash. Now Dylan’s mopey, because how dare his girlfriend do something good for the less fortunate when she could be making out with him? Brandon runs into D’Shawn, who tries to pretend that they’re friends and he really appreciates Brandon’s help. Brandon brings up D’Shawn’s unearned grade, saying D’Shawn would have liked the class if he’d actually paid attention.

Dylan makes a surprise appearance at the carwash to flirt with Kelly in front of Sears. Sears sprays them with a hose, ticking off Dylan, but Kelly just has fun with it. Steve shows up and gets involved, but Mike tells him his probation prevents him from taking part. Donna and David record PSAs at the radio station, and she thanks him for putting up with her. She’s considering lifting her celibacy pledge for him. Tonight, she won’t be taking her antihistamine. (Sexy.)

Andrea hangs out with Jesse, who recites poetry to her in Spanish. He introduces her to his family, who run a catering truck, then asks her back to his apartment. Brandon goes looking for Randall but instead finds Lucinda, who promises that her husband still doesn’t know anything about what happened between them. She mentions that they had a big fight earlier in the week that was worse than the near-theft of the baseball. Also, the campus police were tipped off to the break-in by an anonymous phone call.

Brandon finds Steve moping at the Peach Pit and apologizes for being so hard on him the day before. He informs Steve that he was set up, probably by one of his frat brothers. Brandon’s going to go to bat for him, since not doing so was probably making him go through good-guy withdrawal. At the beach apartment, David and Donna get ready to do their thing, though she’d probably be a little more into him if he didn’t wear a necklace. Their evening plans are interrupted by a surprise visit from Dr. and Mrs. Martin.

David pretends he’s at the apartment alone, which Felice and Dr. Martin don’t buy. Donna tries to keep the lie going by telling her parents that David’s air-conditioning is out, so he’s been sleeping on her and Kelly’s couch. Her parents still don’t buy it, so Donna tells them David lives with the girls. Felice is furious that she’s been lying for months.

The next morning, Jim tries to be parental with Brandon, who’s headed to campus to talk to Randall. David spent the night at Mel’s, and Donna has to go to church with her parents, who are at least a little less upset with her. Donna notes that if she’d told them the truth about the living arrangements, Felice never would have approved. Dr. Martin agrees, adding that Donna’s an adult and lives thousands of miles away from them. She needs to make her own decisions and live her own life. Felice believes Donna’s still a virgin but isn’t sure she can trust her.

Steve goes to the KEG house to find out who tipped the police off about him. He notes that only Sears and Mike knew he was going to Randall’s office. Mike says Steve was the only pledge dumb enough to get caught. Kelly tells Dylan that she liked seeing him at the carwash, but they don’t have to spend every waking minute together. Dan hassles Andrea about Jesse, proving to be, among other things, racist. She somehow manages not to punch him in the face.

Brandon tries to reason with Randall, telling him Steve was playing a prank. But Randall won’t let Steve off the hook since he knows what Brandon’s been doing with Lucinda. Brandon swears that he bailed as soon as he found out she was married to Randall. Randall doesn’t want to listen, so Brandon threatens to reveal that he gave D’Shawn a good grade so he can stay on the basketball team. Randall gives in. Donna tells David that their living arrangements don’t have to change, but she’s off the intercourse bandwagon. He’s upset but wants to keep dating.

Thoughts: I watched this episode while wearing my brand-new Peach Pit shirt from Old Navy. (They also had one with Luke Perry on it, but the picture of him wasn’t that great. And it felt a little too fan-girly for me.)

Remember the Gin Blossoms? I loved them.

Ew, brandon, don’t add “in bed” to your sister’s fortune.

Nice fanny pack, Steve. I think that’s the real reason for your probation.

For what it’s worth, Tori Spelling looks really pretty in the I’m-about-to-swipe-my-V-card scenes.

I guess blackmail isn’t a no-no in Brandon’s Big Book of Good Behavior?


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  1. Megan said,

    poor David . He was so close to having sex with Donna . The room was nice with candles . he gets the chance to kiss her but then there’s a knock at the door and who can it be? Donna’s parents.

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