September 12, 2012

BH90210 4.16, Crunch Time: Testing 1, 2, 3

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Insert your own joke about Sears and balls

Summary: It’s finals time at CU, but Steve has other problems on his mind: He’s still on the outs with the KEG guys. Brandon encourages him to blow the whistle on Sears if he’s sure Sears was the one who set him up for the baseball theft. Steve doesn’t want to; his father told him not to make waves. Brandon’s annoyed that Steve isn’t studying, and that he has to keep tutoring D’Shawn, which was part of the agreement he made with Randall to keep Steve from getting in trouble.

The guys give exposition about things being tense at the beach apartment, since David and Donna are still living together post-breakup. This segues into David snapping at Donna at the apartment even though she’s trying to be helpful. Erica and Suzanne are still at Dylan’s, and the three of them are one big, happy family, so of course that can’t last.

Back on campus, Andrea’s neurotic because she and Jesse agreed not to talk during finals week, but she can’t handle not speaking to him. And there’s also the little problem of her still living in a dorm with Dan. Fortunately, that problem is no longer an issue – Dan has been transferred to another dorm, and Andrea’s new RA is a girl.

KEG plays in an intramural volleyball game, and their teeny green shorts make me laugh. Sears doesn’t want to put Steve in the game despite his self-proclaimed awesomeness at the sport. He puts the MoonPie-eating Muntz in instead. Steve realizes the next four years of his life aren’t looking so hot. D’Shawn welcomes Brandon’s tutoring, for once, since he needs distraction from an upcoming game. He’s even done his reading. (His sister made him.)

Dylan pays a visit to the Walshes and offers to help Brenda study the next day. She notes that it must be weird suddenly finding out he has family he didn’t know about. Dylan asks Jim for $10,000 to give Suzanne, which Jim thinks is a horrible idea. He points out that there’s no proof that Erica and Dylan are related. Dylan doesn’t think $10,000 is that big a deal. Jim suggests that he give Suzanne $5,000 in exchange for her social security number so he can do a background check.

David has to juggle studying with his radio show, so the program director, Howard, offers him crystal meth. It gets him through the night, and he’s still high when he gets home. Donna’s surprised that he’s speaking to her now, since he said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She wants them to figure out what they mean to each other. David would rather talk manically about his radio show. Donna tells Kelly she thinks things will work out.

Steve complains to Brandon about how Sears is treating him, confiding that he’s going to tell Mike that he thinks Sears tipped off the police. Their sociology final begins and Brandon sees that D’Shawn isn’t there. Kelly and Brenda hang out with Dylan and Erica, the latter of whom is already better at playing keyboards than David is. Suzanne comes home from an unsuccessful job interview and Dylan gives her the $5,000. She promises to pay him back as soon as possible.

Dylan reluctantly brings up Suzanne’s social security number, making it clear that he’s just obeying Jim’s wishes. Suzanne gets angry, telling him he’s just like Jack. “I am not for sale,” she tells him. Uh, he wasn’t trying to buy you, but whatever. David crashes at the apartment and Kelly has to wake up him for a final. She tells him he might be able to get away with being nasty to Donna, but she won’t stand for it.

Brandon apologizes to Randall for D’Shawn skipping the final, but Randall says D’Shawn is taking a take-home exam. Brandon’s upset that he’s getting special treatment because he’s an athlete. He asks what will happen if D’Shawn flunks out of school and doesn’t make it in the NBA. Randall tells him not to take any more of his classes. David asks Howard for meth and gets another freebie, with the warning that he’ll have to pay next time.

Mike tells Sears and two other KEG brothers about Steve’s accusations that he was set up. Sears says he probably called the police himself. Then he starts yelling at Mike for taking Steve’s word over his. He wants to “bring this to the test,” which Steve agrees to, even though he doesn’t know what it means. Sears tells him it’ll probably result in Steve getting kicked out of KEG.

David continues to be cold to Donna, who starts talking about being tired, apparently so they can cuddle or something. I don’t know. He yells at her not to sit on the bed, since that’s where his stash is. Suzanne apologizes to Dylan, who in turn says he’s sorry for asking for her social security number. He also still wants her to have the $5,000. Suzanne needs to go home to tie up some loose ends, so Dylan offers to let Erica stay with him while she’s gone.

David barely acknowledges Steve at the student union, ditching him to ask Howard for more meth. Howard can’t get anything until the next night, but he invites David to come with him to hang out with friends who might have something to calm him down. That night, Steve goes to the beach apartment wanting to ask David why he was so distant before. Kelly and Donna try to cheer him up with dinner.

Brandon and Jim listen to D’Shawn’s game on the radio, hearing about a knee injury he’s sustained. Steve tells Kelly about the “test” that will be happening the next night. Except it isn’t so much a “test” as a vote as to who gets to stay, Steve or Sears. Kelly thinks it might be for the best if Steve gets kicked out. Steve invites himself to move into David’s room. Donna keeps waiting for David to call or come home, but she’s losing hope. Steve comforts her sweetly.

The next day, Donna goes to Andrea’s room to study so she doesn’t have to deal with David in case he comes home. They’re surprised by Jesse, who’s snuck in to make Andrea happy and inadvertently make Donna sad. Erica and Dylan are all sibling-y, and she surprises him as well: She’s swiped Suzanne’s social security card for him.

Brandon visits the injured D’Shawn, who’s done for the season and might not play in the NBA. Brandon tells him to focus on his studies instead. D’Shawn says he did the take-home even though he was giving interviews. Brandon brings him his graded test – he got a C and maintains his eligibility. D’Shawn asks Brandon to keep tutoring him.

It’s time for the “test” at the KEG house, but before it even begins, Sears admits to Mike that he did call the police on Steve. He’s upset about Steve interfering in his potential relationship with Kelly and for what happened on Thanksgiving. The voting begins, and poor Steve has to sit there and watch each of his brothers drop a black ball in his bowl.

Finally one brother votes against Sears, saying that if Sears set Steve up, there’s nothing keeping him from setting up another brother. Muntz also votes against Sears, and probably not just because Steve gave him a MoonPie. The other brothers follow their lead, and the remaining votes are all cast against Sears. Steve can’t help but laugh.

Donna asks Kelly for David advice; she doesn’t think sex is even the real issue anymore. “Just tell me what I’m doing wrong,” she begs. Over the radio they hear David fumbling, though Donna thinks he’s just flustered because of finals. Kelly, however, thinks he’s using drugs. After all, she’s seen similar behavior with her mom. But she’s willing to let Donna think that David’s just hurting over their breakup.

David bugs Howard for drugs again, and Howard warns him not to treat him like a dealer, since that’s not what he is. (Um, you’re selling drugs. You’re a dealer.) David just wants to be able to get through the week so he can get on with his life. Howard orders him not to ask for more drugs – he doesn’t want to have to worry about David. David replies that he has no worries.

Thoughts: Ah, finals. Once again, I don’t miss college.

Dylan is adorable with Erica. I think my crush might be returning…

Howard graduating from giving David caffeine pills to handing out meth makes me think of this.

I don’t think you can call it a bed when it’s just a mattress on the floor, David.

I’d be a little wary about openly laughing at Sears. He’s obviously not above revenge.


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