September 23, 2012

BH90210 4.18, Heartbreaker: Peachy Keen

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Ha ha, you can’t eat these anymore!

Summary: Brandon puts on a suit to go to CU’s administrative building and meet with the dean. He’s been chosen as the school’s representative for a taskforce on higher education. At the end of the semester, the taskforce will go to D.C. and meet the president. Let’s forget about the fact that Brandon’s a freshman and no one on campus knows him. Donna sums it up at a Peach Pit celebration: “The world just loves Brandon.”

Cindy announces at the celebration that she’s been accepted into CU’s master’s program in child and family counseling. Brenda hopes she won’t keep going and get a Ph.D., because apparently that’s a bad thing. But enough about Cindy – let’s get back to fawning over Brandon. Nat’s proud that he gave Brandon his first job. Dylan asks Nat to think about hiring Suzanne, and Nat tells him to bring her in.

Donna and Kelly talk about David, who’s still living with them. Donna’s keeping hope alive, unaware of what Kelly knows about David’s drug problems. He’s now also seeing a psychiatrist. David tells said psychiatrist that he’s on academic probation and wants Donna back. He also swears that he’s stopped taking drugs. When he gets home, he decides to admit his drug use to Donna. He apologizes for his behavior and promises to fix things between them.

Andrea approaches Kelly at the student union and reveals that she’s pregnant. She asks if Kelly has ever had to have an abortion, which Kelly manages to not get offended by. Andrea knows exactly when the baby was conceived – the one and only time she and Jesse didn’t use protection. She isn’t sure how Jesse will react if she decides to get an abortion, since he’s Catholic. Kelly notes that he wasn’t too Catholic not to have premarital sex. She promises her support no matter what Andrea decides.

Dylan brings Suzanne to the Peach Pit to meet Nat, and he hires her immediately based on her references, which I’m sure are all completely legit. Dylan’s pleased that she’ll be putting down roots in Beverly Hills, so Erica will stay close by. As Nat’s giving Suzanne a quick tour, he has a heart attack and stops breathing. Dylan and Brandon jump into action and give him CPR. Nat’s cousin Joey meets the guys at the hospital and learns that Nat needs bypass surgery.

The next day, Joey takes over at the Peach Pit but doesn’t want to tell any suppliers that Nat’s out of commission. Brandon helps him out, having basically run the place during the summer. On campus, Andrea prepares to tell Jesse about her pregnancy, but he thinks she’s going to break up with him. Once he’s sure she’s not, he shares his own news: He’s gotten a clerkship in San Francisco. Andrea can’t so no to spending the summer there with him.

Even with all his other problems, David still has to worry about his radio show, which Donna thinks he should stop. Steve volunteers to sub for him, and Donna supports the idea; if she can do it, he can do it. David reluctantly agrees. Brandon and Dylan visit Nat, who’s grateful that they saved his life. He’s not grateful, however, that Joey’s in charge of the diner, since he doesn’t know how to keep things running smoothly.

Back at home, Brenda complains to Brandon that Cindy’s everywhere she goes on campus. (Shut up, Brenda.) Brandon admits that if Nat didn’t have the diner to go back to, he’s not sure Nat would have anything to live for. Brenda shares that she overheard a conversation between Joey and Jim – Joey owns 50 percent of the Peach Pit, and Jim thinks he should sell it. Never fear, the Amazing Brandon will save the day!

“Steve Silver” does David’s radio show, replacing music with a conversation about technology and the future. More specifically, he calls a phone sex line. “He needs a hobby,” Donna remarks. David puts allowing Steve to do the show on his long list of mistakes. On the plus side, he and Donna are able to have an actual conversation, and he admits that he’s missed her. They start kissing but stop themselves when they hear the music on the radio skipping. Steve’s locked himself out of the booth.

In the morning, Brenda’s annoying about Cindy again, and probably not just because Cindy won’t be making breakfast for the family anymore. Jim tells him about his suggestion that Joey sell the Peach Pit. Brandon considers that Joey stabbing Nat in the back. Jim notes that it’s Joey’s business, too, and without another partner, there isn’t enough money coming in. Cindy says Joey probably just wants what’s best for Nat. Brandon suggests that they actually, you know, ask Nat what he wants.

Andrea tells Kelly that she didn’t share her news with Jesse, since it “didn’t come up.” She’s decided to make an appointment for an abortion. Kelly asks if she ever dealt with pregnant girls when she worked on the teen hotline. She needs to be honest like she told them to be. Brandon visits Nat, who’s better physically but knows that Joey wants to sell. He’s pretty much resigned himself to that idea, but Brandon thinks it’s a bad one.

David tells Kelly that things are going better with Donna, and whether they get back together or not, they at least have a shot at making things work. Kelly warns that Jackie thought things would be easier than they were when she was getting off drugs. David gets another sub (this time someone with actual radio experience), but when he’s looking through Howard’s desk, he grabs some drugs.

Brandon stops by Andrea’s dorm room to announce that he’s thinking about running the Peach Pit himself. He still wants to stay on the taskforce and meet the president, and he knows if it were Andrea in his position, she’d find a way to do everything. He realizes that Andrea’s upset, and she tells him she’s pregnant. She doesn’t want to tell Jesse she plans to get an abortion because she’s afraid of losing him. Brandon assures her that Jesse loves her and won’t leave her.

David decides to keep his radio shift after all, mostly so he can do drugs without Donna knowing. Brenda’s suddenly okay with Cindy going to CU and gives her a bunch of school stuff. Brandon has now informed Jim of his plans to run the Peach Pit, and Jim is exactly as angry as you would expect. Brandon says Nat is the only person he knows who has never disappointed him.

Andrea goes to Jesse’s and finally tells him she’s pregnant. She’s even written it down in case she couldn’t say the words. She spent the drive over wondering if she really knew how Jesse feels about her. He assures her that she does know. Brandon wakes up at 5 a.m. (to David’s meth-fueled radio show), wondering if he’s crazy. Brenda disagrees with me by telling him he isn’t. As Brandon prepares to open the diner by himself, his friends (minus the pregnant one and the high one) arrive to help.

Thought: Brandon wears a suit for the majority of the episode. Shut up, Brandon’s wardrobe.

“Somehow I started doing crystal meth.” Yes, David. “Somehow.”

Jesse thought Andrea was going to dump him, so he…set up a picnic? Was he going to stay and have the picnic himself if she had dumped him?

If Brandon were always as un-self-righteous and nonjudgmental as he is when he talks to Andrea about Jesse, he’d be half as annoying. But then, of course, he’d just screw it up, like he does with his “disappointed” remark. Maybe you should be nicer to the man who pays your tuition, Brandon.

I love that David keeps putting the meth in orange juice, so whenever he drinks juice, it’s supposed to be ominous. I just can’t get negative vibes about orange juice, you know?

Hmmm, who do we know who has a ton of money and could keep the diner going? Who do we know?…



  1. Tracy said,

    “Somehow I started doing crystal meth.” Yes, David. “Somehow.”

    ^ Hilarious.

  2. Jess said,

    Saved us again! Thank you! We’re starting to use your “Thoughts” on each episode as 90210 chaser.

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