September 30, 2012

BH90210 4.19, The Labors of Love: If I Were a Rich Man

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This is Dylan’s “I’m going to save the day” face

Summary: Kelly drives Andrea to a clinic for her abortion, asking her if she’s sure she’s made up her mind. Andrea’s surprised to find herself in this position since she usually does everything by the book. She tells the doctor she speaks to that she’s already settled on having an abortion and wants it ASAP. The doctor tells her she has to wait. She asks if the baby’s father knows, and Andrea says he only knows about the pregnancy, not the abortion.

Brandon, Dylan, and Nat’s cousin Joey are all at the hospital as Nat’s about to have surgery. Brandon’s in his Peach Pit uniform, so we know what he’s been doing. David’s supposed to be working there, but he overslept. Kelly gets him some clothes and finds drugs in his dresser. David gives the “I was just holding it for someone else” story. Kelly’s too smart to fall for it. The two of them fight, but Donna feels the need to apologize. Kelly threatens to move out and make Donna go with her.

Andrea goes to Jesse’s to tell him she’s decided to have an abortion. He wants to be part of the decision, though it’s less about making a decision and more about him planning for them to get married and have the baby. Andrea points out that she’s not even 20. She thinks the pregnancy is just a mistake. Jesse doesn’t see it that way, telling her that if she has the abortion, she should just stay away from him. So this is clearly a stable, healthy relationship.

Kelly leaves Dylan a message telling him she needs to stay with him for a while. Donna will be living at Alpha house. She doesn’t get Kelly’s idea of tough love, since she thinks leaving David alone will just make things worse. Kelly argues that they’ve been enabling him and need to leave him to fend for himself. Donna says making him pay rent on his own isn’t fair. “And bringing drugs into the house is fair?” Kelly asks.

Brenda’s taking a class with Lucinda, who lets her know that she’s now divorced from Professor Randall. Kelly and Donna arrive a little late, but Andrea skips the class. Brenda brings Brandon dinner at the hospital, relaying the message that Lucinda says hello. She adds that Lucinda’s now single.

Dylan helps Kelly move her things into his house, then welcomes Donna as an additional guest since there’s no room for her at Alpha. She wants to go back to the beach apartment and give David the benefit of the doubt about the drugs. She also isn’t sure how David could have a drug problem when he just started using. Kelly and Dylan try to convince her that he has a real addiction. Speaking of which, David visits Howard in search of drugs. Instead, he gets fired from his show.

Brandon falls asleep at the hospital, dreaming that he’s a patient there because he’s exhausted himself. Fortunately, Nurse Lucinda is there to tend to him. Joey wakes him up to tell him Nat’s surgery went fine. Over at the Walsh house, Jim offers to cook dinner since Cindy will be too busy working on a paper. Cindy declines the offer. Jim ribs Brandon about actually going to class, and Brandon reminds him that he promised to help at the Peach Pit until Nat’s back at work. Jim points out that that might never happen.

Suzanne’s also working at the diner now, discussing ownership with Joey and Dylan. She knows the kids can’t run the place on their own while going to school and trying to have social lives. Joey agrees, noting that the diner is in bad financial condition even without Nat being gone. He’s still considering selling it. Of course, he just needs a buyer. Gee, I wonder who has a lot of money and a vested interest in the diner, and also happens to be sitting right next to Joey?

On campus, Brandon chats with the dean, who hopes he works out his schedule so he can spend more time with the new taskforce. They run into Lucinda, and she and Brandon pretend they’ve never met. She heads to class with quilts to teach her students that quilting was how women used to share history. Andrea rushes out of class with morning sickness and Kelly tends to her.

Dylan goes to Jim’s office to announce that he wants to buy the Peach Pit. (Wow, I am SHOCKED!) Jim doesn’t think it’s a good investment. Dylan disagrees, adding that Suzanne’s experience will help keep the diner going. He also doesn’t care if things go south since he can afford the risk. Jim doesn’t get the diner’s appeal to all the kids. He can’t really say no, though, so Dylan’s getting his money.

David tries to buy drugs from some student with a check. No dice. At the hospital, Brandon learns that Dylan bought out Joey and is now Nat’s business partner. Brandon doesn’t seem as happy as he should be. Later, Dylan, Steve, Kelly, and Donna celebrate at the diner, and Dylan puts Suzanne in charge of hiring new staff. David stops by to ask his former roommates about rent. Kelly tells him it’s his problem now. Donna reluctantly sides with her, then follows David out to secretly give him money (which he’s totally going to spend on drugs).

Brenda correctly guesses that Brandon feels left out about the Peach Pit sale. He says it’s like he was trying to win a football game, but Dylan came out of nowhere to score the touchdown. Brenda points out that they’re all on the same team. Kelly and Andrea hang out in Andrea’s room, discussing Jesse’s lack of communication since Andrea last saw him. She feels guilty for wanting a family someday, but not now. Kelly encourages her to do what’s best for herself.

As Kelly’s leaving, she runs into David, whose dealer lives in Andrea’s dorm. Andrea tries to explain to her unborn child (and herself) that the baby isn’t unwanted; she just doesn’t want to be a mother right now. Just as she’s breaking down, Jesse shows up and apologizes for his reaction to her news. He thinks she’s already had the abortion but wants her back anyway. Andrea tells him she thinks she’s changed her mind.

At the Walshes’, Jim tells Brandon he’s proud of how he stepped up at the diner, but Brandon’s too bitter to care. He knows Jim had to have had a part in Dylan buying out Joey. He also wonders if Jim thinks Brandon will be “rich and powerful” someday. Jim says he could be, and the taskforce might be the way for him to get there. Brandon’s mad that no matter what Dylan does, he’ll always have money.

At the hospital, Brandon takes a shot at Dylan for having money, but Dylan says it’s not as great as it sounds, since he doesn’t know what to do with it. Yeah, that must be rough, Dylan. Are your diamond shoes too tight, too? Of course, the guys can’t stay mad at each other for too long, so they go to the Peach Pit to hang out with Kelly, Donna, and Brenda.

Andrea and Jesse arrive to officially announce her pregnancy…and their engagement. Kelly asks what made Andrea change her mind; she says the baby itself did. She and Jesse agree that they don’t care what they have, as long as it’s not twins. “What’s wrong with twins?” Brandon and Brenda ask simultaneously.

Donna calls David to give him the news, but David’s back at his dealer’s, where the drug of the night is heroin. As he debates whether or not to partake, Brandon goes to Lucinda’s house to make sure he wasn’t part of the reason she and Randall split up. She says she’d like them to be friends, but I don’t make out with my friends like the two of them do.

Thoughts: So was Andrea going to have the abortion, tell Jesse about it, and expect him to be okay with it? Like I said, nice relationship they have there.

The better solution for David’s issues would be for Kelly and Donna to kick him out. But this way they don’t have to pay rent.

I think there’s only one guy in Lucinda’s class. I had classes like that in college, like my women’s lit course. Things got a little personal in there, and I always felt bad for the two or three guys because I knew they had to be uncomfortable at times.

Whatever, Jim, diners are awesome.

Yes, Brandon, Dylan has money, but he also has an absentee mother and a dead father. And it’s not like you’re living on the street or anything. You have a house, a car (your own – not one you have to borrow from your parents), and college tuition. So shut it.

I like Kelly being such a good friend to Andrea. Though now Kelly’s taking over Dylan’s role of truth-speaker/moral compass/do-the-right-thing-encourager.


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