October 7, 2012

BH90210 4.20, Scared Very Straight: Drug Days Are Over

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Maybe they shouldn’t have flushed them all at the same time

Summary: Kelly and Donna wash their clothes in the sink and hang them on clotheslines around the house because Dylan doesn’t have a washer or dryer. (Um, why not?) They’re still staying there, though Donna thinks Kelly should make a move to work things out with David. She insists that he’s better. Kelly tells her she’s being fooled. Dylan agrees, saying David will have to realize himself that he has a problem, since no one’s been able to convince him.

David’s currently telling Mel that he’s not an addict, but Mel is skeptical and plans to keep a close eye on him. If he’s not showing signs of improvement by next week, Mel will send him to rehab. The girls convene at the Peach Pit and discuss Andrea’s upcoming wedding at City Hall. Kelly thinks they need to do something a little more special. Andrea doesn’t feel like making a big deal since her parents haven’t approved of the marriage. She’s not sure her grandmother will either when she finds out. Nat stops by and Brandon complains about his partnership with Dylan.

Andrea and Jesse meet with Andrea’s grandmother (a different actress from the one we saw before), who quickly determines that they’re getting married because Andrea’s pregnant. She thinks they should celebrate their blessings because of the Holocaust. (No, seriously. She connected that.) She even offers to throw Andrea a shower in her apartment. Donna goes by the beach apartment, and David tells her he’s totally fine and clean and sober and everything is happy and rainbows. She invites him to a Valentine’s dance the next night.

As Donna leaves, she runs into the landlord, who thinks Donna and Kelly have just been out of town. David gives him a rent check from Mel, noting that it’s made out for the wrong amount – he lied to Mel about how much his rent costs. The landlord gives him money back, and I’m sure we can all guess where that will go. At the Walshes’, Brenda reads Brandon a letter she wrote Stuart, who she hasn’t seen in weeks. Brandon complains more about Dylan and Nat’s partnership. He’s thinking of finding a “spicier” place to hang out.

That would be Lucinda’s house. She reminds Brandon that their attempt at a relationship (or whatever that was) didn’t work the first time, but he thinks he’s more mature some three or so months later. Despite Lucinda’s protests, she makes out with him. The next day, her class with the girls discusses romantic rituals. Donna doesn’t think Lucinda is the best person to talk about romance because she seems like the type to steal another woman’s boyfriend.

David goes to see his dealer as Cindy and Jim discuss Brenda and Stuart. Apparently they know something Brenda doesn’t about Stuart. She’s finished her angry letter, and Jim encourages her to send it. Brandon has dinner with Andrea and Jesse, who ask him to walk Andrea down the aisle. They also want to have a wedding reception at the Peach Pit. Brandon tells them he’ll have to talk to Dylan about that.

Donna brings David a ridiculous oversized T-shirt to wear to the Valentine’s dance. He’s invited a fellow addict, Jack, and doesn’t see the problem in taking him along to a dance. Dylan, Brandon, Steve, and Kelly are already there (it’s at KEG house), and Brandon brings up the reception to Dylan, getting in a complaint about the partnership. Shut up, Brandon. David, Donna, and Jack arrive, and David immediately goes to get beer, so Kelly definitely doesn’t think he’s sober.

Brandon sneaks out with cookies for Lucinda, who says she’s worried about creating a scandal but certainly isn’t acting like it. She mentions that she’s working on a documentary, and if it gets funded, she can stop teaching. Back at the dance, everyone’s happy until some KEG brothers catch Jack doing drugs and kick him out. David thinks they’re hypocrites for cracking down on drug use while providing beer. Donna realizes that David’s been lying to her.

David leaves, but Dylan follows him to give him his patented “you’re screwing things up” speech. David points out that he’s an alcoholic, so he doesn’t have much room to talk. Dylan says he owes David one – David’s words to him after Jack’s death made him pull himself together. He tells David to call when he finds himself about to jump from a ledge someday.

The girls have Andrea’s shower, which isn’t well-attended because Andrea only has three friends. Donna’s mopey and angry because of David, but Kelly thinks that’s good, since she was in denial for so long. Jesse crashes to ask Andrea’s grandmother if she’s been able to get through to Andrea’s parents. She still hasn’t had any luck convincing them to come to the wedding.

Steve’s hungover at the KEG house and tells Brandon he needs to get out of there because he can’t handle all the drinking. They even have a drinking game involving Samantha – they drink whenever she says “Chuckie.” He also doesn’t like having to share a room. David visits his dealer again (for music-related reasons, not drug-related ones) and learns that word has spread that the dorm is about to be busted for drugs. The dealer gives him a bunch of drugs to stash at the beach apartment.

Brandon takes Steve to Andrea’s dorm room; she gave him access to her computer and thinks she’d be okay with Steve sleeping there. They spot David running through the halls, and a minute later the police walk through. Andrea and Jesse join them in time to see David’s dealer get perp-walked out of the dorm. David watches from the bushes with his backpack full of drugs. He quickly calls Dylan to ask for his favor repayment.

Dylan heads to the beach apartment and encourages David to flush the drugs down the toilet. He notes that someone could be watching the apartment. David worries what the dealer will do when he’s released and comes to retrieve the drugs. Dylan guesses that the dealer has already turned on David, giving him about 15 minutes to get rid of the drugs. He also thinks David would rather use the drugs than keep himself out of legal trouble. He tells him not to jump off the ledge.

Down the toilet go the drugs, including David’s own stash. Minutes later, the police arrive. They arrest the guys and search the apartment, but there’s nothing to find. Later, Donna and Kelly hear the whole story, plus David’s claims that he’s done with drugs. The girls both offer their support. Brandon and Lucinda ring in Valentine’s Day together and she asks him to spend the night. He jokes that he’ll have to ask his mom, which isn’t really that funny since he still lives at home.

Everyone gathers at City Hall, and we finally get to meet Andrea’s parents, who arrive at the last minute. Brandon loses his role as giver-awayer of the bride, but Jesse enlists him as best man, because he apparently doesn’t have any friends. Afterward, everyone parties at the Peach Pit, where David thanks Dylan for his help with the drugs.

Brenda gets a Valentine’s Day surprise in the form of a visit from Stuart. (He was in South America, and Jim knew he was coming back but didn’t say anything.) She asks him to burn her letter without reading it. Then Nat puts “Hava Nagila” on the jukebox and everyone dances, except Brandon, who I guess can’t be happy for his friend’s happiness if he himself isn’t happy.

Thoughts: Heh, episode 4.20 is about drugs.

That huge beachfront apartment costs less than half my rent. I wish I lived in Beverly Hills 20 years ago.

“Hey, guy I was once in love with and almost lost my virginity to, will you give me away at my wedding?” Yeah, that’s totally normal.

KEG house’s Samantha drinking game reminds me of the college kids on How I Met Your Mother playing their Robin drinking game.

Yes, Dylan, the cigarette smoking is the worst of David’s behaviors right now.

I imagine that David had to call a plumber, because that was a LOT of drugs.

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