October 14, 2012

BH90210 4.21, Addicted to Love: Let’s All Feed Brandon’s Ego

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He deserves this

Summary: Brandon and Lucinda are practically living together, it seems, and I have to wonder where Cindy and Jim think their son keeps going. Anyway, Brandon has the first meeting of his super-special taskforce that night, and the dean bugs him about attending it alone, reminding him that he could have brought a date. Josh the student politico is there and tells Brandon he’s writing a feature story about him. He’ll be conducting interviews and digging to find out what Brandon might be hiding, since there’s no way he’s as perfect as he seems.

Over at the beach apartment, Donna’s making cookies, which David thinks is a good way to distract himself from drugs. He’s thinking of renting a piano so he can play in the apartment. Brandon goes home after the get-together and mentions to his parents that he might go to Steve’s later. And they shouldn’t be surprised if he comes home at 6 a.m. smelling like perfume. Brenda’s also going out, having reunited with Stuart. Brandon complains to her that appearances are important on the taskforce. She encourages him to take a date – and she knows he’s secretly dating someone.

In the morning, Cindy thinks Brandon went to class early, because she and Jim seriously have no idea what’s going on. Stuart stops by to take Brenda to class; they’ll be going to Palm Springs later so he can give a work presentation. “If you decide to get married, call us,” Jim says. (Heh.) In Lucinda’s class, the girls discuss love, desire, and how women shouldn’t be ashamed of sex. Afterward, Steve gets Andrea to agree to let him live in her old dorm room. (For some reason, she’s still keeping it, but I guess if room and board were covered by her scholarship, it doesn’t matter.)

Kelly learns that Lucinda’s working on a film and invites her to get coffee and discuss it. They wind up at the Peach Pit, which is doing well; Dylan credits Suzanne with the success. He joins Lucinda and Kelly for their conversation, expressing interest in her documentary. Dylan tells her he might be able to help her out. Of course, Brandon shows up and pretends he barely knows Lucinda. Nat tells him and Steve that he thinks she might be talking to Dylan about financing her film.

Andrea packs up her room while Josh interviews her about Brandon. She says so many nice things that Josh teases that he’s suspicious about Brandon being the baby’s father. Steve arrives and Andrea tells him that the RA, Kathy, is fine with him living there as long as he behaves. Steve talks up Brandon to Josh, mentioning how he helped with the hazing fiasco. Brenda and Stuart drive to Palm Springs, though he wants to take a detour and camp out in the desert. She’s reluctant but agrees to try it.

Josh interviews D’Shawn at the gym, asking about Brandon’s personal life. D’Shawn doesn’t want to say anything bad. Josh seems to have some kind of dirt anyway. After he leaves, D’Shawn warns Brandon to be careful about meeting Lucinda at the gym. Brandon tells him the relationship is over. Kelly meets David at a piano store, where he tells her he’s thinking of getting back into music. She senses that he asked her there for unmusical reasons. He thanks her for helping him with his problems and asks him to move back into the beach apartment. She isn’t sure yet.

Brandon visits Lucinda in her office, but she’s a little more interested in Josh’s snooping than she is in making out with her secret boyfriend. She suggests that Brandon get a beard to distract Josh. She brings up her chat with Kelly and Dylan, encouraging Brandon to take Kelly to a get-together at the chancellor’s house. Brandon thinks it’s a good idea. Of course, he also thinks getting it on with a professor in her office is a good idea, so…

Brenda and Stuart drive into the desert to watch the sunset, but she accidentally locks the keys in the car when she goes to get her sweater. He’s not pleased. They’re still there after dark, since Stuart won’t let Brenda break a window since it’ll ruin his pretty little Range Rover. Also, all their camping equipment is in the car, so they can’t really camp out. Brenda manages to get them a ride, but they have to ride in a truck full of chickens.

Brandon goes to Dylan’s house to ask him and Kelly if Josh has talked to them. Kelly says no, but he talked to Donna, who, of course, said nice things. Brandon then brings up Lucinda’s idea of him taking Kelly to the taskforce get-together. Everyone’s on board, though now Brandon thinks it might be weird. Steve has officially taken over Andrea’s room, and Kathy warns him to be a good boy so Andrea doesn’t lose the room. (But…she doesn’t need a room! I don’t get it.)

Stuart and Brenda end up at a motel, though she thinks he should call his father and get him to send a car. Stuart refuses because he wants to mope. He regrets not breaking a car window, saying he only agreed to come to the motel because Brenda was whining about being tired. Then he decides to sleep on a chair, for some reason.

The next morning, Brandon pays Lucinda a visit at home, where she’s working on a grant proposal. He thinks her work is groundbreaking and impressive. He also makes remarks about how Dylan has money, like, we get it, Brandon. Shut up. Lucinda teases him about being jealous, though Brandon says it’s only because Dylan can take his Kelly out on dates in public. Meanwhile, Stuart and Brenda return to the car, which has been stripped.

Kelly proves to be the perfect companion for Brandon, and her presence seems to tick Josh off. Brenda and Stuart finally make it to Palm Springs, where Mr. Carson slams his son for being late to a meeting he himself called. Stuart blames Brenda for the delay. His father tells him he should have been a gentleman and gone to get Brenda’s sweater from the car for her. Brenda yells at both of them for being jerks and throws her engagement ring in the swimming pool. She calls Kelly to come pick her up, but Dylan answers and offers to get her.

Kelly hits it off with Chancellor Arnold, and the dean tells Brandon she’s a real asset to his political…whatever. After the get-together, Kelly tells Brandon he’s awesome, because it’s been five minutes since someone talked about how perfect he is. Dylan drives Brenda back to Beverly Hills as she recalls how understanding he was when she forgot her passport on their trip to Mexico. Stuart, on the other hand, wasn’t able to let go of a mistake she made. Brenda regrets giving Dylan up (though that’s not really what happened, since he cheated, but whatever).

Everyone else goes to the beach apartment to celebrate David’s sobriety and Donna moving back in. Kelly announces that she’s decided to move back, too. Brenda and Dylan arrive, and Kelly doesn’t seem thrilled to learn where they were. She thinks Dylan’s been pushing her to move out of his place because of Brenda. Dylan tells Brandon to feel free to “borrow” Kelly any time he wants. It doesn’t look like Brandon or Kelly have any problem with that.

Thoughts: Finally, someone questions how Brandon can be so super-perfect and awesome all the time! Josh, you may be my new favorite character!

It looks like the two or three guys who started out in Lucinda’s class have dropped out. I’m not really surprised.

Who drives a truck full of chickens through the desert?

Was Stuart always this big of a jerk and I just never noticed? If I were Brenda, I wouldn’t have asked permission to break the window. I would’ve just done it. Let Stuart yell about it once you get to Palm Springs.

I know where this is going with Dylan, Kelly, and Brandon, and…I just…WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE BRANDON OVER DYLAN??



  1. PSPUBS said,

    Just curious why the author of this great blog dislikes the Brandon character? He is a major part this show,so why watch or write about the show, if you dislike him?

    • Jenn said,

      I didn’t watch the show for any specific character. Not liking one of the main characters isn’t a deal-breaker for me.

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