October 23, 2012

Dawson’s Creek Extra – Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23 2.1, A Reunion…: Busy as a B—

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I don’t think Busy Philipps has aged at all in nine years

Summary: June, Chloe, and Luther are at James Van Der Beek’s Viking funeral in Central Park. No further explanation is given. At some other time, James reads a letter to Chloe and June about a Dawson’s Creek reunion he’s been invited to by Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes, and Joshua Jackson. He gets invited every year but never accepts. He knows the Beatles can’t get back together without John Lennon, and he’s Lennon and McCartney. The three of them go to a fashion show instead, taking Anna Wintour’s seat.

June goes to work and complains to Mark about James saying no to the reunion. Mark can’t believe it. June admits that she and her friends were obsessed with the show when they were growing up. They even memorized every episode. June wishes she could have some good news to share. James should do the reunion for her. Mark encourages her to talk to James about it. He reminds her of her passionate protest against yellow raisins, which won him over.

James and Chloe come home to a slideshow from June telling them all about her friends’ obsession with Dawson’s Creek. They got through their own difficult times together because Dawson and his friends go through their tough times together. Chloe gets distracted by a laser pointer. June wants her friends to share the show with their own daughters. She thinks it’s the circle of life, and demonstrates it with a picture of James as both Simba and Rafiki. James is convinced.

After he leaves the room, Chloe reveals to June that the reunion letters are really from her. She points out that she even misspelled “Holmes.” (“I should really try harder.”) It makes James feel powerful to turn her down, and she takes advantage of this by getting him to do whatever she wants (like attend William and Kate’s wedding, ride bumper cars with Obama and Sasha, and tranq some random guy). Chloe doesn’t want James to relive the past. He needs to “move forward like a shark. Or a tranq dart.” June objects to Chloe’s meddling and vows to make a reunion happen.

James tries to decide who to call first (Luther suggests Michelle; he’s been her for Halloween the past few years). June’s worried that Chloe will do something to sabotage the plan. She does, and it includes tranqing both June and Luther with tryptophan. June wakes up six hours later to learn that Chloe and James spent the time watching bad reunion shows. James also knows about the fake reunion letters, and he’s glad that Chloe has saved him from tarnishing his legacy.

Out on a walk, James realizes that he’s better than he was when he was on Dawson’s Creek. He runs into June, who says that just because a reunion show hasn’t been done well doesn’t mean it’s not possible. She happily calls her friends to tell them about the reunion. They’re all busy and don’t care. James tells Chloe that Katie, Josh, and Michelle have all signed on for the reunion. Then he gets a call from his agent telling him they’re all into the idea but won’t do it because they hate James. Chloe asks James to try to get them tickets to The Book of Mormon.

Undeterred, James goes to a diner to meet up with Busy Philipps, who doesn’t want to be seen with him. She tells him everyone hates him because he shorted them on the end-of-the-show gift (145 rowboats for the crew). Busy was only on the show for two seasons and barely broke even. She had to sell her horse, Cha-Cha, to get the money. James offers to reimburse her, but Busy says it’s too late. Their food arrives, and Busy sees that James ordered her a whole chicken, since he doesn’t know what girls eat. She says girls don’t eat, they hang out in caves and wait for a guy who reminds them of their dad.

Back at home, James and June wallow over the failed reunion and how their lives were better ten years ago. Chloe says this is what she was trying to protect James from. He needs to walk away from his past as it “explodes like a John Woo movie.” Chloe wants them to move on, but James thinks he can still make the reunion work. He doesn’t need the others – the show wasn’t Pacey, Jen, and Joey’s Creek.

James heads to the grocery store, where he corners Frankie Muniz and suggests a Malcolm in the Middle reunion he can appear in. Chloe shows up, having tracked James with an app. Frankie just wants James to give back his whipped cream. James promises that someone is working on a script right now. It’s Luther, writing about Dawson and Malcolm being co-presidents. Frankie tries to get away from James, who wants to crash his barbeque. Chloe finally tranqs him. Frankie’s so grateful that he gives her his grocery list, saying it’s probably worth something.

When James wakes up, he’s in June and Chloe’s apartment with Mark-Paul Gosselaar. June’s starstruck, telling Mark-Paul that she used to have a shih tzu named Dog-Paul Gosselaar. (Mark-Paul did, too.) He can relate to where James as been, as he once accosted Frankie Muniz at a zoo. Mark-Paul continues that he wants James to take a lesson from his book, which is about taking a time-out and living in the now.

June and Chloe are totally turned on by seeing Dawson Leery and Zack Morris talking until June remembers that she’s not a teenager anymore. Chloe tells her that her friends’ stories are already written, but June’s is just starting. Mark-Paul tells James to get rid of everything from his Dawson days. He, for example, sold his Bayside jacket, which is how he got the money to buy his horse, Cha-Cha.

James decides Mark-Paul is right: He’s wasted too much time and energy on the past. He requests a celebro hug. Mark-Paul says that’s the title of one of his chapters; it must have been leaked by his ghostwriter, who runs his Twitter account while he rides Cha-Cha. As “I Don’t Wanna Wait” plays, someone throws a bunch of Dawson’s Creek memorabilia into a rowboat and douses it all in gasoline. James, Chloe, June, and Luther are in the park, giving James his Viking funeral. Everything burns really nicely because Chloe threw in June’s sweaters in. Then they walk away from the resulting explosion like they’re in a John Woo movie.

Thoughts: I’ve actually never watched the show before, and had planned to recap a Dawson’s Creek episode tonight. But I remembered seeing the ads for this episode and thought I should give it a try. The show isn’t as funny as I’d expected, but James is awesome in it. That said, I probably won’t watch again. Unless there’s another appearance by a Dawson’s Creek alum.

Is it possible that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has actually gotten more attractive over time? Man, I had the hugest crush on him as a kid. Embarrassingly huge.



  1. Allie said,

    Every episode includes a Dawson’s Creek alum, as James Van der Beek (as himself) is one of the main (well, second-tier) characters in the show. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure show, but who am I talking to, Ms. Dawson’s Creek blogger? The JVDB character is basically a parody of himself as narcissistic and still living in his glory days. I wonder if they stole they concept from “Episodes” (where Matt Le Blanc as himself is a character), or vice versa, or if storytelling is just becoming bizarre and “meta” overall. Still, I like both!

    • Jenn said,

      This is probably the smartest career move JVDB could have made. If he hadn’t done this show, he’d just be a trivia question and the subject of “where are they now?” articles.

  2. Annie-G said,

    The amazing character-actress, Marie Todd, played the iconic Vogue Editor and Fashionista, Anna Wintour. She was so spot-on, that many people actually thought Ms. Wintour was there! Kudos Barbie-Marie. Looking forward to you becoming a series regular. aG

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