October 27, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 6.14, Clean and Sober: Kiss and Tell

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That’s right. You two be happy. You deserve it

Summary: Pacey and Jack are at an electronics store, drooling over a huge TV. Joey thinks Emma will freak out when they bring it home. She also thinks Pacey should spend his newfound wealth on something more practical. However, she’s proud of him for becoming so successful. He’s a little worried that he’s strayed too far from the person he used to be. Joey says he was always just waiting to realize his potential. Speaking of guys realizing their potential, she’s in need of cheering up now that Eddie’s gone, so she’ll be attending a party at Pacey’s that night.

Jen also disapproves of the large TV, because she’s a girl, and girls just don’t appreciate those sorts of things. But David likes it because he’s a guy, and all guys like big-screen TVs. Jen wonders why Pacey’s having a party after having lived in the apartment for months. She warns that she’ll be bringing C.J., who Pacey last saw when he punched him. Emma comes home and insults the TV, because…well, she’s a girl. The guys are shocked to hear that the guy she’s brought with her, a schlub named Gus, is her fiancé.

Dawson visits Audrey in rehab to deliver some reading materials; she’s already read the Bible. He does not, however, deliver her requested Nyquil. He tells her he’s been living in Todd’s guesthouse and has bad news: Their movie is going straight to cable. Todd probably won’t be directing anything else anytime soon, which means Dawson’s career is at a standstill. Audrey isn’t very sympathetic. Dawson recognizes another rehab patient as Toni Stark, a huge producer. Audrey wants some attention but eventually agrees to help Dawson stalk Toni.

Jen takes C.J. to the party, not telling him who the host is until they’re at the apartment door and it’s too late for him to back out. Joey asks Pacey for “something fruity and mind-numbing” to drink, then chastises him when he gives her a judgmental look. He tells her he’s heard her life hasn’t been great lately, but he’s sure things will start looking up. Joey says she’s always been the reliable one, but she’s going to let other people clean up messes from now on. She adds some more booze to her drink so she can loosen up a little.

Later, Joey talks to David about Jack, letting him in on what Jack was like when they were in high school. Meanwhile, Dawson gets to talk to Toni, who seems pretty taken with him. He strikes out when he tries to talk to her about the movie business. Back at the party, Jen tells David she’s not drinking at the party since C.J.’s sober. He tells her C.J. doesn’t mind when other people drink around him. Pacey assures Jen that he and C.J. have made up, and Pacey even offered him a drink. Jen’s surprised that C.J. didn’t turn it down.

He’s currently talking to a tipsy Joey, who tells him that Jen killed Abby: “Killed her with champagne.” Pacey quickly gets her away from him, taking her to his room. She realizes that all of their friends are working out their relationships, but she’s single again. She thinks the guys she likes always find something or someone better than her. Pacey says she should think of it as her making the guys want to be better men. Joey teases that he’s still not over her, reminding him what Audrey said about them at Christmas. “That must suck,” she says.

There’s some drunken revelry, and Emma and Jack wind up talking about how she’s left school because the band is doing so well. (Even with a screwed-up lead singer? Really?) Gus isn’t in school either, and plans to be the band’s roadie. Jack questions the speed of their engagement. Emma tells him it’s going fast on purpose: Her visa’s for school, and now that she’s not in school anymore, she needs to get married to stay in the country. Oh, and Gus will be moving in and will be allowed to sleep with anyone he wants. Jack tries to escape, but Emma won’t let him leave.

Dawson and Audrey keep up the stalking, with her encouraging him to keep making a fool of himself if it means getting his big break. She gets him to follow Toni into a therapy session. In Boston, Pacey and Jack commiserate over the possibility of having to live with Gus. Jack thinks that if Gus is going to marry someone he doesn’t love, he’s given up hope. Jen questions C.J.’s drinking, which he says he’s only doing to be nice. He doesn’t really appreciate her telling Pacey he abstains. C.J. feels like he’s been too hard on himself, but he hasn’t even had a sip yet. He suspects that Jen is looking for reasons for their relationship to fail.

Audrey tells the therapist and other participants that her name is Pinkie (a ferret bit off her pinkie toe when she was ten, which is why she drinks). She and Dawson are married, have two kids, and may also be cousins. Dawson plays along but gets her to talk about her actual problems. Audrey appreciates that he never judged her and always came back to help her. He tells her he just wanted to wait for her to hit rock bottom. Toni calls them out for their lies, so Dawson takes advantage of the revelation to ask her to look at his reel (which he…brought with him?).

At the party, the kids wind up playing Spin the Bottle, because they’re still 14, apparently. It’s Joey’s idea, but she immediately regrets it when Gus spins and lands on her. She declares a new rule: No tongue. Jen says anything’s fair game, and Joey shouldn’t mess with her because Jen has “killed before.” Instead of a kiss, Gus licks Joey’s cheek. Joey kisses Jack, Jack kisses Emma, Emma kisses Jen, and Jen kisses C.J. for a long, long time. They head off to do more than kissing and Joey tells them they have to come back, since they’re not playing Seven Minutes in Heaven. Jack teases that she just wants to kiss Jen.

Pacey takes over the spinning, landing on Joey. Before he can kiss her, Gus breaks the TV, earning Pacey’s wrath. Emma quickly jumps in to announce that the wedding is off. “Wanna play Sardines?” Joey asks before passing out. At rehab, Audrey admits to Dawson that the therapy session was more helpful than she led on. She also had a great time with him, and appreciated not having to talk about her problems. She tells him to go back to L.A. before he lets himself get too un-self-absorbed. Audrey also admits to being scared of going back to her real life because of the way she left things with everyone.

David teases Jack about his past relationship with Joey and about how he’s been kissing girls all night. He asks to see some of Jack’s artwork. They chat about Emma, and David points out that her problem isn’t Jack’s to solve – unless, of course, he wants to marry her. Jen and C.J. are in the bedroom, post-coitus, and she tells him he’s perfectly able to make decisions about his own life. He just wants to get past all their drama and make Jen happy. Jen was trying to do the same, and she’d rather talk with C.J., sober, than get drunk and make trouble like she used to. But she also doesn’t want to give him a false impression of who she is.

Jack and Emma clean up after the party, and he tells her it would probably be better for her to go back to England than to get into a loveless marriage. He casually remarks that he would be the perfect husband. She jokes that they should get married, but he’s actually serious about it. He notes that they already live together. Emma says she picked Gus because she wouldn’t have to worry about hurting his feelings. She wouldn’t feel right taking advantage of Jack.

Pacey puts Joey in his bed and tells her he’s glad she had a good time. As she falls asleep, he admits that she was right: He never did get over her. Joey says there’s something they never did, then kisses him.

Thoughts: Did they name Toni Stark after Iron Man on purpose?

The word “broad” has been used three times in the last two episodes. Did someone make a bet about how many times he or she could get the word in the script?

Drunk Joey makes me happy.

I swear the writers forgot about Jack being an artist (Joey, too) until this episode.

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