November 4, 2012

BH90210 4.23, A Pig Is a Boy Is a Dog: Dog Gone

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Get your tissues ready…

Summary: Donna and David go for a run with Rocky, who tires out and gets no sympathy from David. At the Walshes’, Brenda wonders how Brandon and Kelly are getting along, and it’s totally not because she wants Kelly and Dylan to break up. She knows Brandon’s seeing someone, so he tells her he’s been sleeping with Lucinda. He warns Brenda to keep quiet so Josh doesn’t find out. (And also the school administration, of course.)

Dylan sees a picture of Kelly and Brandon in the Condor and tries to keep the ensuing conversation about it light. Things get much less light when he brings up Lucinda’s views on monogamy (sleeping with one person at a time) and Kelly defends her. She wants him to give funding her documentary a second thought, so she asks him to have dinner with the two of them. Josh watches them together, then remarks to Kelly that the last time he saw her with a guy, it was Brandon.

Steve and Brandon play golf, for some reason, and Steve complains about his father. Brandon notes that they’ve entered a father/son golf tournament, so Steve’s complaints don’t really hold water. Back at CU, Brenda and Donna go to a meeting held by the animal-rights activists. They want to hold a rally while the board of trustees convenes, possibly to agree to ban all animal testing. One of the activists asks after Rocky, warning that sometimes animals from labs end up getting really sick.

Brenda goes home for dinner but announces she’s not eating red meat anymore. Brandon reminds her that her boots are leather. “Why can’t she ever do anything halfway?” Jim wonders. Kelly shows up and tells Brandon that Dylan’s willing to have dinner with Lucinda and might agree to fund her film after all. She wants Brandon to come so Dylan will see how comfortable he is with Lucinda. Kelly also thinks Dylan’s bothered by her and Brandon spending so much time together.

Rocky doesn’t seem to be feeling well, so we can all see where this is going. (Hint: It ends with a dead dog.) Brandon tells Lucinda that he’s told Kelly and Brenda about their relationship; she’s not happy. He thinks getting Dylan to fund the film will make things work out for them because Lucinda will be able to stop teaching, and then their relationship won’t have to be a secret. Josh shows up and Brandon hides while Josh makes arrangements to talk to Lucinda about him.

The next day, Kelly and Lucinda discuss the dinner party and Brandon. Lucinda appreciates how happy he’s been since he came back from the retreat. David takes Rocky to the vet and tells Brenda, but not Donna, that the dog has cancer. She advises him to wait to tell her. Then the girls bug Andrea about not standing up for a good cause (animal rights) like she usually does. Andrea takes them to the lab and tells them their animal testing is helping researchers study SIDS. Brenda’s still anti-lab.

Kelly makes Dylan’s house all pretty for the dinner party, telling Dylan that Lucinda’s boyfriend will be coming to dinner. Oh, did she mention that said boyfriend is Brandon? Dylan glowers his best glower at the news and isn’t all that nice to Brandon when he arrives. Donna tries to give Rocky medicine, but he seems to be getting worse. David has a hard time telling her that Rocky won’t be getting better, and the vet thinks he should be put to sleep. Donna’s in denial.

Over at the world’s most awkward dinner party, Dylan makes it clear that he doesn’t dislike Lucinda’s film, but he doesn’t plan to back it. He thinks she needs a woman to produce and distribute it. Brandon thinks they should call it an evening. After he and Lucinda leave, Kelly blasts Dylan for being rude and not taking part in something that could be great. He tells her that Lucinda tried to seduce him the last time they got together. Kelly doesn’t believe him.

Donna’s denial/magical thinking may have made Rocky a little better, and she and Brenda turn their focus to the animal-rights rally and trying to get Andrea on their side. They skip Lucinda’s class, where Kelly questions her instructor about cultures in which women go after other women’s mates. Lucinda tells her that Eskimos are so close that they have bonds with each other’s lovers. Kelly reminds her that they’re not Eskimos. Lucinda thinks relationships are healthier if people are honest with each other about their sexual impulses.

The animal-rights rally is well-attended but unsuccessful: The board of trustees votes to postpone making a decision on animal testing. Brenda leads a chant about animal rights, and it’s no “Donna Martin graduates.” Then the students yell at the head trustee until someone reminds them that they’re supposed to be anti-violence.

Andrea, Jesse, Brandon, and Steve have a boring conversation at the Peach Pit about baby names. Kelly interrupts to talk to Brandon, and Andrea mentions that Kelly and Lucinda had a weird, subtext-laden conversation during class. Kelly thinks she needs to tell Dylan about her and Brandon’s kiss at the retreat. Brandon says he should be the one to break the news. Now Rocky’s sick again, and Brenda thinks Donna should stop trying to fight his inevitable death. It’s too late – he’s already gone. Brenda vows to get revenge on the lab researchers.

Before he goes to see Dylan, Brandon visits Lucinda and confronts her about Dylan’s accusations. She tries to make it sound like there was mutual flirting. She also knows from Josh that Brandon and Kelly were overly close on the retreat. Brandon admits that he feels bad about that because Dylan’s his friend. Lucinda thinks he’s making a big deal out of nothing; her flirtation with Dylan doesn’t change her feelings for Brandon. But Brandon isn’t interested in her anymore.

Kelly comforts Donna, who wants to have a memorial for Rocky. Kelly’s also had a bad night, as she just told Dylan what happened with Brandon on the retreat. Dylan heads straight to the Walshes’, where Steve is as clueless as ever about what’s going on. When he finds out that Brandon made a move on Kelly, he’s a little proud. He also wants to hear more about the “sex freak,” as Dylan refers to Lucinda. Brandon encourages Dylan to hit him, but Dylan accidentally punches Steve in the nose. “Do you know how much this nose cost?” Steve yells.

Brandon announces that everything’s his fault. “Hey, nothing’s your fault until I say it’s your fault,” Dylan replies. “It’s your fault.” Brandon thinks Lucinda would love to see them at each other’s throats. He tells Steve and Dylan that the relationship’s over. Then Cindy calls everyone inside for brownies, so everything’s good now.

Brenda tracks down the animal-rights activists, who are plotting something, and asks to be a part of whatever they decide to do. One of the activists is hesitant to let her join them since they don’t know anything about her, but the others agree to let her be their lookout when they break into the lab. Meanwhile, Dylan and Kelly literally kiss and make up, because she’s actually flattered that the guys fought over her.

The activists break into Andrea’s lab, though they tell Brenda they’re only going through that one to get to the ones that aren’t trying to help babies. The activists free a bunch of animals and throw papers everywhere. Suddenly the FBI storms the lab and Brenda’s arrested, despite the fact that she’s just standing in the hallway and isn’t necessarily involved in the raid. But whatever. It’s a cliffhanger!

Thoughts: Andrea, you can stop carrying things in front of your stomach. We all know you’re pregnant.

Mopey Dylan is no fun. Turn that frown upside-down already.

Lucinda just has a plate of fruit and pastries lying around, I guess in case she has an unexpected visitor. What a weird woman.

Why do they keep bringing Jesse in for one scene a week? Though I guess it’s not all bad, since any time this episode airs, Mark Damon Espinoza gets, like, 20 cents.

There’s a little message at the end of the episode in which Tori Spelling tells us that a) this was the 100th episode and b) the dog that played Rocky was named Poundcake. That is an adorable name for a dog.


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