November 11, 2012

BH90210 4.24, Cuffs and Links: Inconsequential Consequences

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Perp-walk Brenda’s hair still looks better than mine

Summary: Brenda is booked, fingerprinted, and photographed at the police station, then placed in a holding cell with a bunch of other women. Later, Dylan and Kelly arrive to see her but have to post bail ($50,000) to talk to her. Dylan had promised to come down without telling Jim or Cindy, but now he thinks he has to. Kelly hates that Brenda always calls Dylan when she needs help. (Seriously.)

The other Walshes are blissfully unaware of Brenda’s problems; Brandon and Jim are about to play in a golf tournament with Steve and his father Rush. Rush is really good at golf and Jim is not. I know you’re fascinated. Steve keeps snarking about his father’s boasts about his accomplishments and car. Rush annoys him further by letting Brandon drive his car. Before they leave, Dylan and Kelly arrive to tell Jim and Cindy about Brenda’s arrest.

CU’s lab techs try to put their labs back together, noting that 150 mice were released. Andrea finds a cute puppy and is told that it will be given away if someone doesn’t agree to adopt it. Jim posts bail for Brenda, but since the lab she helped break into was doing government research, the crime is a federal offense.

The animal activists all wind up together, and the sleazy one, John, really wants to make sure Brenda hasn’t told anyone about their activities. (It’s a little late now, isn’t it?) Rush is upset that the Walshes backed out of the tournament, but some other teams get reshuffled, and the Sanderses end up with a baseball player named Barry Larson. Rush isn’t happy since they’re old rivals.

Brenda is arraigned for conspiracy to commit burglary, conspiracy to commit theft, and breaking and entering with intent to destroy federal property. Her lawyer asks for bond reduction but is denied. She’ll be back in court in three weeks. At the beach apartment, Donna wonders what could have happened if she’d gone along with the animal activists. David tells her she might have had the guts, but she has better judgment than Brenda.

Jim and Cindy lecture their daughter about her recent horrible decisions, not accepting her arguments that she was doing something good and that they protested against the Vietnam War. Jim points out that they participated in nonviolent protests and didn’t destroy property. He continues that Brenda needs to start realizing that actions have consequences. If she’s convicted, she’ll have a record for the rest of her life.

After Brenda leaves the room, Jim tells Cindy that he’s not just worried about the money involved in Brenda’s situation: If she’s found guilty, she’ll go to prison. Upstairs, Brandon tries to joke around with Brenda, because he’s tone-deaf to situations that don’t involve him. She remembers that they broke into Andrea’s lab and wants to be the one to tell her what happened.

Josh shows up to ask Brandon about his affair with Lucinda. Brandon continues to deny the accusations, but Josh still questions Kelly’s presence at taskforce events. Brandon thinks Josh has made things personal. Josh finally tells Brandon what he wants: If Brandon backs him for student-body president next year, he won’t publish the story. Brandon won’t submit to his blackmail.

Steve sucks at golf but Rush doesn’t, so it’s okay. Brandon finds Lucinda at the gym and asks how news of their affair got out. She tells him she didn’t say anything, swearing that she still has feelings for him. She wants to start things over, but Brandon isn’t on board. Lucinda asks for one last kiss. Yeah, that’s not happening.

Donna goes with Brenda to apologize to Andrea for the lab break-in. Andrea’s angry, and Donna using Rocky as an excuse doesn’t help. Brenda says she didn’t know which lab they were going to until it was too late. Jesse interrupts, telling Andrea that if they talk to Brenda, they can be made accessories after the fact. Donna lets Brenda know that she still wants to be friends. As Brenda heads home, John spies on her.

Jim wonders how his two kids turned out so different. Brandon doesn’t think the differences are that big. Jim heaps on the praise about Brandon’s work with the taskforce. Brandon decides this is a good time to tell him that Josh is digging up dirt on him. Also, that dirt is a 26-year-old faculty member who only recently got divorced. Brandon thinks his political career is about to end. Jim thanks him for the distraction.

Steve suspects that Rush is up to something, and Rush admits that he did something to his golf balls so they travel farther. He says that he wouldn’t have had to if Steve were better at golf. Dylan and Kelly are about to fool around at his place when they’re interrupted by Brenda (of course). Kelly warns Dylan that Jesse said not to talk to her, but Dylan can’t resist a damsel in distress. Kelly has no sympathy for Brenda, repeating that she’s sick of Dylan rescuing her. Brenda says it’s clear that they aren’t friends anymore.

Back at the golf tournament, Steve misses an easy putt, and Rush accuses him of doing it on purpose. Steve says he’s not going to help his father win by cheating. After all, it’s just a club tournament. Rush calls him a loser, which Steve denies. He promises to sink the next putt if Rush agrees to play fair the rest of the game. Rush angrily agrees, and Steve puts the tournament into sudden death. Meanwhile, Brenda returns home to learn that the FBI wants to meet with her.

Steve complains to Rush that he’s always been hard on him, but Rush says that’s how you get by in business. He swears that he’s never cheated before. He just wanted to feel victorious one more time. Steve says he’ll win the tournament for his father, and Rush says Steve’s a better golfer than he is anyway. Steve does, indeed, win, so now Rush is proud of him. (Enjoy it while it lasts, Steve.)

Brenda tells her parents and lawyer that she knows she committed a crime, but she doesn’t want to apologize for standing up for animal rights. (This is known as the “sorry, not sorry” apology.) John enters wearing a suit and reveals that he’s a federal agent who infiltrated the group of activists. He knows Brenda’s real role in the break-in and can offer her immunity if she testifies against the others.

David and Andrea bring Donna a present: the puppy from the lab. They’ve already named him Rocky II. On campus, Josh tells Brandon that he’s decided they’re the same: “We’re in a snake pit and we’re all snakes.” Brandon must be an honest guy if he stood up to Josh the way he did. Brandon says he may back Josh’s bid for presidency after all.

Kelly and Dylan bicker about how she’s not a priority as they head to the Peach Pit. David and Donna are letting Rocky II drink from a bowl on a table, so clearly the Health Department doesn’t visit the Peach Pit very often. Brenda arrives to tell everyone that the charges against her are being dropped, so they don’t have to worry about talking to her. She apologizes for putting them in a tough position but isn’t happy with how they made her feel isolated.

Donna starts to go after Brenda, but Kelly goes instead to assure her they’re still friends. She admits to being jealous, and she doesn’t think she and Dylan will be together forever. In fact, she thinks Dylan will later think of Brenda as the great love of his life. The girls make up, and the friends all toast to Brenda’s freedom.

Thoughts: Barry Larson is played by Barry Bonds. The guy playing his father looks like but is not Bill Cosby.

I know I shouldn’t laugh at 150 mice being set free, but it would be funny if, for the rest of the season, mice started turning up in random scenes.

I get the other charges, but did the activists actually destroy anything? I thought they just freed the animals.

Congrats, Jim and Cindy – both of your children are awful.

Speaking of awful people, no wonder Steve’s so screwed up. His father is insane.

Lucky Brenda with the John deus ex machina. I guess sometimes actions don’t have consequences after all.

Josh, you were so close! Why are you wimping out now?

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