November 18, 2012

BH90210 4.25, The Time Has Come Today: Déjà Vu

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’60s Dylan scares me

Summary: Joni Mitchell plays over footage of Woodstock, then in the Peach Pit, where Steve complains to David about how all the music in the jukebox is out of date. He wants David to talk to Nat about it. David thinks it’s bad timing since Nat is standing right behind them. Also, Nat really liked the ’60s. Everyone’s planning a weekend ski trip but Brenda thinks this is the right time to show her parents that she’s learned she needs to set limits.

That night, Donna calls Brandon to ask him to talk to his parents about letting Brenda go on the trip. Cindy and Jim are confused because they never told her she couldn’t go. Brenda admits that she used a fake grounding as an excuse not to go. Brandon complains that she’s putting him in an awkward position, having to lie to their friends for her. She tells him she’s going through a lot, and he says that’s typical of her, and he’s sick of dealing with it.

In the morning, after everyone’s left to ski, Brenda investigates a creaky window bench in her bedroom. Inside she finds a bandanna, a peace-sign necklace, and a diary. It was written in 1968 by a girl named Wendy whose life was just as dramatic as Brenda’s. Brenda begins to imagine herself as Wendy and her family as Wendy’s family, watching Vietnam War footage while eating dinner. Wendy’s brother Will (portrayed by Brandon) is exactly like Brandon on political issues.

Another night, Peter (played by a 35-year-old Dylan) comes over, sparking a fight between Wendy and her father. She calls him a serious thinker, saying Dr. Edwards just doesn’t like Peter’s politics. Dr. Edwards says he’s a crumb bum. On TV, LBJ announces that he won’t run for reelection. At the Peach Pit, Steve and David’s counterparts, Ronnie and Seth, talk about Laugh-In while Sal (the ’60s Nat) talks politics with Brandon, using an Italian accent.

Peter, Wendy, Mary Ann (Donna), and Michelle (Kelly) arrive at the Peach Pit, and Ronnie encourages Seth to make a move on Mary Ann. He tells her to ask her her sign, since that’s what Hugh Hefner would do. David does, and Mary Ann shows him her war protest signs. (Heh.) Will chastises Wendy for collecting signatures for Robert Kennedy at a Simon and Garfunkel concert. Peter says change is coming, then threatens to boycott the Peach Pit when Sal tries to throw the kids out for being hippies. Wendy asks Will not to mention the incident to their parents.

The kids gather in a park after the election, planning a trip to the Ambassador Hotel later. Peter and Michelle are dating and talking about living together one day. Of course, Wendy used to date Peter. (Did he take her to Neverland?) The kids talk about trees, specifically whether or not they can spoke one. Peter, Michelle, and ’60s Steve are game, but Wendy decides to leave. Peter tells her she can just take one hit; she doesn’t even have to inhale. On her way out of the park, Wendy runs into Mary Ann, who tells her that Robert Kennedy was shot.

At the present-day Peach Pit, Brenda meets up with Andrea and reveals that Nat was in a movie. He remembers Wendy, since Will worked at the diner. Since Wendy went to CU, Andrea thinks Brenda can go to the registrar’s office and track her down. Instead, she goes to the library to look up the 1968 yearbook. The librarian tells her about a hippie be-in in March of 1969, which Brenda finds in the diary.

’60s flower child Andrea finally makes an appearance as Peter tries to encourage anti-war sentiment. Will shows up in his ROTC uniform and grabs the microphone to talk about the constitution. He and Peter fight, and yes, the words “military industrial complex” are spoken. As Michelle breaks them up, Peter calls Will a fascist, Will calls Peter a traitor, and they both glare at Wendy, for some reason. The library’s closing, but the librarian promises to have everything Brenda wants ready for her the next day.

Wendy goes to the Peach Pit after hours to tell Will that Michelle’s in Peter’s van, coming down from an acid trip during 2001. Will promises to take care of her, but Peter has to wait outside. Wendy takes advantage of the distraction to make out with Peter in his Volkswagen van. He thinks they’re just being existential and free by hooking up. They don’t “go all the way,” though, since Peter’s still with Michelle. Wendy’s upset about losing the love of her life.

Jim and Cindy come home to find Brenda crying over the diary. She admits that she didn’t go on the trip because she still loves Dylan. Her mention of Wendy makes her parents think she’s losing it. Back in the ’60s, Wendy meets Michelle and Mary Ann at the Peach Pit while Ronnie and Seth act as a Greek chorus, talking about Michelle being on the pill. Seth still can’t get Mary Ann to sleep with him until he tricks her into staying in his dorm room after curfew. She finally has sex with him, but then he never speaks to her again.

Brenda tells her parents that she’s amazed at how much she can relate to Wendy despite living 30 years later. She reads them an entry about Will and Wendy fighting about the war and a rally Wendy wants to go to. He thinks Peter’s using the rally and a demonstration group to shut down CU. Will wants her to come to his graduation instead, even though she doesn’t support the war or his enlistment in the military. He’s so mad that he kicks in the TV screen. Dr. Edwards blames Wendy.

Wendy goes to the rally, where the ’60s version of D’Shawn plays Uncle Sam while Peter burns a draft card. The demonstration is broken up by police, and Peter gets knocked out. Wendy and others are arrested for trespassing, and she’s unable to make it to Will’s graduation to say goodbye before he’s sent to Vietnam. Cindy and Jim clearly don’t give a crap about the diary and barely hide it.

Brenda has a ’60s-themed dream, and in the morning she talks to her parents more about how much she and Wendy have in common. (Yes, yes, Brenda, we know you were arrested.) Will writes Wendy a letter from Vietnam, lamenting that he doesn’t think anyone’s listening to the soldiers anymore. Brenda goes back to the library and learns that the records are too confusing to navigate, but she can talk to someone at the alumni association.

Brenda tries to decipher some numbers in the diary, which Wendy wrote on the date of the moon landing. Pippa (’60s Cindy) is more interested in the pizza Wendy ordered. Peter shows up to say goodbye to Wendy before leaving with Michelle on a cross-country drive to Woodstock (even though they’ve broken up). He invites Wendy, but she doesn’t want to go with Michelle. After Woodstock, Peter wants to go to Canada to dodge the draft, and he wants Wendy to come along. Instead, she wrote down the numbers.

Brenda goes to present-day Wendy’s house and gives her the diary. Wendy fills her in on what happened to her friends, who she’s no longer in touch with. Michelle died of a heroin overdose, Peter became a writer, Will died in Vietnam. Wendy encourages Brenda to keep a good relationship with Brandon because times change and people change with them. She deciphers the numbers in the diary as the roads they drove to get to Woodstock.

Brenda returns home to find the rest of the gang waiting for her – they decided to go to Palm Springs for the weekend instead of skiing. (Apparently Andrea and Jesse are not invited.) They tease Brenda for renting Woodstock.

Thoughts: If I were a drinker, I would have taken a drink every time a ’60s cliché came up. And then I would have passed out on my keyboard.

For the love of – SHE DOESN’T WANT TO GO SKIING. WHO CARES? Why does everyone have to make such a big deal out of it?

Jim + glasses = Jon Hamm. (No, seriously.) Brandon + glasses = George McFly.

The clothes in this episode are ridiculous enough, but the hairstyles are unbelievable. The best (er, worst) are here.



  1. Allie said,

    I really like both of Kelly’s looks; the first is very Bardot-esque; the second classic hippie-chic.

    • Jenn said,

      Agreed – hippie clothes really suit her.

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