November 21, 2012

SVH #130, Model Flirt: Easy, Sleazy, Beautiful

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No self-respecting fashion photographer would have that haircut

Summary: Elizabeth’s boss, Leona, goes away for a couple of days and leaves Liz in charge. Then Leona breaks her leg and has to take more time off, so she has Elizabeth go to her house to get her mail and collect her messages. Liz kind of pretends to be Leona, which is weird, then hears a recording Leona made of a letter she was going to send to someone at Flair, pitching an idea Elizabeth had for a column written by a reader. Liz realizes that Leona is Bad News. She confides in a co-worker, who convinces her to rat Leona out.

Jessica has those two dates planned for the same night, and somehow convinces Elizabeth to pretend to be her and go out with Cameron while Jess is with creepy teenager-dating Quentin. Jessica would rather spend time with Cameron, but remember, he’s just a mailroom peon while Quentin is a photographer who could get Jessica into modeling. Elizabeth feels bad for Cameron and gets revenge on Jessica by ordering food Jess hates, then making her eat it when they switch places. The joke is on both of them, though, because Cameron figures out the switch.

Jessica’s still determined to be a model, so she ruins some of Simone’s film, then offers to sub in for her when Quentin redoes the shoot. Apparently she’s gorgeous and perfect and blah blah blah, though she realizes that modeling isn’t as fun as she thought. Jessica patches things up with Cameron and he agrees to give her a second chance, but then he catches Quentin kissing her and goes back to thinking that Jessica is horrible. (Which she is. She clearly has no problems basically sleeping her way to the top.)

In Todd-related news, he and Elizabeth are basically kaput, since she saw him kissing Simone. He doesn’t care, since he gets to hang out with people who are just as awesome and gorgeous as he is. He also doesn’t care that his parents don’t like his new job. He breaks curfew and they warn him not to push it. Todd’s sick of being treated like a child, so he keeps breaking the rules. Eventually his parents tell him he has to stop modeling. Todd decides to move out instead. I’m sure that will go well.

Oh, and Maria and Enid try desperately to be interesting, going on a disastrous double date and shutting Elizabeth out because she was so mean to them before. Yawn.

Thoughts: I guess Elizabeth can date and make out with whoever she wants, but if Todd even looks at another girl, he’s devil spawn.

“With her funky retro look, Maria had a style all her own. Tonight she was wearing a pale blue forties dress with huge square buttons and thick army boots on her feet. An exotic green silk scarf was tied over her head, hiding her hair completely.” I can’t stop rolling my eyes.

There’s a restaurant in Sweet Valley called Bobo’s Burger Barn, where you can draw on the tablecloths. It makes the Dairi Burger seem like Le Cirque.

Enid has a mini-backpack. Remember those?

Cameron orders a steak and fries at a French restaurant. Dealbreaker!

Ghostwriter, stop trying to make us care about Enid and Maria. It’s a losing battle.



  1. Happy said,

    Mini backpack!! I thought mine was so effing cool 🙂 I had a giant keychain hanging off of my mini backpack, it was awesome! Lol

  2. Dane Youssef said,

    “Thoughts: I guess Elizabeth can date and make out with whoever she wants, but if Todd even looks at another girl, he’s devil spawn.” –Jenn

    I’m glad someone else here said it. Who better to point this out that the Blogmaster General Herself? We can see why Todd and Jessica eventually fell for each other.

    But let’s be 110% fair, shall we? Jenn… babe, come on. He did more that just “look at her.” He fools around with her, when Elizabeth catches them together–Simone just smiles at her. True evil.

    I’ve read blazing hatred from readers who were actually personally betrayed when they read volumes where Todd’s the one who cheats on Liz. They’re inflamed. They want Todd’s blood. Hell hath no fury…

    Too bad he doesn’t actually exist and these are all just BOOKS! A soap-opera, by the way… which explains all the infidelity. Why two people are so perfect and perfect for one another can’t stop making time with everyone else. Everyone played around… or died. Something “Young and the Restless”-level melodramatic. When Todd fooled around with Jess, everyone was crying for him to be wiped from the Earth.

    Sighs, Go figure…

    –Feeling Glad I Got That Off My Chest, Dane Youssef

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