November 25, 2012

BH90210 4.26, Blind Spot: It’s Raining Men

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This is the best CU has to offer?

Summary: David plays Mozart on the piano at the beach apartment, getting frustrated when he can’t nail a portion of it. He laments to Donna that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. In high school, he was considered a prodigy, but now that he’s around music majors, he’s not so great. Donna reminds him that he almost got a record deal. She encourages him to take lessons, which David reluctantly agrees to try.

Steve and Brandon’s car breaks down on the way to a Dodgers game, so they duck into a coffeehouse to use the phone. Steve realizes that everyone there is gay. He recognizes one of the patrons as KEG’s president, Mike. Brandon is oblivious to the surroundings and thinks they should get coffee while they wait for the car help. Steve clues him in, but Brandon isn’t in a hurry to leave. Mike spots Steve and thinks he’s there because he’s also gay. Oh, and he thinks Brandon is Steve’s date.

At the Peach Pit, Kelly and Donna work on a sorority calendar, which they’ll need hot guys to pose for. Andrea suggests that they ask Dylan, because if there’s anything Dylan would want to do, it’s be eye candy. Brandon and Steve come in after the Dodgers game, and Kelly decides to ask Brandon to be in the calendar, buttering him up by calling him “respected.” He agrees but changes his mind when he learns he’ll be in his boxers. (Steve and Dylan are amused.) Kelly wears him down.

David meets up with his piano teacher, Holly, who’s able to play Schubert from memory. It takes him a minute to realize that she’s blind. He plays for her and she gets him to loosen up. Then she plays the portion that’s been troubling him perfectly. David clearly appreciates her help and admires her. Over at KEG house, Mike mentions that he saw Steve getting coffee the day before, but Steve denies it. Mike’s just happy to have someone else in the house who’s gay. Of course, Steve takes offense. Mike asks him to keep their encounter just between them.

Brandon tells his family about the calendar, saying he’s not sure he should do something so unpresidential. Steve drops by to tell Brandon that Mike is gay and thought Steve was, too. Brandon doesn’t see the big deal. Steve doesn’t want to keep the news a secret; he thinks the other brothers have the right to know. Brandon reminds him that he was almost kicked out of the frat, and Mike was one of the brothers who saved him. Steve says that if Mike makes any indication that he likes Steve, Steve will out him.

Holly gives David a lesson at the beach apartment, where Kelly and Donna get to hear his progress. Donna doesn’t appreciate the closeness of student and teacher, and is even more annoyed when David introduces her as a roommate. Brandon and Mike meet up to play basketball before they go to Alpha house for the calendar shot. Mike mentions that Steve’s been moody, and Brandon says he’s had a lot on his mind. Mike realizes that Steve told Brandon he’s gay. Brandon promises that Steve won’t tell anyone else.

Donna tracks down D’Shawn, trying to convince him to pose for the calendar. He agrees if she’ll go out with him. She reminds him that she already has a boyfriend. (Yeah, a boyfriend who calls you a roommate.) Then she realizes that a date with D’Shawn could serve another purpose. The calendar guys pick out boxers; Steve’s have mallards on them and a guy named Artie makes homophobic remarks about them and Steve in general. Steve tells him to look “closer to home” if he wants to find someone who’s really gay.

As Brandon and Mike arrive at Alpha house, Artie and another guy storm out, saying they don’t want to associate with anyone who’s gay. Steve likes to Mike that the guys found out on their own. He doesn’t know what Mike’s still in the closet anyway. Mike yells that it’s because of bigots like Steve. Later, Brandon, Kelly, and Donna chastise Steve at the Peach Pit, asking when he became so homophobic. The girls are upset that they’ve lost some of their models. Donna surprises the others by mentioning that she has a date with D’Shawn.

David is also surprised, since he thought Donna and D’Shawn were only hanging out to work on the calendar. Donna twists the knife by introducing David as her roommate. She’s told D’Shawn what’s going on and only needed him to come pick her up while David was there, but he still wants to take her out. Steve tries to talk to Artie about the calendar, but he says he worked things out with Alpha. Steve then goes to see Mike and finds that his door has been painted pink. He apologizes sincerely for the outing, but it’s too little too late: Artie called a membership meeting to discuss Mike. Mike has decided to resign and won’t apologize for who he is.

David visits Holly to wish her luck just before she gives a recital. He gives her hands a dorky pep talk. Afterward they go to the Peach Pit and he talks more about her hands. He feels like they have a connection; it was like she was playing for him at the recital. Holly tells him that sometimes music brings up emotions that aren’t there. He’s not in love with her, just her music. David thinks she’s brave and he wants to make her life easier. She tells him she’s not a damsel in distress. She’s also figured out that David and Donna aren’t just roommates, and he hurt her feelings. David admits that he loves Donna, so Holly tells him to say nice things to her instead.

Donna and D’Shawn return from their bowling date in Little Tokyo, and Donna thinks David’s not home because he’s still showering praise on Holly. D’Shawn tells her that when he was in high school, girls would get annoyed with him when he talked to friends about basketball instead of paying attention to them. They didn’t realize that he could have passion for both girls and basketball. Basically, Donna shouldn’t worry about how David feels about Holly.

Steve goes back to the coffeehouse looking for Mike, who doesn’t want to talk to him. He mentions his first boyfriend, Gary, who was mad that Mike never wanted to go out in public in case they ran into someone he knew. Steve tries to bond with him by talking about his own failed relationship with Celeste. He wants Mike to come back to KEG and stand up to the bigots. Steve promises to have his back (but not in a gay way, obviously).

The KEG members gather so Artie can tell them that if Mike sticks around, they’ll get a reputation as a gay frat. He moves for a vote, but Steve wants Mike to have the chance to speak. Mike tells everyone that his first intention was to apologize for being dishonest with them. He wants them to know that he’s still the person they elected as their president.

Mike mentions the first black, Asian, Jewish, and Hispanic brothers to break barriers in the frat. Artie doesn’t think Mike’s sexuality is in the same category. Steve says it all comes down to brotherhood and loyalty. He wants Mike to stay on as president. One of Artie’s minions seconds the motion and everyone but Artie applauds. Artie will be taking his ball and going home because he can’t play nicely with the other children.

It’s time for the calendar shoot, and everyone’s in a good mood, especially Donna, who’s on great terms with David. Artie and another frat brother are MIA, so it looks like David and Dylan will be subbing for them. Everyone takes ridiculous pictures and no one says anything homophobic, though they’re probably tempted, because there are a bunch of guys standing around in boxers.

Thoughts: “I just don’t think standing around in his underwear is something Bill Clinton would have done.” Brandon, you’re in for a shock in about four years.

Donna and D’Shawn are kind of cute together.

Andrea has been reduced to eating a bunch. Nice job, writers.

What’s the point of putting Dylan in the calendar if he’s not shirtless? They should have just made a Rocky II calendar – that dog is adorable.


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