December 9, 2012

BH90210 4.28, Acting Out: The Girls Must Be Crazy

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I would caution against looking directly into her eyes

I would caution against looking directly into her eyes

Summary: Brenda mopes at the beach like she’s shooting an album cover while David and Donna give Kelly a book about acting. Kelly doesn’t think she’s going to get the role, though. Brenda stops by and Kelly congratulates her on her callback. Brenda confronts her about her audition for Maggie and getting coffee with Roy. She accuses Kelly of trying to steal the part from her. Kelly says she has a life of her own, and Brenda says she knows.

Brandon goes by Steve’s dorm room and finds him kissing Laura. Steve pretends they were just rehearsing. Okay, they were taking a break from rehearsing. He thinks he’s found his calling. They encounter Chancellor Arnold, who’s under the impression that Brandon will be taking Clare to her prom. Brandon doesn’t correct him.

Kelly has to miss a beach trip with Dylan and Erica because of callbacks. Dylan thinks Kelly should look at the situation from Brenda’s point of view. She notes that Dylan never takes her side. Clare’s at the Peach Pit, reading Nat’s palm, and she drapes herself over Brandon as soon as he and Steve arrive. Brandon’s not happy about the forced date.

Kelly heads to the theater for a coaching session with Roy (is that what the kids are calling it?), and Steve tells her to say hi to Laura. Kelly’s upset that Brenda has Roy, Steve has Laura, and Kelly has no support. Clare tries to use the other girls’ crazy behavior to convince Brandon that she’s a catch. On campus, Roy asks Kelly to share what Brick is thinking, since Kelly has experience with addicts. They do a scene together and Roy’s impressed.

Andrea’s still worried that something’s wrong with her pregnancy, but Jesse thinks she’s overreacting. He’s off to San Francisco for his clerkship, which I’m sure will make her less anxious. Kelly joins Dylan and Erica at the beach after all and meets Kevin. Then Dylan leaves her with Erica and Suzanne while he and Kevin go look at sludge. On campus, Brenda complains to Donna about how Kelly is Roy’s pet, then sees Laura with Roy and thinks Laura’s trying to get an in with him.

Dylan and Kevin discuss sludge and Suzanne, and finally Dylan and Kelly get some time alone. She’s upset that he brought guests with him, then left her with them. Dylan doesn’t want to hang out with her if she’s just going to complain more about Brenda or talk more about acting. Kelly points out that Dylan never had a problem with Brenda talking about acting.

Donna and Andrea hang out at the Peach Pit, hoping Kelly and Brenda work things out once callbacks are over. Donna’s worried about how much they’ve changed since high school. Andrea assures her that she’s the same, but Donna says Andrea’s changed the most – a year ago, she was a virgin on her way to Yale. Andrea takes this the wrong way and leaves.

Brandon has apparently lost his backbone, as he’s taking Clare to the prom. Chancellor Arnold is all for it. Brandon may be, too, since he thinks Clare looks hot all dressed up. He warns her that he won’t be dancing. She hints that the prom won’t be their only destination that night. They wind up at a party in a hotel room, where she teases him about being straight-laced.

At the beach apartment, Donna admits to Kelly that she said some things to Andrea that she didn’t mean to say. She has “feelings” about Andrea’s “sexual revolution.” (Donna, please stop talking.) Kelly turns the topic back to herself and the play; she’s worried about learning to cry on cue. She wonders if she wants to stick with it because Brenda doesn’t want her to. Donna encourages her to back off of the battle. She adds that Brenda’s still upset about losing Dylan to Kelly.

The party moves to the roof, and Claire and her friend get a little wild, flashing some guys on the street and pouring champagne on them. The guys come up but Brandon won’t let them into the apartment. They break the door down and start fighting with Brandon. Hotel security guards break it up and kick the guys out, followed by the partiers, who have trashed the room. Clare doesn’t care since now she and Brandon can be alone.

Donna goes to Andrea’s to apologize, but Andrea winds up apologizing for not keeping her emotions more in control. Because all pregnant women do is eat and act hormonal, obviously. Then Andrea thinks she’s going into labor, so Donna calmly helps her get to the hospital. Steve works with Laura in the auditorium, giving her a silky nightgown so she can truly become Maggie. He thinks it’ll help her win the role if she wears it to her callback.

Brandon’s upset with Clare, who whines about how much her life sucks and how she just wants him to care about her. As soon as he assures her that he does, she tries to convince him to put the hotel room to good use. Andrea gets medication to stop her labor and is basically told to chill out. Donna promises to help her out until the baby’s born.

Kelly goes to the Walshes’ to tell Brenda she’s dropping out of the audition process. Brenda’s just worried that Roy will think she pressured Kelly into making the decision. Kelly promises that she doesn’t want to be an actress; she just has a hard time when good things happen to Brenda. (This is a healthy friendship, isn’t it?) She offers to help Brenda rehearse.

Jesse comes home the next morning, and Donna admits that she fears she caused Andrea’s medical problems because she said mean things. (Which…weren’t mean. Whatever.) Andrea says that she knew something was wrong days ago. Callbacks commence and Kelly tells Roy she’s not continuing. He still thinks he can turn her into an actress and doesn’t care why she wanted to drop out.

Brandon and Steve arrive and sit with Kelly while Brenda and Laura do their scenes. Laura looks totally crazy, but Brenda seems to think it’s a good look. She misses some lines and asks to start over, which is never a good sign. She tells Brandon this was her “one chance to turn [her] life around,” which is so overdramatic that only Brenda could say it.

Clare finds Brandon (totally not stalking him, no, sir) and he finally tells her to just stay away already. She doesn’t think he means it. Kelly ends up at Dylan’s and tells him she dropped out of the callbacks because she hates acting. Dylan knows that Brenda’s more fragile than she lets on, but she’ll land on her feet, like a cat. Actually, Brenda lands on Roy’s doorstep in a very low-cut dress, asking for a second chance.

Thoughts: One of the fighters at the party is Eric Bruskotter, who also played Coach Beiste’s abusive husband on Glee. So I think it’s safe to say he sometimes gets typecast.

Dylan makes a big deal about taking Erica to the beach, like, the beach is right there. It’s not like it requires a road trip.

’90s music alert: “The Sign” by Ace of Base. Which I totally loved and kind of still love.

Seriously, Chancellor. Therapy for your daughter. Look into it.

Hold up – Andrea’s only six months pregnant? Is she having triplets? Or does she just have really horrible maternity clothes? Wait, I know the answer to that.

I would warn Steve to watch out for Laura’s crazy eyes, but I doubt he’s looking at her eyes.


  1. Allie said,

    They were all wearing maternity clothes back then, not just Andrea. I can’t believe some of the hideous schmattas they put on Kelly during the college years.

    • Jenn said,

      I forgot to mention that in this episode, Kelly wore a spaghetti-strap tank top over a T-shirt. Very ’90s.

  2. Amy said,

    Gabrielle Carteris was 9 months pregnant when this episode originally aired (4/27/94 – she gave birth 2 weeks later) which is why she looks so much farther along than 6 months.

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