December 15, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 6.21, Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road: Ghosts in the Machine

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I bet that ladder got its SAG card for this series

I bet that ladder got its SAG card for this series

Summary: Pacey is still outside the Leerys’ house, preparing to tell Dawson that he lost all his money. Dawson invites him in to see all the film equipment he bought with his new credit cards. His happiness and gratitude make it even harder for Pacey to give him the bad news. Which is why he doesn’t, even when Dawson gives him a script and asks him to be an associate producer.

In Boston, Jen’s mother Helen arrives for a visit Jen knew about but Grams didn’t. Grams is angry with Jen because she didn’t want Helen to know that she has cancer. Jen hasn’t told her but thinks she deserves to know. Jack Osbourne is back at Worthington, which he might wind up attending. Audrey has a “Lifetime moment” since she and Joey are about to part ways for the summer. She gives Joey her furry pink pillow, for some reason.

Jen and the other Jack go grocery shopping so Jen can cook dinner for her mother and grandmother. She begs Jack to eat with them so she doesn’t have to face Helen on her own. Jack thinks C.J. will be enough moral support. Plus, he’ll be meeting Helen for the first time, then saying goodbye to Jen before going to New York for grad school.

Joey goes home to Capeside and finds The Untitled Dawson Leery Script on the front porch of the B&B. She then goes to the Leerys’, where the ladder is back in its usual place. Dawson tells her to climb it, so she does, discovering that he’s set up his room the way it used to look, with all the movie posters. She’s impressed with his eye for detail.

Jen, Grams, and Helen awkwardly have tea, and Jen comes up with an excuse to leave the room so the other two are forced to talk. Helen wonders why Jen summoned her to Boston, and why she and Grams have waited so long to reconnect. She likes the person Jen has become, especially considering the person she would have become if she’d stayed in New York. Grams is glad that she could help, and knows Helen would do the same if Grams needed her assistance.

Audrey and Jack Osbourne run into Pacey at Hell’s Kitchen; it’s the first time Audrey and Pacey have seen each other since she went to rehab. She’s surprised to learn that he’s thinking about drinking during the day. She asks him what he’s hiding from. Pacey laments that he let people believe in him, and now it’s coming back to haunt them. Audrey warns him not to try to deal with his problems by drinking.

Dawson and Joey recognize the awkwardness between them and how they haven’t talked in a long time. She wonders if being back in a familiar place might actually help them reconnect. Talk turns to Dawson’s screenplay, which he claims he gave to her so he could get an honest opinion from someone who hates him. Joey tells him he grew up. She thought she would escape while he remained a hopeless dreamer, but she was just trying to get away from growing up.

Joey continues that she’s realized how difficult it is for her to talk about intimacy, but it doesn’t mean she has to lose herself. Dawson thinks that sometimes you have to lose someone to realize how much that person meant to you. He tells her missed her. She assures him that this time, he got his screenplay right. She adds that she missed their friendship.

Helen meets Jack and C.J., thinking Jack is Jen’s boyfriend. (She’s forgotten that she met him before.) “I don’t know what the gays look like these days,” Helen says. Jen says Jack is her only friend, which is bull, and when Helen comments that Jen used to be popular, Jen tells her it was because she had so much sex.

Suddenly Uncle Bill bursts in to confront Grams over their breakup. He’s looked into the lies she told him and knows she has cancer. This is news not just to Helen but also to Jack. Bill wants Grams to let him care about her, and he encourages her not to give up. He doesn’t realize that not everyone in the room knew. Jen agrees with him that Grams needs to stop trying to be so strong and let her family take care of her. She also thinks they should move to New York and live with Helen. Helen agrees.

Joey leaves Dawson’s house late, just as Pacey is returning. He tells them both that his and Dawson’s money is all gone. Dawson reminds him that he wanted out of Stepatech. Pacey says he was just trying to do the right thing. Dawson replies that Pacey always wants to be the hero, but he’s so eager that he doesn’t see all the pieces of the puzzle. Pacey can’t believe that Dawson thinks Pacey screwed him over.

Joey tries to calm the two of them down, but Dawson says it won’t help. Pacey thinks they should address the elephant in the room. Joey protests, wanting them to keep business business. Dawson notes that he and Pacey haven’t been friends for a long time anyway. In fact, he doesn’t think Pacey has been his friend for a long time, since he made them competitors. If he hadn’t, he would have seen that they’re not that far apart.

Pacey says their worlds aren’t alike, and Dawson’s just upset that Pacey broke out of his. Dawson isn’t impressed at Pacey’s supposed success, especially since it made both of them broke. Pacey says that’s just life. He asks Dawson if he’s happy that he’s the better man now. Dawson says Pacey wrote him off long ago.

Pacey points out that Dawson hasn’t tried to get in touch with him for the past three years. Joey again tries to bring some peace. Pacey tells Dawson he didn’t mean to lose all his money and he’s sorry. Dawson says it was all a mistake from the beginning. Pacey walks off and no one tries to stop him. Then Dawson goes back into the house without saying anything to Joey.

Joey joins Pacey on a dock, though he thinks she’d rather be comforting Dawson. These are the roles they were meant to play. Joey says they chose to play these roles, and they’re now ghosts of the people they used to be. She doesn’t think they even remember how the whole mess started. If Joey wanted to go after Dawson, she would. She adds that no matter how much she loves Pacey, he only remembers the negative things.

Pacey says his best friend just walked away, but they haven’t even been friends for the past three years. Joey encourages him to let her be his friend. She may not fit where he wants her to, but that doesn’t meant there’s no place for her. She thinks the guys need to stop their rivalry because it’s been a moot point for a long time. Pacey needs to be the one to make the move. Joey says that ghosts don’t leave until they’ve made peace.

Back in Boston, Jack addresses Jen’s secret-keeping, saying she and Grams are basically his only family. Grams asks him not to feel sorry for him, just believe in her. He promises to visit them in New York, but Grams wants him to move there with him. Jack can’t really argue, since he was the one who wanted to go to school in New York in the first place.

It’s open-mic night at Hell’s Kitchen, apparently, and Audrey performs something maudlin. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be roommates eat fresh-baked cookies at Grams’ house, and Dawson, Joey, and Pacey all mope by themselves.

Thoughts: Helen was recast and is now played by Mimi Rogers – the first ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise.

Hey, whatever happened to Emma? Did she get deported? I…wait, never mind. I don’t care.

Jen and Grams didn’t tell Jack that Grams was sick? Now THAT’S mean.

Nice acting from James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson in the big fight scene. They’re good together.

If that’s really Busy Philipps singing (and it sounds like it is), she has a nice voice.

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