December 16, 2012

BH90210 4.29, Truth and Consequences: Chemical Imbalances

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Yeah, that's a good place to let her put her hands

Yeah, that’s a good place to let her put her hands

Summary: Donna and Kelly have breakfast at the Peach Pit, planning a “sorority meeting” at Andrea’s place since she’s on bed rest. They’re not sure if Brenda will make it. Brandon, Dylan, Suzanne, and Erica are also at the diner, talking about Kevin’s chemistry lab. Brenda arrives and announces that she got the lead in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She tells Kelly and Donna that she went to Roy’s house and he gave her a second chance.

Steve’s more upset about Laura not being cast than she is. She’s resigned herself to being the understudy. He thinks she deserves a straight answer from Roy. Laura says he won’t get one – clearly Brenda slept with Roy to get the part, and it’s not the first time he’s been swayed in such a manner. At home, Jesse nags Andrea about not sticking to her prescribed bed rest, reminding her that she just has to do it for a couple of months.

Brandon visits Chancellor Arnold, who tells him that some of his remarks about education in the country have been included in a keynote speech at the upcoming summit in Washington. Brandon’s been invited to Berkeley, and Chancellor Arnold wants to make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy like he did when he kept Clare out so late on her prom night. (He has no idea what actually happened. He also thinks Clare is awesome, so….)

Roy holds his first rehearsal, and Laura mopes through it. David and Donna take Rocky II to the beach, because they don’t have another storyline right now. Steve comes to ask Kelly why Laura might have been overlooked for the role of Maggie. He thinks Laura’s accusations about Roy and Brenda were accurate. Donna’s shocked by the possibility, but Kelly notes that Roy came on to her, so it could be true.

Kelly takes the discussion to Dylan, who thinks Steve’s “thinking with his zipper” and making false accusations. She replies that Roy could be thinking with his own zipper. Erica, Suzanne, and Kevin show up to announce that Kevin and Suzanne are engaged. Kelly makes a dig about how quickly their relationship has progressed. (Apparently they’ve only known each other for a few weeks.) Dylan asks why she’s so negative.

Steve goes by Laura’s dorm room and confirms that Brenda did go to Roy’s house, so it’s entirely possible that they slept together. Laura wishes she’d thought of it first. Clare surprises Brandon with her own ticket to Berkeley, claiming she wants to go tour the campus. Jim and Cindy are nice to her, and Jim doesn’t get why Brandon doesn’t like her. He says she’s a serial killer and hasn’t been able to convince Chancellor Arnold that she’s crazy. (Maybe because he hasn’t told him anything?) Laura leaves a message with Cindy telling Brenda that her rehearsal time has changed from 1 to 4.

Erica and Dylan visit Kevin’s lab for some sort of chemistry…thing. (I’m not a science person.) He’s come up with some sort of process to purify water. Dylan thinks the microorganism he’s developed can clean up the bay. Kevin tells him he can’t get funding since he’s not one of his company’s stars. At CU, Steve (still mopey) tells Brandon the rumor that Brenda slept with Roy to get the part. Brandon orders him to stop the rumor, but he can’t disagree that it might have happened.

The “sorority” meets at Andrea’s house, and everyone’s awkward because they think Brenda’s a whore. She denies the rumor and demands to know who started it. Since Kelly doesn’t seem to completely believe Brenda, Brenda storms out. She runs into Dylan on campus and he tells her he knows her well enough to be sure she didn’t sleep with Roy. Brenda thinks he might be her only true friend.

Brenda arrives just as rehearsal is ending and is told that Roy doesn’t want to speak to her. Eddie the stage manager warns that if this were a professional job, she would be fired for not showing up to rehearsal. He agrees to smooth things over with Roy this time if Brenda makes sure this never happens again. Brenda’s suspicious of Laura, who brags to Steve that Roy loved the ideas she brought to the table during rehearsal.

Brenda confronts both of them, but Steve tells her he never said anything that wasn’t true. He adds that he’s Brandon’s friend, not hers. “That’s a relief,” she replies. He tells her she can choke on the part. Brenda reminds Laura that she’s still the star and Laura still has nothing, except Steve, “which is kind of the same thing.” (Ouch.) Steve and Laura head to Laura’s room, where Steve fumes but Laura’s happy. She suggests that Steve kidnap or injure Brenda so Laura can get to shine in a few more rehearsals. He slowly realizes that she’s not kidding.

At home, Brandon tells Brenda that he heard the rumor and says he knows how she must be feeling. She’s upset that Kelly and Donna haven’t called after their fight the day before. She doesn’t get why her friends think she’s suddenly a slut when she’s only ever slept with Dylan and Stuart. Brandon doesn’t want to judge since his affair with Lucinda didn’t make him look great, but he doesn’t specifically say that he doesn’t believe the rumor.

Steve calls to summon Brandon to the campus quad to assure him, Kelly, and Donna that he knows Brenda didn’t sleep with Roy. He tells them that Laura asked him to “pull a Tonya Harding,” and her “driveway doesn’t go all the way to the street.” They all feel bad about the way they treated Brenda. Brenda herself is at Roy’s house to apologize for missing rehearsal and thank him for casting her. He says he didn’t have a choice since she was the best (and no, there was no sex).

Brandon finally tells Chancellor Arnold all about Clare’s wacky behavior, but he thinks she must have been under the influence of something, because his precious daughter would never act like that. He also doesn’t know why Clare would want Brandon to help her with her problems since she doesn’t have any problems. On the way out, Brandon tells Clare that her father knows everything, but she thinks it’ll backfire on him.

Roy confronts Laura in front of the whole cast, saying he knows what she did to Brenda, and she will no longer be the understudy. (Roy, don’t poke the crazy.) Laura tries to provoke Brenda, but Roy kicks her out of the auditorium. Steve follows her and tries to calm her down, but Laura blames him for her failure to get the part. He tells her that Brenda and Roy didn’t sleep together; she earned the part on her own. He thinks Laura needs some help. Laura says everyone in Beverly Hills is the same.

That night, Brenda meets with Kelly and Donna in the quad and they discuss Laura’s Tonya Hardinging. Donna assures Brenda that Steve is handling things, but Brenda doesn’t think she can rely on him right now. She confronts them for not believing her or following up with her after she stormed out of Andrea’s. Donna says she didn’t want her to feel like they were ganging up on her. Brenda admits that she overreacted and didn’t give her friends a chance to explain themselves.

At the Peach Pit, Kevin tells Dylan, Erica, and Suzanne that he quit his job. Dylan encourages him to try to get funding from another lab since his work is so important. Suzanne’s skeptical, but Kevin assures her that he knows what he’s doing. Steve tells Brandon he’s done with Laura, though his conscience won’t let him completely forget about her. He stops by her room and sees an envelope on her bed. He reads the letter inside and runs off. He encounters Brenda and tells her the letter was a suicide note – Laura’s going to kill herself in the auditorium.

The two of them rush to the theater and find Laura in her Maggie slip up in the control room. Steve tries to convince her that he cares about her. Brenda sends him to call security while she tries to talk Laura down. Laura starts making herself a noose. Brenda tells her there will be other plays, but Laura won’t get a chance to be in them if she hurts herself. Steve quietly climbs up to the control room and grabs Laura before she can jump and hang herself.

Later, as Laura’s taken away to get help, Steve tells Brenda that she probably would have died if Brenda hadn’t been there. Brenda can’t be mad at Laura anymore, just feel sorry for her. Steve hopes she can stop being angry at him, too, but Brenda isn’t ready for that.

Thoughts: How mad are the other auditioners that Roy cast a freshman as the lead?

I’m totally stealing Steve’s “driveway doesn’t go all the way to the street” thing.

Brenda’s spaghetti-strap maxi dress over a white T-shirt is so perfectly ’90s.

Here’s a crazy (heh) suggestion: How about getting in touch with Laura’s family when she first starts showing signs of instability, instead of just talking the situation to death? They’re all, “Yeah, she really needs help…just not from us, I guess.”


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