December 22, 2012

BH90210 4.30, Vital Signs: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

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If law school doesn't work out, Jesse has a future as a carpenter

If law school doesn’t work out, Jesse has a future as a carpenter

Summary: There’s a baby crying in a forest, and Andrea’s looking for it while wearing a hideous Victorian blouse. Oh, wait, it’s just a dream. Andrea’s alarm clock goes off at 3 a.m., for some reason, and she finds Jesse in the living room, taking a study break to sand a cradle. She tells him she had the same nightmare she’s been having. However, she doesn’t want to let the nightmare get to her since she’s already dealing with bed rest and having to take pills every four hours (which is why she’s up at 3 a.m.).

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is opening the next night, and Cindy is nervous for Brenda. Brenda, however, is confident. She tells her parents that Steve never picked up the free tickets she offered him. Erica wakes Dylan up, not realizing Kelly’s in bed with him. She announces that she, Suzanne, and Kevin are moving to South America, though the adults want to keep it quiet. Erica begs Dylan to go talk to them. Kelly’s upset that they’re in the house and that Erica could have walked in on the two of them having sex. Dylan doesn’t seem to care.

Suzanne thinks Erica wanted to come see Dylan for his opinion on the new shoes she’s about to buy. Dylan reveals that he knows they’re moving. Suzanne says they’re not moving to South America, they’re just considering moving to the southwest, namely Arizona. Kevin says no one wants to start up a new business in L.A. Kelly emerges, pretending she didn’t spend the night (who cares? They’re not his parents), and Erica says that Dylan should be with Brenda.

David and Donna try to pick out music for CU’s Mardi Gras; Donna’s the entertainment chair. David sees that Babyface is a potential performer and encourages Donna to book him. Brandon task force handbooks blah blah blah, no one cares. He sees that his name isn’t on the list of delegates going to Europe, but Chancellor Arnold’s secretary won’t let Brandon go in to see him. Andrea and Jesse learn that Andrea’s preterm-labor condition hasn’t improved, and she’ll most likely need to deliver early. Her doctor advises her to check into the hospital that night.

Steve packs up Laura’s dorm room, as the girl in question is now under psychiatric care back home. He tells Brandon that her parents said this isn’t the first time she’s tried to kill herself. Brandon wants Steve and Brenda to work things out, but Steve doesn’t think Brenda’s up for it. He notes that Brandon also has a girl in his life who’s nuts. Brandon even thinks Clare had something to do with his name being left off the list of delegates. He notes the irony of being punished for not taking advantage of Clare.

Brenda gets ready for opening night, receiving a St. Genesius (the patron saint of actors) medal from Dylan. Roy thinks Dylan must be pretty special. Shut up, Roy. Andrea and Jesse pack for the hospital, and Andrea’s anxious because she thinks she’s responsible for the baby’s condition. She’s worried that her nightmares are coming true and she’s going to lose the baby. Jesse shows her the finished cradle and says everything will be okay because he didn’t do all that work for nothing.

After her first performance, Brenda gets a standing ovation and a bouquet of flowers from Roy. Brandon spots the chancellor and tries to talk to him about the task force, but the chancellor blows him off. Brenda’s friends congratulate her, and she thanks Kelly for her help. Dylan chats with Jim about Kevin’s company and sets up a meeting with him to talk about investing. Kelly disapproves but doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s further annoyed when Dylan says that Brenda is like a big sister to Erica. Andrea checks into the hospital and shoos Jesse away so he can study.

Brandon and Kelly run into each other early the next morning; he’s staking out the chancellor’s office to confront him about the trip to Washington. Kelly accuses him of engaging in a self-fulfilling prophecy. The chancellor’s secretary again turns Brandon away. Donna meets with Babyface’s management team while David chats with a junior rep named Ariel about music. (He tells her about his “pretty kickin’ rap single.”) She invites him to jam with a band she’s putting together. (Yes, she says “jam.”)

At the Walshes’ house, Jim looks over the prospectus for Kevin’s company and asks to meet him. Dylan can only arrange a meeting over Sunday brunch because Kevin will be in Arizona on Monday. Brenda thanks Dylan for the medal, as well as for sticking by her through the madness of the audition process. She kisses him on the cheek but totally wants to kiss him somewhere else. Dylan starts to say something but settles for telling her to have a good show.

Donna visits Andrea and gives her an Etch a Sketch to play with while she’s in the hospital. She’s read a book about color therapy for pregnant women and thinks it could help. For example, pink is a positive color. They compliment each other on their significant others while Jesse confides in Brandon that he’s scared about having a premature baby. The doctor tells Andrea and Jesse he wants to perform an amnio to make sure the baby doesn’t have any birth defects.

David meets the band, and one of the members, P.K., recognizes him from CU. They “jam.” At the Peach Pit, Kelly picks a fight with Dylan over whether or not she’s invited to the brunch with Jim and Kevin. Brenda arrives with Roy after their second performance, and he says she could be a great actress if she got some classical training. Brenda teases Steve about not coming to the show and encourages him to come to the final performance the next afternoon. The others tell him he should go.

Andrea has the forest dream again, but this time she finds a cloud of pink mist and pulls a small baby out of it. A nurse thinks the nightmares are over. There’s more “jamming,” and P.K. finally places David as a DJ. The guys know that if David worked for CU’s radio station, he must know Howard. That means he’ll be happy to do drugs with them, right? Donna gets Ariel’s permission to book the band as Babyface’s opening act. Donna thinks David will fit in with the guys really well.

Brandon goes by the chancellor’s office again, this time ignoring the secretary to bust in. Brandon tells the chancellor that, yes, he was attracted to Clare, but he didn’t make any moves. He doesn’t think he should be left out of the Washington trip just because of his dealings with Clare. Chancellor Arnold tells him there was a printing error and he’s still going on the trip. He also admires the way Brandon dealt with Clare, because she needed someone to “put her in her place,” and I guess it was too much work for the chancellor.

Kevin and Jim hit it off at brunch, and Kelly’s the only one in attendance who isn’t in a good mood. David and Donna are at the hospital, and she’s happy that he’s gotten connected with a great band. David tells her he can’t play with them because they’re all drug users. He didn’t say anything to her because he was trying to rationalize how he could make it work. Donna thinks they should cancel both the band and Babyface, but David tells her to keep the latter.

Dylan drops Kelly off at the hospital, and she notes that their relationship isn’t doing too well. He suggests that they block out everything that’s happened over the past few weeks. They quickly get back on the right track, then just as quickly get off it when Dylan mentions Kevin. He thinks Kelly hates Kevin, Suzanne, and Erica because they pull his attention off of her. The two of them snipe at each other and say they should see other people.

After the final performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Steve visits Brenda in the dressing room and praises her acting. They make up. Brandon goes to see Andrea and Jesse before heading off to Washington, and suddenly Andrea’s water breaks. Brandon promises not to go anywhere until the baby’s born. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what Andrea’s concerned about right now.

Thoughts: If I’m ever in the hospital, I want Donna to visit me. She brings fun presents.

The dream with the baby is scarier than the ones without it. A baby small enough to hold in your hand shouldn’t make you happy, Andrea!

You know, Kelly, if you keep smirking, your face will freeze like that.


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