December 26, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 6.23, All Good Things…: The Beginning of the End

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Say goodbye to this, because you won't see it again

Say goodbye to this, because you won’t see it again

Summary: Two Dawson- and Joey-ish teenagers have a Dawson- and Joey-ish conversation in a room that looks a lot like Dawson’s. The guy’s name is Colby, and he wants to make sure the girl, Sam, is only friends with his best friend, Petey. Joey’s watching this on TV, on a show Dawson executive produces. When it’s over, a guy happily turns off the TV and complains about the writing. Apparently he’s a writer and Joey is his editor. He hates that she watches the show, but she thinks he secretly likes the show, too.

Dawson talks to someone about an episode they’re working on, then goes into a meeting with the writers, who are trying to figure out if Sam should be with Colby or Petey. They think putting her with Petey would be a good way to break the idea of “destiny.” As Dawson heads off to another task, we get exposition that he’ll be going to a wedding the next day. In Capeside, Doug pulls Jack over for speeding on his way to school. Jack asks if there’s something he can do to keep from getting points on his license. Doug kisses him, because they’re dating, because Doug is, in fact, gay after all. Uh-huh.

Pacey runs the rebuilt Icehouse and is still sleeping with older women, this time a married menu designer who totally looks like Gail. From her office, Joey calls whoever’s getting married and says she hopes the person liked the curtains she sent. She won’t be able to make it to Capeside for the wedding. Instead, she’s going away with the writer, Christopher. Her coworker approves of her decision to skip the wedding.

Jack’s class is one he teaches at Capeside High; he has his students reading Whitman and tries to get a jock to be comfortable reading about homosexuality. Jen shows up with her baby daughter, and contributes to some exposition – Jack and Doug have been dating for six months, but Doug is still in the closet, so they have to pretend they’re not together. Joey packs for her weekend with Christopher and finds a ring in his drawer.

The next day, Doug eats at the Icehouse, which he helped Pacey get. Pacey bugs him about Jack, encouraging him to be more comfortable with himself. Doug counters by bugging him about his not-so-secret girlfriend, Maddy. He also exposits that Pacey is 25, so five years have passed since “Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption.” Pacey wishes he could still be the bad boy he used to be. Dawson’s in Capeside, though he still hasn’t resolved the season finale of his show. Then he randomly runs into Joey at a gas station, because she’s in Capeside for the wedding after all.

The two have been emailing but haven’t seen each other for a while, and haven’t been great about keeping in touch. Dawson has to take a phone call from one of his actors, so Joey leaves. Dawson ends up at the Leerys’, and we learn that Gail’s the one getting married and Lily is now a film freak. Also, his show is called The Creek, because he’s just that creative. Over at the bed and breakfast, Joey tells Jen, Bessie, and Grams about the ring she found. Grams notes that if she decided to run instead of get engaged, Christopher probably isn’t her Mr. Right.

Bessie and Grams leave the room, and Jen admits to Joey that Grams isn’t doing too well. Joey offers to watch the baby, Amy, while Jen takes a nap. Doug and Jack go work out together and discuss the fact that they keep spending weekends together out of town. Jack wants to stay in Capeside since the only people who should care that Doug is gay don’t have a problem with it. Jack feels like they’re having an affair. Doug shoots back that he wasn’t a [gay slur redacted] at 15 like Jack. Jack points out that Doug was, he just couldn’t admit it.

Joey shows up at the Icehouse, and it’s clear that Pacey’s still in love with her. He points out a poster over the bar for The Creek and exposits that it came out of the film they all helped Dawson make. Speak of the devil, Dawson appears, but before things can get awkward, Jen and Jack join them. Reminiscing commences, and Jen learns that no one else is ready yet to laugh about Abby Morgan. Joey exposits that Audrey is singing backup for John Mayer and is dating a guy who’s completely different from Pacey. Also, Andie’s a doctor.

Jen’s a little drunk, so Jack decides to take her home before she can spill too many secrets. But first she lets us know that Amy’s father is an ex-boyfriend who left after Jen got pregnant. Joey decides to exit as well, leaving Dawson and Pacey alone. They ask each other if they’re really happy with their lives, and the fact that they both still want Joey remains unspoken. But at least they’re talking and not trying to kill each other with boats!

Jack finds pills in Jen’s bag, but Jen says they’re Grams’. Jack thinks Jen has changed the most out of all of them, considering she’s a mother now. He doesn’t know why he moved back to Capeside or why he puts up with Doug’s refusal to leave the closet. Jen understands his fear over changing. At the Leerys’, Dawson tries to write his season finale, then hears someone coming up the ladder. For some reason, he thinks it’s an intruder and not the obvious visitor, Joey. Meanwhile, Pacey closes up the restaurant, then gets his own visitor: Maddy’s husband and some thugs, who beat him up.

Joey and Dawson talk about their lives, including Joey’s relationship with Christopher and Dawson’s lack of a social life. She thinks he should wait to worry about that sort of thing since he’s living his dream right now. Dawson, however, isn’t sure why he’s slumming in TV when he always wanted to make movies. Joey points out that “dreams come true, not free.” She starts to go back to the bed and breakfast, but Dawson invites her spend the night (no, not like that).

In what’s clearly a dream, Joey (in a wedding dress) and Dawson (in a tux) recap the whole series in front of a bunch of wedding attendants. After they kiss, they turn into Colby and Sam, and Dawson wakes up. He’s in bed alone. After the real wedding, Gail and her new husband cut the cake. Pacey avoids Maddy and finds Jen taking pills, which she says are for anxiety. She compares him to George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life because he has everything before him but doesn’t want to be happy. He needs to realize that his life is fine and make the most of it.

Gail finds Dawson writing and accuses him of trying to hide from his friends. She caught Joey climbing down the ladder that morning. Dawson admits that he feels like he’s falling back into his past – his former life has become his present. Gail points out that since he’s the writer, he gets to tell his life however he wants. He goes to talk to Joey, but Pacey gets to her first and asks her to dance. Jack apologizes to Doug for their fight but says they can’t stay in their little bubble forever. Neither can be on the other’s schedule, so Jack thinks they should end things now.

Joey tries to get Pacey to tell her where the cut over his eye came from, but he avoids the subject. Jen cuts in to dance with Pacey and gets Dawson to dance with Joey. Joey tries to explain why she left that morning, and Dawson teases her for rambling. Jen asks to change partners again, so when Maddy comes back out to the dance floor, she sees Pacey dancing with Joey. Joey catches her watching them and puts the pieces together. Pacey asks her to help him out, then kisses her. Before the kissing can continue, Jen collapses.

Grams tells someone to get Jen’s pills, but Pacey says he just saw her take one. Grams announces that they need an ambulance – Jen is sick with some sort of heart ailment. Everyone ends up at the hospital, and Grams tells Jen’s friends that she’s had an abnormality her whole life but it didn’t come to light until she got pregnant. She doesn’t think this is anything serious. However, Jack didn’t even know there was a problem. Once Jen is stable, Grams sends everyone home, then goes off to call Helen.

Pacey drives Dawson and Joey home, and though the guys are optimistic, Joey thinks something’s really wrong. Christopher calls and Joey uses Jen’s illness as an excuse to stay in Capeside longer than she’d planned. Jack’s still at the hospital, where Grams is suddenly not so hopeful. Jack visits Jen and she admits that she didn’t tell him she was sick because she wanted to avoid dealing with it. Things started out all right, but now there’s nothing the doctors can do for her. Jen wants to do things right now, and that includes finally asking for help. Jack spreads the word about Jen’s condition and Joey ends up looking for comfort from Dawson.

Thoughts: Christopher is played by Jeremy Sisto. I know, weird, right?

Also weird: Maddy is played by Virginia Madsen. If it makes you feel any better, this was pre-Sideways Virginia Madsen. If it had been post-Sideways Virginia Madsen, it would be a lot more embarrassing for her.

After all those years of Pacey’s gay slurs, Doug is actually gay? I can’t believe it.

’90s music alert: Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be.” Which is weird, since this episode was filmed five years after that song came out and takes place five years after that.

So Jen was just, like, “I’m dying but I’m not goingt o make sure my daughter’s taken care of”? Um, okay.

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