December 27, 2012

BH90210 4.31, Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington, Part 1: Ladies Love Cool Brandon

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Crazy to the left of me, crazy to the right

Crazy to the left of me, crazy to the right

Summary: David does a really long mic check for CU’s Mardi Gras until Donna and Kelly pull him and Steve away from the setup. They’re off to the hospital, where Andrea is about to have a C-section. Dylan’s already there but will soon be off to discuss business with Kevin. Kelly isn’t pleased but no longer has to worry about his actions. Brandon’s delayed his trip to Washington until the baby’s born. It happens quickly enough, and Jesse tells the gang that the baby’s a girl. Steve gives the first gift, a stuffed kangaroo.

Jesse takes Brandon to see Andrea, revealing that the baby’s only two pounds, eight ounces. Andrea also hasn’t seen her yet. Jim heads up a business meeting with Kevin, Dylan, and some potential investors, but Kevin’s preoccupied by his wedding, which is the next day. Dylan notes that if the deal goes through, he’s going to make a lot of money. David and Donna head back to Mardi Gras (which is actually a carnival, so I don’t know why they’re calling it Mardi Gras), and Ariel’s presence annoys Donna.

The KEGs are running a gladiator-fighting thing, and Steve winds up having to battle John Sears. Sears wins and Steve lands in mud. Brandon packs for D.C. as Jim wonders if his meeting Bill Clinton could lead to him becoming president someday. Brenda says an early goodbye before going off to meet Roy, who encourages her to spend the summer at the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts in London. He offers to pulls some strings to help her out. Brenda wants to think it over, but she’ll need to make a decision quickly.

Andrea wants to name the baby Hannah, but Jesse thinks they should wait to give her a name. He also thinks she should hold off on seeing the baby, who’s having trouble breathing and needs a blood transfusion. Andrea overrules him. Meanwhile, Brandon arrives in D.C. and meets up with Chancellor Arnold and Clare. Oh, and Lucinda’s there, too, wearing a completely inappropriate jacket that exposes both her navel and her chest. Someone takes their picture together.

Jim and Cindy talk about Kevin’s deal, which hasn’t yet been finalized even though Kevin’s now moved on to marriage stuff. Brenda tells her parents that she’s thinking about going to London for the summer. They’re supportive, and probably not just because they won’t have to put up with her all summer. D’Shawn takes a turn in a dunking booth at the carnival, and Donna and her uncharacteristic pink polo and cardigan dunk him. Ariel flirts with David, who’s either clueless or ignores it.

Brenda shares her London news with Kelly and Donna, but Donna has a hard time being happy for her since Ariel is still bugging her. She thinks Ariel wants David, but Brenda thinks she’s being overprotective. She and Kelly remind Donna that she can’t hold onto a guy because of sex. Post-wedding, Dylan and Kevin talk about the possible investment deal; Kevin didn’t realize until the meeting the day before how big this could be. Dylan thinks he now wants to cut the investors out.

At the carnival, Steve runs into Celeste, who’s dating another CU student. She has nothing but good things to say about him. Of course, it’s Sears. In D.C., Brandon finds Clare in his shower and tries to kick her out, then allows her to wash her hair first, because he sucks at putting his foot down. She wants him to come back to the room and deflower her after he gives a speech. Brandon decides to stop fighting her and lets her kiss him, because he really, really sucks at putting his foot down.

Kelly and Steve go back to the hospital, though Steve is worried about what to say to Andrea and Jesse about the baby. He and Kelly accidentally interrupt the two of them while they’re bickering. Dylan takes Erica to the carnival, where they meet up with Jim, Cindy, and Brenda. Jim asks Dylan if Kevin’s said anything about the meeting, since his word will decide whether or not it goes through. Dylan says the decision might not come until after the honeymoon.

Andrea takes Kelly to see the baby, and Kelly notes that all the other incubators are decorated. Andrea says Jesse’s so scared they’ll lose their daughter that he won’t even put her name on her birth certificate, let alone decorate. Jesse and Steve go to a café and talk about how quickly Jesse’s life has gone from dating to married with a child. Steve reminds him how great Andrea is, mentioning that he once kissed her. Jesse finally calls the baby his daughter, which makes it feel more real.

Andrea wants a distraction, so she asks Kelly about Dylan. Kelly reveals that they broke up but she’s not that upset over it. Andrea thinks it’s because there’s another guy in the picture. Kelly admits that she and Brandon connected on the taskforce retreat. She’s thinking about going to see him in D.C. Back at the carnival, Donna blasts David for avoiding her all day, though he claims Ariel’s been gone for hours, so he wasn’t with her.

After his speech, Brandon avoids telling Chancellor Arnold where Clare might be; the chancellor thinks she’s been out touring colleges all day. Brandon and Lucinda end up in an elevator together, and she tries to get him to have sex with her there. She follows him to his room, asking to be “friends” (uh-huh).

Brandon knocks on his own door, and when Clare answers it in her robe, Lucinda thinks something’s going on between them. Then Clare ruins things by inviting Lucinda to dinner with her, Brandon, and the chancellor. Brandon sits between Lucinda and Clare at dinner, and both of them grope him under the table and make innuendos that no one else at the table notices. Brandon continues to regret many of his life choices.

Thoughts: I just started rewatching Angel, and guess who the damsel in distress is in the first episode? Crazy Laura!

Neither Andrea nor Jesse’s family was there for the birth – what’s up with that?

It’s okay, Donna – Ariel bugs me, too. It’s the crimped hair.

That baby ain’t no two pounds, eight ounces. I mean, obviously they couldn’t get a real baby that small, but if you can’t get a baby tiny enough to appear that small, don’t show one at all.

If I had a little sister, I’d want her to be like Erica. She’s awesome.


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