December 28, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 6.24, …Must Come to an End: Soul Mates

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And they all lived happily ever after. Uh, except Jen

And they all lived happily ever after. Uh, except Jen

Summary: Jen’s friends have gathered at the hospital, and Jack tells them that she wants them to be happy and not cry when they visit her. Pacey is elected to see her first. Doug comes by with flowers and assures Jack that he’s still here for him. Dawson and Joey join Pacey in Jen’s room, and they don’t appreciate Jen’s black humor. Later, Joey goes home to the bed and breakfast, where Bessie accuses her of trying to avoid Christopher. She also thinks Joey’s still in love with both Pacey and Dawson. Bessie makes her call Christopher to officially break things off.

Dawson and Lily watch Harold and Maude, which Lily hates because Maude dies. (Uh, spoiler.) Dawson teaches her what a soul mate is, but Lily doesn’t care – she just wants to know if she can move into Dawson’s old room. Joey visits Pacey at the Icehouse and he makes her dinner. She calls him on continually complaining about being stuck in Capeside, since he has a great life there. He tells her that her return has reminded him of what he’s capable of.

They throw food at each other, and just when he’s about to start a serious conversation, she throws more food. She wonders if it’s okay for them to be having a good time while Jen’s dying. Pacey thinks this is the perfect time for some levity. The next day, Joey tells Jen about her breakup with Christopher; Jen says Joey always jumps into relationships with her heart, then jumps out with her head. They talk about Dawson’s show, and Jen admits that she hates the girl who was cast as her character. Joey says that at least Jen’s character gets to have sex.

Joey continues that the triangle isn’t about Sam choosing between Colby and Petey. She needs to make a decision for herself. Jen asks if they can use real names instead of character names. Joey wishes she’d seen the truth without the TV show. She’s always known who she’s supposed to be with, but fear makes her run, and she’s comfortable running. Jen offers to make it her dying wish that Joey make up her mind once and for all. Before Joey can share her decision, Dawson interrupts.

Dawson takes Jen outside so she can film a goodbye message for Amy. It includes a list of things Jen wishes for her, including the hope that Amy can believe in God, even if Jen doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if God exists or not as long as Amy believes in something. She also needs to love with her whole body and not run away from the person she falls in love with. Pacey shows Jen footage he stole from Dawson of the kids messing around with each other in the first season. It’s set to Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket,” because of course it is. Then they talk about Joey, because of course they do.

Pacey says that she makes him feel alive, but Jen thinks he needs to feel that way because of himself, not someone else. She hopes he, Joey, and Dawson can stay friends no matter what happens. Jen starts crying and says she doesn’t want to leave her daughter alone. Pacey promises that Amy won’t be alone, and he’ll be spending Saturday nights with her. Suddenly Jen gets a surprise visitor – Andie.

Joey finds Dawson outside and he tells her he wasted too much time in his “Hollywood bubble.” He still owes the show a season-finale script, but he can’t think straight to write. Joey tells him not to feel guilty about being caught up in his own life. He isn’t sure why he even cares so much about a stupid show when his friend is dying. Dawson continues that seeing Joey again brought all his memories back. She tells him that they’re together every week on TV; he turned his life into something fictional, but it’s also real. As a writer, he gets to “live life twice.”

Pacey and Andie talk about Jen’s worsening condition, then lament that they haven’t kept in touch better. He says she was his first love, but he still hasn’t been able to get things right. She tells him it’s not about getting it right, it’s about recognizing when something’s wrong and fixing it. Jack asks Jen what will happen to Amy; he wants to take care of her. Jen thinks he would be a great father and asks him to help Amy find “a place to be.” She herself was always the instigator, and she wants Amy to be different, to belong. “You belong to me,” Jack says. “You’re my soul mate.”

Everyone passes the time in the waiting room, and eventually Jen wakes up, looks over at a sleeping Grams, and dies. “I’ll see you soon, child,” Grams tells her. There’s a wake at the Icehouse, where Doug watches Jack longingly and Pacey encourages them to talk. He finds Joey in the kitchen and tells her she’s “off the hook,” meaning he wants to let her go so he can be happy. He’s always loved her, but he needs to stop worrying about when the timing will be right. They both need to be happy, even if that means Joey has to be with someone else. It’s enough for Pacey just to have been in love with her.

Joey says she doesn’t want him to release her. Everything she’s done in her life has led her back to Pacey. She loves him, and that’s what’s kept her moving. Dawson is still her soul mate, but her love for him is innocent and tied to her childhood. She doesn’t want to be let off the hook because she’ll just keep running. Pacey asks what she means, but Gail and Bessie interrupt before she can explain.

Jack takes Amy to the beach, where Doug finds them. Jack tells him he’s thinking about moving to a place where Amy will be more comfortable having a gay parent. He’s tired of being a groundbreaker in Capeside; he wants to give Amy a normal life. Doug points out that Amy will have a gay parent no matter where she lives, and she’ll always have to deal with rejection. Jack just has to show her how to handle it.

Doug wants to help him, but Jack thinks he feels pity or a sense of obligation. Doug announces that he loves Jack, and that Jack will stand out no matter where he lives. Doug wants to stand out with him. They kiss, but Jack gets a little flustered when they spot an elderly couple walking by. Doug greets them and says he was just kissing his boyfriend. “That’s sweet, dear,” the wife says. The guys laugh.

Outside the Leerys’, while Alexander and Lily play together, Dawson has a flashback to Jen’s arrival in Capeside. Joey joins him and asks him to write a happy ending for his season finale. He muses on the phrase “life and death” since birth, not life, is the opposite of death: “Life has no opposite.” Dawson’s life is real, not fiction, for the first time in a long time. He knows he and Joey will always be connected because what they have goes beyond friendship or a romantic relationship. Just then Lily calls to Alexander to climb the ladder to her new room.

This inspires Dawson’s season finale, which includes Sam climbing up to Colby’s room to say, “I don’t want to wait for my life to be over. I want to know right now, what will it be?” (Gag.) Joey watches from her New York apartment as Sam and Colby kiss. “You and me. Always,” he says. Joey thinks this was the perfect ending. Pacey, who’s watching with her, admits to crying at the scene. They call Dawson in L.A. and learn that he has a meeting the next day with Spielberg. Then there are flashbacks, and then we’re done! Forever!

Thoughts: I mentioned that I started rewatching Angel (crazy Laura from Beverly Hills, 90210 was in the first episode), and there was also someone familiar in the second episode: Bodie. He had more dialogue in that one episode than he had in six years of Dawson’s Creek.

Good casting on Lily – she looks like she could be Gail’s daughter.

Pacey confirms it: Joey did go to Paris.

Seriously, music guys? Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”? Was that really necessary?

Jen’s message to Amy totally made me cry. And then I cried again when she died. And a little when Doug and Jack got back together. I hate myself.

Um, where were Jen’s parents? Eh, I guess that’s par for the course for them.

Well, it took me two years, but I finished the show! I can’t say I regret it, but I don’t exactly feel more fulfilled in life or anything. Stay tuned for a new show, coming next week.


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