December 29, 2012

BH90210 4.32, Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington, Part 2: And Ms. Walsh Goes Away for Good

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So long, farewell, get outta here

So long, farewell, get outta here

Summary: The carnival is still going strong, and it’s Steve’s turn in the dunk tank. Erica thinks the kid trying to dunk him is cute. Brenda knows the kid is Alpha sister Leslie’s brother, so she hooks them up, then takes Dylan on the Ferris wheel. She tells him she’s going to London, which he thinks she’ll love. Brandon’s awkward dinner with Clare, Lucinda, and Chancellor Arnold is finally over, but now both women want some alone time with him, telling him to leave his hotel door unlocked. He quickly gets his room changed.

Everyone dances at the carnival, including Erica and her potential new boyfriend. Steve’s still in the dunk tank, at the mercy of Sears and his terrific aim. Celeste finally pulls him away, even though Steve warns her that Sears is a bad guy. The next morning, Brandon dreams that Clare and Lucinda are both in his bed, trying to wake him up. When he wakes up for real, he’s surprised to get a visit from Kelly.

Brandon’s plan worked, as Clare and Lucinda can’t find him. They see him with Kelly and follow the two of them to breakfast. Back in Beverly Hills, Suzanne and Kevin pick Erica up from Dylan’s after their first night together as a married couple. Dylan has come around to Kevin’s way of thinking and wants to keep other investors out of their deal. Now he just has to explain things to Jim.

The carnival kicks off its second day, this time with special guest Babyface. Donna isn’t sure what to call him: “Mr. Baby? Mr. Face?” One of the keyboardists is MIA, so Ariel asks David to take his place for the sound check. Cue the White Boy Pelvic-Thrusting Rhythms of David Silver. Babyface is so impressed that he asks David to play for that night’s show. Ariel hugs David, and Donna’s annoyed again.

Brandon and Kelly sightsee in D.C., discussing Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Brandon’s love of government. She wonders if she was crazy to come after Brandon so soon after her breakup with Dylan. She’s not sure they should risk their friendship for something more. They talk about kissing but don’t actually do it.

Andrea bugs Jesse to study for his finals, but he’s still more concerned about the baby. They’re about to visit her when a baby stops breathing and a code is called. At first they think it’s Hannah, then feel guilty for being relieved that it’s not her. Andrea notes that Jesse’s finally said her name for the first time. Cindy laments that Brenda has traveled more than she ever has. She’s a much bigger risk-taker than her mother is. Brenda says going away for the summer isn’t a big deal, but Cindy disagrees.

Dylan comes by to break the news to Jim that he’s going to provide Kevin’s funding on his own. Jim calls the decision a “professional embarrassment,” warning that Dylan doesn’t have the experience or connections to make it work. Dylan reminds him that it’s his money. Jim is tired of hearing that and announces that as of 9 the next morning, Dylan is no longer his client. He can go to the bank, withdraw all his money, and do whatever he wants with it. Dylan thinks it’s about time.

Steve’s back at the gladiator-battle thing, so of course Sears wants to face off against him. Steve accuses him of using Celeste to get back of him. Sears corrects that he’s really with Celeste because she’s good in bed. Steve wants a bet: If he wins the battle, Sears stays away from Celeste. If Sears wins, Steve resigns from KEG. Brenda and Donna question Celeste about her relationship with Sears, deciding she needs to know who he really is.

The guys battle with those big Q-tip-looking things over a mud pit, looking to be evenly matched. Celeste gets Brenda and Donna to try to distract Sears by showing him their bras. It works and Steve wins. That night, Donna and Ariel both admire David as he plays with Babyface. Steve thanks Celeste for the flashing, and she tells him that Brenda and Donna filled her in on Sears. She admits that part of her reason for dating him was to get back to Steve. He asks what she’s doing over the summer, and she says she’ll be around.

Brandon and Kelly end up in bed together in D.C., and she makes it clear that she doesn’t want this to just be a one-time thing. He calls Chancellor Arnold to get her admission to all the taskforce’s activities. At the carnival, Donna goes looking for David, who’s rumored to be with Ariel. In fact, they’re in a limo, and their clothes aren’t on. It takes poor Donna way too long to figure out why David’s shirtless in a limo and won’t open the door.

Donna goes to the Walshes’ to mope, telling Brenda she doesn’t want to be lonely. Brenda assures her that she’ll find another great guy – maybe even a virgin. Andrea and Jesse visit Hannah again and start decorating her incubator. Cindy, Jim, and Brenda watch on TV as President Clinton speaks to the taskforce. Dylan, Steve, and Nat are watching at the Peach Pit, because everyone loves Brandon. Steve spots Kelly in the audience, though Dylan doesn’t know why she would be there. Brandon shakes Clinton’s hand, and it’s certainly not a stand-in.

Dylan and Kevin sign off on their money transfer, then say goodbye so Kevin can go to Orange County. Except he isn’t really – he’s meeting Suzanne to tell her things have gone according to plan. Now they just have to withdraw Dylan’s money and figure out what to do with Erica. Donna kicks David out of the beach apartment, unwilling to listen to his apologies about his fling with Ariel. She also makes him admit that Ariel wasn’t the first person he had sex with. (I guess that confirms exactly what he and Nikki did.)

Kevin and Suzanne rush Erica to the airport, telling her she can’t say goodbye to Dylan because he’s studying for finals. They’re off to South America after all, as Kevin claims it’s cheaper to run a lab in Brazil than in the U.S. Suzanne says they won’t necessarily be living there. Erica goes off to the bathroom as Suzanne exposits that she’s spent the last eight months setting up this scam. Erica writes a note, sticks it to a stall door with gum, and asks the person who finds it to deliver it to Dylan. But the gum doesn’t hold and the note falls on the floor.

That night, Nat calls Dylan to ask if he knows why Suzanne didn’t come to work. Before Dylan can investigate further, Brenda shows up to lament that her parents were more proud of Brandon for shaking Clinton’s hand than they’ve ever been of her. She’s going to London to make them happy. Then she announces that she loves Dylan and always will. He tells her he’ll applaud her from afar. That’s not enough – she wants him to give her something to come back to. Then they make out and we’re done with season 4.

Thoughts: I don’t know why Celeste doesn’t want you back, Steve. Could it be the long underwear you’re wearing in the dunk tank? Or maybe the big green feather thing on your helmet during the gladiator battle?

David, an XXL plaid vest without a shirt is not a good look for you. Or anyone, actually.

Once again, I want a sister like Erica. She’s brilliant.

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