January 6, 2013

BH90210 5.2, Under the Influence: My Boyfriend’s Back and You’re Gonna Be in Trouble

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The kids who did go to college registration are just going to end up doing this anyway

The kids who did go to college registration are just going to end up doing this anyway

Summary: Jesse records the baby shower the gang (minus David and Dylan but plus Valerie) gives Andrea, full of frilly pink stuff. Steve praises Brandon for shaving his beard, and I second it. Donna announces that she won’t be going back to CU. Dylan’s at the bank, angry because his money’s all gone except for a savings bond. Outside the bank, he runs into Donna, who tells him she’s becoming a debutante at Christmas. She invites him to a benefit and he offers to buy a table. He doesn’t know it costs $2,500.

As Cindy loans Valerie her credit card, which can’t be a good idea, Josh bugs Brandon to be his running mate in the student elections. Brandon notes that Josh is the reason the previous administration had to resign; he uncovered the fact that they were taking school funds to furnish their apartment. Kelly calls to tell Brandon that Donna’s gone over the top in becoming a debutante. She’s even flying a guy out from Houston to escort her to the benefit. Oh, and Dylan’s back in town.

Their conversation is interrupted by Felice, who tells Kelly she’ll cover Donna’s rent because Donna will probably be moving out. Donna clarifies that she’ll probably be moving to Houston temporarily. Later, Kelly complains to Brandon about Donna’s life choices, which she thinks are her attempt to avoid David. Brandon thinks she’s just worked up over Dylan being back in town. He’s not too concerned about telling Dylan they’re dating, and even offers to take on the responsibility.

Donna takes her Houston friend, Travis, to the Peach Pit, where they have an awkward encounter with David. Brandon goes by Dylan’s house, where Dylan makes no secret of his alcohol relapse. He’s all sad and mopey, so Brandon decides it’s not a good time to tell him about his relationship with Kelly. Andrea and Jesse visit CU’s daycare, which Andrea is more excited about than Jesse is. Brandon tells Kelly he chickened out on telling Dylan about them. Meanwhile, Valerie prances around in her underwear with the bathroom door open, because she’s the opposite of subtle.

At the benefit, the Martins talk about Donna’s debut, making Kelly uncomfortable. Everyone meets D’Shawn, and he and Travis bug Donna to practice her “Texas dip,” the curtsy she’ll do at her debut. Kelly whispers to Brandon that high society has turned Donna into a “trained seal.” Cindy and Jim eat at the Peach Pit, and Jim complains that Valerie spent $300 on her dress for the benefit. Dylan comes in, and Nat tries to keep him from approaching the Walshes, who Dylan thinks are talking about him. They deny it, but he reminds them that it’s his restaurant and kicks them out.

Nat follows Dylan out, saying that Jim’s been great to him (I guess because of the karaoke?), so he’s allowed there whenever he wants. Dylan snarks that Nat should make Jim his partner. Nat thinks all of Dylan’s money has finally gone to his head. He also thinks Dylan’s mad that Kelly’s with Brandon now. Except Dylan didn’t know that. Oops!

Steve asks Brandon to put in a good word for him with Valerie (just one good word, though). Kelly confronts Donna about trying to avoid David, but Donna says she saw him earlier and it was fine. Kelly then asks if Donna’s doing the whole debutante thing to make Felice happy. D’Shawn notices that Donna’s upset and tries to cheer her up. She confides that she feels like a failure because of her breakup with David. He tells her she has a big fan club and she’s special even when she doesn’t feel her best. Everyone looks on as the two of them dance.

Brandon and Kelly are flirting and kissing when Dylan suddenly shows up to confront them. He taunts that he’s sure this isn’t just a physical relationship because Kelly’s not into that anymore. (Ouch!) The two guys posture and yell at each other until Felice asks Dylan to leave. Valerie’s surprised to finally encounter “Brenda’s Dylan.” Donna corrects that he’s “Kelly’s Dylan.” Dylan takes a swig of wine, blasts his so-called friends, and leaves.

He then heads to the club where Jesse tends bar, but Jesse won’t serve him since he’s underage. Dylan leaves with a woman, giving Jesse some money to give to a “real bartender.” At home, Valerie asks Brandon about Dylan, who she found “dashing,” despite his belligerence. Brandon warns her to stay away since Dylan’s an alcoholic. He does put in Steve’s good word, which Valerie says she’ll think about.

At the Martins’, Felice complains about Kelly’s inability to “control her impulses” (for kissing Brandon, because I guess he’s not responsible for that?), then reminds Donna to always remember who she is and what she represents. In other words, she shouldn’t have danced with D’Shawn. Donna awesomely says that it’s not her problem if someone’s offended by seeing her dance with a black guy. Felice says it’s the family’s problem, too, and Donna can’t be naïve if she wants to be a debutante.

Kelly goes to Dylan’s, but he’s busy with Eberlee, the woman from the club (they’ve been doing body shots). Kelly asks if they’re even yet. She says she came to apologize, but Dylan notes that it’s 2 a.m., so that can’t be the only reason she’s there. She tells him they’re definitely over. The next day, Dylan’s everyone’s topic of conversation, including Cindy and Steve when he comes by to take Valerie to CU for registration. Brandon has no sympathy for Dylan, telling him he can’t treat Kelly the way he did the night before. He apologizes for not saying anything about their relationship. He thinks Dylan also owes someone an apology.

In the world’s most boring subplot, Andrea takes Hannah to daycare but worries she’ll miss something important in Hannah’s life. Dylan and Donna both end up at the beach apartment and commiserate over seeing someone they care about with someone else. Donna feels like she could have done something different. Dylan assures her that David’s affair wasn’t her fault. He agrees to meet her at registration so they can face their exes together. Speaking of registration, Brandon and Kelly run into someone familiar there: Clare is enrolled at CU, and her AP credits gave her a year’s worth of credits, so she’s a sophomore.

Brandon tells Josh he’s decided to take him up on his request to run for student government. Andrea’s changed her mind about daycare, so I guess Hannah will be auditing classes with her. Donna runs into David again, and he asks if her return to CU means she forgives him. (Um…what?) She points out that it’s a big campus and wishes him a good semester. Then she asks Kelly for her old room back. She tells Kelly that Dylan’s supposed to come to registration, but instead, he’s playing pool and drinking beer.

Thoughts: Brandon teases Kelly for making a sandwich after a benefit planning meeting, which is a horrible thing to do to THE GIRL WHO HAD AN EATING DISORDER. Shut up, Brandon.

David’s hair makes him look like Vanilla Ice on crack.

Maybe Andrea should take a semester off before going back to school? I mean, Hannah literally got out of the hospital days ago. Andrea could use a break.

Andrea: Blah blah, this daycare is awesome. Jesse: “Then why is that baby crying?” Me: “Because babies cry.” Andrea: “Because babies cry.” Me: “Oh, crap, I’m on the same wavelength as Andrea.”

Donna’s dress at the benefit looks like a wedding gown. Also, hello, Tori Spelling’s cleavage.

When Dylan goes to the club, there’s an extra standing in the background, not moving, just staring straight ahead. It’s creepy.

Eberlee? What?


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