January 16, 2013

SVH #134, Happily Ever After: Today Was a Fairy Tale

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That's Laurent? I don't see the appeal

That’s Laurent? I don’t see the appeal

Summary: Joy rings out throughout the land because the Wakefield twins are locked in a dungeon. Sadly, they don’t stay there long. The kids they’ve been taking care of free them, because apparently full-grown dungeon guards are no match for kindergarteners. The girls take off into the woods, then decide to look for Jacques so Jessica can find out the whole story behind the stolen jewel. They can’t find him, so they go back to the woods for the night. Meanwhile, Laurent goes in search of the twins and instead encounters Jacques. Jacques wants to get to the girls first, so he sends Laurent back to the castle, telling him they might be there, and goes searching on his own.

This all ends anticlimactically when the girls return to the castle just as Laurent is giving a press conference (uh-huh) to announce his engagement to Antonia. He’s only doing it because his parents told him the twins wouldn’t be prosecuted if he agreed to the arranged marriage. Elizabeth is ticked. Jacques decides to turn himself in so his father won’t be arrested, and he’s sent to the dungeon. Jessica tries to break him out, but it’s Jessica, so of course it doesn’t work.

Now that the twins are known to be innocent, Laurent changes his mind about marrying Antonia. The countess tells Elizabeth that if she comes between Laurent and Antonia, their countries could end up enemies, and there could be an international incident. As if we didn’t know that one day a Wakefield twin would be responsible for an international incident. Elizabeth doesn’t want to be responsible for that, so she packs up and takes a train out of there. Except Laurent finds out what she’s doing, follows her to the train station on his horse, and gets the conductor to stop the train. Like, literally riding a white horse to rescue her. Um, as if. He declares his love for Elizabeth and asks her to marry him.

Liz considers staying in France, since she doesn’t think she has a reason to go back to Sweet Valley. Except, you know, her family’s there. And she’s still in high school. And she’s only known this guy for a few weeks. And his parents hate her. But she would get to be a princess! Of course, we’re not lucky enough to be rid of Elizabeth, and she decides to go back to Sweety Valley.

Jacques’ father confesses to Laurent that he, not Jacques, is the jewel thief. Laurent feels bad for them and helps Jacques escape from the dungeon. He and his father run off, so Jessica is minus one French jewel-thief boyfriend. I’m sure she’ll find another one as soon as she gets back to California. That, or she’ll just find any old guy and completely forget about Jacques by the next book.

On the way back home, Jessica finally comes clean to Elizabeth about burning a letter Todd sent her back when the twins were fighting in the first book of this ridiculous trilogy. Elizabeth is appalled, and you’d think that after being thrown in a dungeon and having to sleep in the woods, she’d get a little perspective and decide this isn’t that bad. It doesn’t really get resolved anyway, because we fast-forward to Liz meeting up with Todd in Sweet Valley and the two of them getting back together. Of course.

Thoughts: The amount of ridiculousness in this book is off the charts, even for this series.

Laurent’s father: “You are obsessed with this romantic notion of marrying for love!” I think Laurent’s father is also Christian’s father from Moulin Rouge.

Elizabeth gets back together with Todd without telling him anything about Laurent. Because she is awful. I wish she had been responsible for an international incident.


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