January 20, 2013

BH90210 5.4, Life After Death: Grateful Dead

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I won't lie, I'm a little jealous of Donna right now

I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous of Donna right now

Summary: Brandon gives the eulogy at a campus memorial service for Josh, encouraging everyone to carry out the things Josh wanted to carry out. Afterward, Brandon blasts Andrea for talking to Alex Diaz. She reminds him that Alex is on the student senate and has a lot of influence, so he needs to play nice. Steve wants Brandon to come to a frat party the next night, both so he can loosen up and so Steve can look good. Josh’s sister Gloria offers to let Brandon come by his room and take anything he might want.

Donna takes her laundry to her parents’ house so their staff can wash it for her. (It shouldn’t take too long if all of her shirts are like the one she’s wearing – half cut off.) Felice wants to set her up with a guy who will be coming over for tea with his mother on Monday. She’s sure Donna will love him, even if she can’t remember his name. David meets Clare in the computer lab, and after he sees her using a video program, he invites her to help him with something at the campus TV station. Meanwhile, Dylan plays pool and drinks (as usual), talking to some guy about Valerie.

Brandon goes to Josh’s room and talks with Gloria, who offers him a sweater. It’s awkward. Clare tapes her and Donna painting the beach apartment, telling her she got it from a cute guy she met in the computer lab. Donna mentions that her ex was a “camera freak.” Felice calls to confirm that Donna will be coming for tea. Clare asks her to come to the TV station with her the next day.

Brandon comes by to show Kelly his new sweater, saying the whole situation is “creepy.” He feels bad that he couldn’t think of anything extraordinary to say about Josh. Gloria kept asking why Josh had to die, and Brandon knows it could have just as easily been him. Kelly points out that Dylan said the same thing after Jack died. That doesn’t help.

The next day, Kelly confides in Andrea that she’s worried she’ll screw up her relationship with Brandon the same way she screwed things up with Dylan after Jack died. Andrea can’t really help since Brandon isn’t the same guy he was in high school. Clare takes Donna to the TV station, calling dibs on her cute new friend. That’s no problem for Donna. David has to break the news to Clare that he and Donna dated. Clare breaks the news back that she now lives in his old room.

Brandon and Andrea go to the first student senate meeting, where Alex announces that he’s challenging the legitimacy of Brandon’s presidency. Brandon calls the meeting to order, then immediately adjourns it. Donna and Kelly help the KEG guys set up for the party, and Donna takes a liking to a junior named Griffin Stone. (She didn’t meet him last year because he studied abroad.) Kelly encourages her to talk to him. Donna just eats chips and looks flirty.

Brandon mopes at the Peach Pit, telling Nat that even though everyone wants to take care of him, he feels friendless. Nat encourages him to talk to Dylan. Brandon asks what he was thinking about when he had his heart attack. Nat says he wasn’t ready to die yet. He cautions Brandon not to question why things with Josh happened the way they did. It might take him a while to get over Josh’s death.

Valerie visits Dylan, who tells her he doesn’t want to interact with anyone who lives under the Walshes’ roof. She flirts her way into the house, telling him he’s the only person in Beverly Hills she’s connected with. Dylan’s peeling hardboiled eggs, and Valerie tells him that at her father’s funeral, her uncle told her eggs are symbolic of life and she should eat one. Instead, she threw it away. She goes on to admit that her father shot himself. Now Dylan can relate to her because they both have dead-daddy issues. They eat eggs and drink.

Clare apologizes to Donna for putting her in a weird position at the TV station. She thinks Donna and David can still work together. Then she asks Kelly for more details on the breakup, and Kelly tells her it revolves around Donna’s virginity and David’s lack of virginity. Clare wonders if she’s allowed to pursue David. The frat party is pretty rave-y, but here’s Brandon to be a buzzkill. Steve’s disappointed that he didn’t bring Valerie with him. Donna meets Griffin and they quickly hit it off.

David goes to the beach apartment, though he’s not sure he and Clare should get involved. She tells him there are three sides to every story, plus the truth. He admits that his breakup with Donna was his fault, and he doesn’t think dating Clare would redeem him. Meanwhile, Donna and Griffin have gotten pretty close, but she gets turned off when he starts joking about sex. She tells him she’s a “good Catholic girl,” but she’s in luck because he’s a “good Catholic boy.”

Everyone’s drunk now, and when campus security shows up, Steve has to scramble to hide all the booze. He takes Brandon with him to talk to the security officers, and Brandon lies that Steve asked him to come break up the party. Steve arranged a dry party and the guests brought their own beer. The officers give them a warning but just tell them to make sure everyone gets home safely. Steve’s thrilled that Brandon helped save him, but Brandon makes it clear that he won’t be doing that again.

Dylan and Valerie wind up back in bed together (shocking, I know), agreeing to keep their trysts secret. He adds that he’s not going to be taking her on dates or doing other boyfriend things. Then he questions her relationship (or lack thereof) with Steve, warning her not to hurt him. Valerie says that if Steve “doesn’t like fire, he shouldn’t be playing with matches.” The next day, Steve, Valerie, and Dylan all wind up at the Peach Pit at the same time. Dylan and Valerie pretend they’ve never met. She asks Steve out on one of the dates Dylan said he wouldn’t take her on.

Donna reluctantly goes to tea and is surprised to learn that the guy Felice wants to set her up with is Griffin. She figures out that he knew who she was at the frat party and was checking her out. They decide to go to the beach instead of staying for tea. Brandon meets with Chancellor Arnold, who names him the acting president until everything’s sorted out. Brandon’s willing to just resign, since Josh is the one who was elected. The chancellor wants him to just wait everything out. He also asks him to keep Steve in line.

Clare and David work on their TV-station stuff at the beach apartment; even though they’re supposedly just friends, he totally has his arm around her shoulders. Donna finds them together and assures them that they can all work together and be friends. Oh, and would they like to be friends with Griffin, too?

Brandon continues moping, this time in the form of flashing back to Josh’s accident. Gloria comes by to deliver a letter Josh wrote their mother the day before he died. It’s all about how awesome Brandon is and how he’d make a great president. Brandon reads the letter to Kelly and admits that he used to hate Josh. He wishes he’d gotten a chance to tell Josh he wasn’t such a jerk after all. Kelly assures him that Josh knew; that’s why he wrote the letter. Brandon’s decided he wants to stay president so he can carry out Josh’s plans.

Thoughts: Griffin is played by Casper Van Dien. He’s so pretty, y’all.

Josh was going to edit the Condor AND be student-body president? Does he have Hermione’s time-turner?

Speaking of overachievers, Clare is double-majoring in French lit and physics, with a minor in communications. That’s three reasons I wouldn’t want to hang out with her.

Andrea brings Hannah to the memorial service and the senate meeting. Andrea, get a sitter.

Brandon: “Steve, are you insane? You can’t serve alcohol on campus!” I think Brandon has KEG confused with one of those famed milk-guzzling frats.


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