January 27, 2013

BH90210 5.5, Rave On: How High

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Yeah, you made a great choice, Donna

Yeah, you made a great choice, Donna

Summary: Brandon “accidentally” soaked Kelly while he was washing his car, so she goes up to his room to change clothes. She smells pot coming from Valerie’s room, but Valerie lies that she was lighting incense. Kelly is skeptical. She shares her suspicions with Brandon, who thinks she’s wrong. David compliments a video Donna and Clare made and suggests that they all work on his next project together. He wants to do something about “intelligent bimbos on campus.” Donna objects but Clare says they can look for himbos.

Donna leaves with Griffin, and David notes to Clare that his ex looks happy. Clare points out that now the two of them can hook up and not feel guilty. Brandon heads to another student senate meeting; he still has to call them to order even though he’s not officially allowed to lead them. Steve tells him he and Valerie kissed, and he’s trying to be a gentleman with her. He bought her a box of chocolates to celebrate her first month in Beverly Hills. Steve thinks Valerie is just an “old-fashioned, all-American girl.”

Valerie surprises Dylan at home, ticking him off because she walked in while he was talking business on the phone. She wants to celebrate being in Beverly Hills for a full month, and she’s brought over Steve’s chocolates. Dylan tells her to call first next time. Valerie pretends to call him to ask if she can come over and have sex. Jesse and Andrea are kind of cute together while he gets ready to go tend bar. He suggests getting a sitter so they can go to dinner on Friday night.

Clare tells Kelly about her plan for her video with Donna; it involves getting different guys to each say a word, then editing them together so they say something dumb. You’re dumb, Clare. Donna mentions Steve’s crush on Valerie, leading Kelly to announce that Valerie’s a pothead. She’s mostly annoyed that Valerie lied about smoking. She thinks Valerie wants everyone to think she’s innocent and sweet when she really isn’t. Donna reminds her that she often thinks the worst about people, like she did about Suzanne and Kevin. (Little does Donna know that Kelly was right about them.)

Valerie and Steve hang out at the Peach Pit, and when Dylan shows up, he and Valerie again pretend they barely know each other. Dylan and Nat lament that no one in town is going out anymore. Steve thinks he could pack the diner if they threw a rave and charged $10 a head. Dylan is skeptical since there won’t be any alcohol. Steve asks for a trial run, and Nat’s on board, so Dylan gives in. “Am I crazy, or did I just agree to let Steve Sanders run this joint?” Nat asks. “Both,” Dylan replies. Once Steve and Nat are out of the dining area, Dylan and Valerie make plans for that night.

The next day, Brandon advises Valerie to stop burning incense, since they can smell it all over the house. He suggests that she stop using other smoking materials as well. Valerie denies that she was smoking anything, saying that Kelly just doesn’t like her. Brandon says she’s cautious. They change the topic to the Peach Pit After Dark, and Brandon tells Valerie that she’ll be fine at the rave as long as she’s herself.

Donna and Clare film their himbos, coming across a construction worker they want to interview. Steve gets a bunch of club stuff on spec, plus “smart drinks” that Dylan needs to pay for. Kelly and Valerie arrive at the same time, and Kelly, to her credit, keeps her mouth shut about the pot. She also tries to make small talk with Dylan; she bought Erica a flute from a Native American reservation over the summer and would like to him to get it to her. Dylan tries to keep a poker face while Valerie and Steve flirt.

Donna goes back to see the construction worker, Ray, without Clare, but he quickly sees through the trick. He accuses her of making fun of him for being lower-class. Andrea’s grandmother was supposed to watch Hannah, but she’s sick and they can’t find a replacement, so the date is off. Jesse decides he should go to work instead. Andrea laments that she has to miss the rave, but Jesse reminds her that she can go the next night, while the Walshes watch Hannah.

The Peach Pit After Dark is a big success, and the only people who don’t look happy are Brandon (who hates fun) and Dylan (who hates everything). Valerie spots Dylan pocketing some money, but he tells her he’s the cash box. David dances with Clare and is totally not jealous of Griffin and Donna. In the kitchen, Kelly hears the sounds of making out, then Dylan’s voice. She gets an eyeful of her ex kissing Valerie.

At the end of the night, Steve announces that 353 people came to the rave. However, the cash box doesn’t reflect that. Kelly pulls Steve aside to tell him she saw Dylan and Valerie together. He asks Valerie, who says Dylan was drunk and kissed her. She asks the two of them to keep it quiet since she was embarrassed. Kelly scoffs and Valerie says she’s “dangerous.” She suggests that Kelly help Dylan if she’s that concerned about him.

The next day, Clare shows David the himbo video, which is incredibly stupid. Donna refuses to use the footage of Ray, but she’s totally fine with embarrassing Griffin. David tells her he’s happy she and Griffin are happy. Donna asks if he’s not just saying that because he and Clare are two seconds from jumping each other. At the Walshes’, Valerie brings up Dylan to Jim, asking if he’s really rich since he acts more like he needs money than like a person who has it. Andrea and Jesse bring Hannah by.

Donna goes looking for Ray, who’s playing guitar and singing, because, you see, he’s not just a blue-collar construction worker, he’s also artistic and soulful. She apologizes for the video, promising that she gave him the wrong impression of her. She invites him to the second night of the rave. Blah blah Jim Cindy baby. Cindy wants another baby but Jim says no. Andrea’s done at the rave and decides to go by Jesse’s bar to surprise him.

Ray shows up at the After Dark and gets to spend some time with Donna and her cleavage. (Seriously, Tori, put those things away.) Clare wants David to stop watching them. Griffin is jealous, too. Steve wants to duck out to drink with Valerie, who tells him to be responsible and run everything. He complains that Dylan isn’t coming by, and is probably home counting his money. Valerie takes his flask and splits.

Brandon takes Kelly home, chastising her for not being friendly to Valerie. He reminds her that Valerie’s father committed suicide, so they need to be nice to her. Kelly agrees to try harder, telling Brandon he better be worth it. (Memo to Kelly: He’s not.) At the bar, Andrea catches Jesse flirting with someone. Valerie and Dylan share Steve’s flask, and she asks why he stole money from the Peach Pit. He warns her never to bring it up again. She presses the issue, asking where his money is. He tells her it’s all gone, so if she’s with him for that, she’s out of luck.

Thoughts: This episode could have used more eggs.

Steve: “I’m beginning to realize, with Valerie, it’s the little things that count.” Brandon: “Oh, that works out for you.” Ha! Brandon actually made me laugh.

If I were Nat, I would have asked for some kind of assurance that no one would be allowed to bring alcohol to the rave.

I love that Valerie wears a white dress to the first night of the rave – Little Miss Innocent.

Jamie Walters is a better singer than he is an actor.

Ray, explaining why his last name, Pruit, only has one T: “That’s all my mama could afford.” Donna: “You’re kidding, right?” And they were doing so well with Donna not being a complete idiot.

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  1. Deja said,

    Her assumption wasn’t wrong, but Kelly running off to tattle about Val’s joint is prime example of how Kelly would insert herself into situations that had nothing to do with her (I don’t like you so nobody should). So yeah, she and Brandon were made for each other.

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