February 3, 2013

Party of Five 1.6, Fathers and Sons: Charlie, You Are NOT the Father!

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The next person who says "father" or "dad" gets a smack in the face

The next person who says “father” or “dad” gets a smack in the face

Summary: Bailey and Kate are making out in his car outside her house, though he’s supposed to be brushing up on his San Francisco history so he can get a job as a tour guide. Her father catches them and invites Bailey to dinner that night. Julia waits tables at Stage 18, running into P.K., who wants a free drink. She notes that he never appreciated her beauty before he found something she can do for him.

Claudia tries to do her math homework, but Charlie and Bailey are too busy to help her. She tries to guilt Charlie by telling him their father used to help her, and also let her sit in the kitchen at work. He doesn’t fall for it. At the restaurant, Joe tells Charlie he doesn’t seem to care much about his job. But instead of being fired, he’s being promoted to manager. Bailey has dinner with the Bishops, and Mr. Bishop pushes him to figure out what he wants to do with his life so he can get started getting his skills in order. He also wants to meet Charlie after Bailey talks him up.

A bruised P.K. shows up at the Salingers’ during a rainstorm, asking Julia if he can stay to get away from his abusive stepfather. Charlie’s okay with it. Bailey tries to prep Charlie for his meeting with Mr. Bishop, since he thinks Mr. Bishop is concerned with the “atmosphere” at the house. Julia doesn’t help with that when she says P.K.’s cutting school and will be hanging out at the house all day. Charlie leaves the restaurant to work a restoration job, having impressively already finished his tasks at the restaurant.

Claudia chastises P.K. for smoking in the house, then asks if he’s ever done drugs. He says yes, adding that he once killed a guy for a cigarette. “You just love me, don’t you?” he asks. She doesn’t like the way he treated Julia before, and he admits that he can be a jerk sometimes. Claudia says she can, too.

The Salingers go to the restaurant for dinner with Kate and her father, but Charlie’s too busy working to spend much time with them. Claudia accidentally spills that Charlie usually tends bar. Joe soon realizes that Charlie isn’t much of a people person, and his management skills are lacking. He asks if Charlie’s father would approve of his behavior.

Back at home, Claudia teases Julia for still wanting to go out with P.K., who she guesses apologized for the way he treated her before. Julia admits that he didn’t, but she’s not mad at him anymore. She’s willing to blame his past behavior on his bad home life. Bailey learns that Kate’s been slapped with a curfew and can’t stay at the Salingers’ past 6 p.m. since there are no adults there.

Julia finds P.K. awake at two in the morning and they talk about his stepfather. He doesn’t want to go to sleep because he often has dreams of being hit. Julia encourages him to tell his mother, but she already knows. The recent assault was because P.K.’s stepfather thought P.K. stole some of his alcohol, when the stepfather himself already drank it. P.K. gets emotional as he wonders what he did that was so bad he can’t be forgiven. Julia comforts him and they start kissing, but she puts a stop to it.

Charlie tries to talk to Joe about what happened the night before, but Joe has more important things to deal with: The restaurant’s lease is almost up because of a mistake Charlie’s father made. P.K.’s mother brings a cop to the Salingers’ house, but they lie that he left before they were awake that morning. Julia tells P.K.’s mother that she knows about the abuse. She denies that there is any; P.K.’s out of control and her husband just tries to get him in line. Kate’s willing to sneak around with Bailey so her father doesn’t find out they’re spending time together when they’re not supposed to.

Joe wants to put his and Charlie’s problems behind them so they can work on saving the restaurant, but Charlie’s ready to walk away. Joe notes that this is typical for Charlie. Charlie yells that his father’s the one who screwed up the business, and he’s tired of Joe comparing the two of them. Joe reminds Charlie that the restaurant is his father’s, so he can stay and help or he can be selfish and walk way. Charlie points out that he’s changed his entire life to take care of the family because his father can’t. Joe says he came through for Charlie, then asks if Charlie will repay the favor.

Bailey goes to Mr. Bishop’s country club to try to bond with him over tennis. Mr. Bishop offers him money to get appropriate shoes for the game, but Bailey refuses it. He pleads with Mr. Bishop to get to know him better. Mr. Bishop thinks he already knows enough about him. Bailey says he’s a fixer and takes care of his family. He doesn’t know what else he’s good at, but that should be enough. He thinks he’s good enough for Mr. Bishop to see him as an appropriate boyfriend for Kate.

Charlie, Bailey, and Claudia basically call an intervention on Julia to tell her P.K. can’t stay there anymore. They’re not allowed to have him in their house since he’s a minor and considered a missing person. If the police find out they’re letting him stay there, social services could take away Charlie’s custody. Julia blasts them for not sympathizing with P.K. for not having another place to stay.

Despite her pleas with her siblings, Julia has to tell P.K. he needs to leave. He says he has plenty of other places he can go, but then he asks to stay in the garage. She urges him again to tell someone about his home life. P.K. thinks that since he’s come this far on his own, he can keep going. The next day, Charlie repays the loan Joe gave him weeks before and reiterates that he’s quitting. Joe refuses the repayment, saying he wanted to do for Charlie what Charlie’s father did for him. The kids and restaurant are all he has, and he wants to leave the restaurant to them.

Julia gets her first paycheck, plus $100 in tips. Charlie introduces Joe to a new bartender, clarifying that the bartender will take the lunch shift – Charlie will take the dinner shift. He’ll be sticking around at least until they save the restaurant. But he wants Joe to remember that he’s not his father, and he’s not a manager. Joe will take it.

Claudia does her homework, because that’s all she does in this episode, and now Charlie’s willing to help her. She thinks their father would have known what to do to help P.K. She remembers how he helped her become friends with a girl who wanted to beat her up. Bailey takes Kate to some lovers’ lane-type place, but instead of making out with her, he talks about his father. In a nutshell, he was awesome and Mr. Bishop sucks. Julia gives P.K. her $100 as he heads out of town.

Thoughts: Kate wears suspenders and one of those ’90s hats that looked like a cross between a Kangol and a beret. P.K. wears one of those hats later. And Kate also wears one of those Y-shaped necklaces everyone wore in the ’90s. I always wanted one of those.

Ha to Mr. Bishop saying there are no adults at the Salingers’ house when Charlie isn’t around. Dude, there aren’t any adults there when he IS around.

Julia’s nice in this episode – kind of maternal. I just wish she would be more maternal toward Claudia.

I think they changed Owens. This one’s cute.

We get it, Salinger Sr. was a superhero. Can we move on?

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