March 9, 2013

Party of Five 1.13, Grownups: Just Do It

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This girl found a way to make Bailey shut up. I like her

This girl found a way to make Bailey shut up. I like her

Summary: Bailey’s moping over Kate, and Will isn’t very sympathetic. Team Will! A waitress at the coffeehouse where they’re hanging out sees that Bailey’s writing to Kate on an Alcatraz postcard and mentions that her uncle was there. As a cook, not a murderer. She flirts with Bailey, asking for a ride in his Jeep. Julia goes by Stage 18 and learns that it’s been shut down. Morgan’s liquor license has been suspended and he has to pay a fine for employing the underaged. (This wasn’t his first offense.)

Charlie helps Kirsten look for her watch and instead finds a plane ticket to Chicago. Bailey and Will spot the waitress, Jill, on their way home from school, and Bailey kicks Will out so he can give Jill a ride. Julia goes to Morgan’s place to apologize for lying about her age. She gives him some money to pay for the fine; I’m guessing she didn’t tell Charlie why she was taking money out of the family’s emergency fund. Morgan tells her it’s too late and kicks her out.

Charlie and Kirsten talk about her sister, Meg, who’s coming to visit soon. Kirsten figures out that Charlie found her plane ticket. She says Meg wants her to come home to Chicago, but she would only go to visit. Charlie doesn’t know why she would want to spend time with her family since they drive her crazy. He thinks she’s running away because she can’t have kids. Kirsten’s worried about screwing up her and Charlie’s friendship.

Bailey and Jill are still in his Jeep after dark, and she makes a move. He’s ready for sex but doesn’t have any protection, so they stop. The next day, Bailey kicks himself for not being prepared. He admits to Will that he’s not sure he’s ready. He was with Kate, but Jill isn’t Kate. Kirsten and Charlie have lunch with Meg, who thinks they’re just friends. Jill invites Bailey to her house, since no one will be home.

Claudia panics over something at home and Julia isn’t around, so she has to tell Bailey she just got her first period. This actually works out in his favor, because when he takes her to the store to buy pads, he can pick himself up some condoms. Julia goes back to Morgan’s place and pours out his alcohol. She gets herself kicked out again. Morgan’s understandably upset that he was unknowingly dating a 15-year-old, and is even more upset that Julia was playing games with him.

Charlie takes Kirsten back to the restaurant for a surprise romantic dinner, telling her he wants to be more than friends. He blurts out that he wants them to get married. Kirsten has a panic attack but lets him continue explaining himself. His logic is that her life is hectic right now, so they should make one thing certain. Meanwhile, Bailey, Jill, and Jill’s cute plaid bra have the least romantic foreplay ever. Back at the restaurant, Kirsten says yes to Charlie.

Claudia wants to skip school, but Charlie doesn’t think having her period is a valid excuse. Julia thinks it is. She tells their brothers that this is a big deal because Claudia’s becoming a woman. At school, Bailey tells Will that he had sex with Jill. He has mixed feelings about it since they barely know each other. Julia tells that bartender played by Doug Hutchison that she wants to make things better for Morgan, since she caused all his problems. The bartender doesn’t think she should get involved in Morgan’s issues. He’s not drinking because of her.

Back at home, Claudia asks Julia if everything in her life is going to continue to happen quickly. She doesn’t feel like she’s becoming a woman, since she still likes dolls and coloring. Julia admits that she also wishes she could freeze her current age and stay there. She lies that things get easier when you get older.

Over at Kirsten’s, she and Charlie tell Meg about their plans; Meg questions their decisions because of their history. (She knows about the cheating.) She notes that they haven’t had a stable relationship, and now Kirsten’s agreeing to stay with Charlie forever. Charlie blasts Meg for thinking she knows anything about him. Bailey goes to see Jill at work and tries to make small talk. She’d rather have sex in the empty coffeehouse. (That has to be a health-code violation.)

Charlie tries to convince Kirsten not to listen to what Meg said about their engagement. She says that she likes what Charlie has said, but she’s not sure it’ll all turn out that way. She doesn’t think they should get married. Charlie admits that he was surprised that Kirsten accepted his proposal, since it was so impulsive and out of the blue. However, he doesn’t think getting married would have been a mistake.

Jill invites Bailey over again, but this time he’s resistant since he doesn’t want to only have sex with her. He wants to sleep with her, but sex “feels like kinda nothing.” Just what every girl wants to hear. Jill tells him that her ex-boyfriend told her after they broke up that the thing he missed the most about her was the sex. She knows it’s one thing she can do that guys are interested in. Jill also notes that Bailey didn’t exactly mind, and even came back for more sex.

Julia stalks Morgan to a playground and tells him he can either let this turn of events ruin his life or he can move on. She hopes he chooses the option that has him taking care of himself. Bailey goes to the coffeehouse and asks Jill out on a regular date. Julia suggests that she and Claudia have a sleepover in her room, something she previously said she was too old for.

Kirsten comes over and reiterates that she can’t marry Charlie, but she also can’t go back to Chicago and she can’t stay where she is. Charlie suggests that he move into the Salingers’ house. “This isn’t the way things were meant to work out,” Kirsten says. He tells her things never work out the way you think they will, but that doesn’t mean they’re not meant to be. She follows him inside.

Thoughts: I’ve seen Megan Ward (Jill) in other things, and she’s very pretty, but the haircut she has here is doing her zero favors.

Meg is played by Leslie Hope (probably best known for 24).

It’s a Jeep, Jill. Keep your pants on.

Why did Bailey take Claudia to buy pads? Why not just look in Julia’s bathroom and take one of hers?

Jill, if your ex mostly misses having sex with you, I don’t think you should take it as a compliment.

I’m thinking a week in that house will make Kirsten change her mind about wanting kids.


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