March 12, 2013

Party of Five 1.14, Not Fade Away: Don’t Ever Change

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Someday these will be Exhibit A in Bailey's trial

Someday these will be Exhibit A in Bailey’s trial

Summary: Having asked Kirsten to move into the Salingers’ house, Charlie now has to tell his siblings about it. They think it’s too fast, since just a month ago, Charlie and Kirsten weren’t even speaking. Claudia’s the only one who’s excited. Julia and Bailey are upset that they weren’t consulted about someone who will be living in their house. (Fair point, but one of you invited an abused runaway to live with the family without asking anyone else’s opinion, so….)

Despite the protests, the move goes forward. Julia raises more objections when Kirsten and Charlie move their mother’s dresser out of their parents’ bedroom. She moves it into her own room, finding a journal inside one of the drawers. Jill and Bailey go to the mall, goofing around at some high-end department store, where Bailey sees gloves he likes that are way too expensive.

Claudia gives Artie feedback as he practices for his bar mitzvah, which he’s taking very seriously. In fact, he’s so serious about his religion that he’s worried what marrying Claudia would do to his grandmother. Plus, mixed marriages have horrible success rates. Claudia notes that one of them could convert to the other’s religion. It’s not going to be Artie.

Julia reads the journal, which belonged to her mother and contains numerous mentions of her violin teacher, Avery. It sounds like they were closer than Mr. Salinger probably would have liked. Jill informs Bailey that she has a present for him: the gloves he looked at. She casually mentions that she didn’t buy them.

Charlie wants to break in his and Kirsten’s new bed, but it squeaks and she doesn’t want his siblings to hear them getting it on. They opt for the floor instead. Julia goes looking for more journals with no luck. Claudia questions Kirsten about her religious preferences (she’s agnostic) and how she would want her children to be raised (of course, she doesn’t know that Kirsten can’t have children). Kirsten tells her that children don’t necessarily have to believe what their parents do.

Bailey doesn’t want to wear his new gloves since he claims he doesn’t need them. It’s definitely not because he has a conscious and feels guilty for using stolen property, Jill. Jill attempts to corrupt Bailey further by asking him to skip his family dinner that night. Claudia starts reading the Torah, telling Julia that she’s thinking of converting to Judaism. Julia thinks she’s too young to make such a decision. She’s also mad that Kirsten’s encouraging her to think for herself. Really, though, she thinks Claudia’s turning her back on their parents’ religion.

Julia heads to the restaurant early and asks Joe if he knows anything about Avery. Joe claims not to know whether Nick liked Avery or not. Julia thinks Avery and Diana had an affair and asks Joe to confirm or deny. He sticks to his claim that he doesn’t know. Everyone else arrives for family dinner, including Kirsten but excluding Bailey. Then Bailey shows up with Jill, which necessitates a move to a different table.

Charlie pulls Bailey aside so they can fight over who is and isn’t welcome at family dinners. Bailey’s upset that Charlie gets to make all the decisions. He agrees to send Jill home only if Charlie tells Kirsten to leave, too. That night, Claudia wakes up Kirsten because she doesn’t feel well. Julia wanders in and isn’t happy that Kirsten’s being the maternal one. Charlie, however, loves Kirsten even more for taking care of his sister. He’s also pleased that Claudia asked for her.

Julia meets with Avery, pretending she’s doing a school project on him. She gets him to talk about Diana, who he says he’d lost touch with before her death. He says she was his favorite student. Julia asks to hear the recordings they made together. Avery says they’re hard to find, and are the only recordings Diana made. She quit playing to raise her kids (which at that point were just Charlie, Bailey, and Julia). Avery reveals that he was in love with her.

Bailey and Jill go back to the mall, where she tries to get him to steal her a pair of sunglasses. He gets caught. Julia comes home to find Kirsten making matzo ball soup. Julia blasts Kirsten for advising Claudia about religion and changing things in the house. She thinks Claudia only went to Kirsten when she was sick because Kirsten moving in has confused her. Then Julia admits that she feels like her mother is disappearing. Every time something changes, there’s less of her in the house.

Charlie’s summoned to the mall, where Bailey defends Jill and claims the shoplifting was his idea. He’s let off the hook. Back at home, Charlie then confronts Julia over what she said to Kirsten. Kirsten admits that it was a mistake for her to move in without the others being consulted. Charlie assures Julia that Kirsten doesn’t want to be her mother any more than he wants to be the kids’ father. Julia says again that she feels like she’s losing Diana. Charlie tries to ease her mind, asking for some slack.

Claudia confides to Artie that her family’s resistant to her spiritual journey, and she’s having some problems sorting everything out. She decides she just needs to learn more about Judaism. He tells her about the names of the dead in the synagogue and teaches her the Mourner’s Kaddish. Bailey complains to Jill that Charlie’s overreacting to the fact that he committed a crime. Jill notes that at least Bailey has someone in his family who cares.

Avery shows up at the Salingers’ house, having figured out who Julia is. He gives her Diana’s recordings and says they were just friends. Julia thinks she deserves to know if her mother had an affair, so she doesn’t keep believing her parents had a perfect marriage. Avery tells her that he was in love with Diana, but they didn’t have an affair. She mentions the journal and how much Diana wrote about him. He says they had the opportunity to do something, but Diana never stopped loving Nick.

That night, Claudia tells Julia that she’s decided to hold off on converting. She wants to believe in the Heaven her parents are in. She needs to know that the whole family will wind up in the same place someday. Charlie’s supposed fixed the bed, so now he and Kirsten can have sex without anyone hearing. (Yay?) Except it’s not fixed after all. Charlie tells Kirsten she doesn’t need to try to be invisible in the house – he wants her to be there.

Bailey and Jill are out somewhere (the school football field?), and he decides they should just start driving and see where they end up. He’s wearing the Gloves of Corruption. Julia listens to Diana and Avery’s recordings, which include her mother’s voice. She cries and listens to Diana speaking over and over, then stops rewinding to hear Diana laugh.

Thoughts: Jill’s hair looks even worse now. It’s all fluffy and high. Poor girl.

Artie, you don’t get to worry about marriage until your voice has changed.

Trivia: The Salingers are Episcopalian.

Artie: “If you’re really becoming Jewish, you should never apologize for complaining.” Snort.


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