March 19, 2013

BH90210 5.16, Sentenced to Life: Forget Me Not

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Can we trade Brandon for Saul? Saul's funnier and tells better stories!

Can we trade Brandon for Saul? Saul’s funnier and tells better stories!

Summary: Andrea brings Dylan a book of Charles Bukowski’s poetry, which leads him to wonder if artists can still be artists after they’ve conquered their demons. He gets a notice to appear in court so he can face the music for his DUI. The Peach Pit After Dark is being constructed, so Donna does a news report calling for musicians to perform. She thinks Ray would be great. Clare disagrees since “his music isn’t exactly danceable.” David opts to stay out of it since he knows Donna will get her way eventually.

Steve reports to a nursing home for his community service, arriving just as a recently deceased resident is wheeled out. He runs into Saul Howard, an actor he remembers from his mom’s TV show. Saul thinks he’s Chuckie. (Oh, ouch.) Saul laments that he was in show business for almost 70 years but is only remembered for his role in a dumb sitcom. (It’s okay, Saul – most of the people on this show will only be remembered for their roles here.) Steve thinks the director will just sign his time sheets and let him go. The director does, but complains that a rich kid is getting away with his crime.

As Steve leaves, Saul (still calling him Chuckie) asks him to wash his sheets. He doesn’t want the staff to know he wet the bed because they’ll make him sleep on plastic sheets. Steve promises to do the chore (or, more accurately, get his mother’s house staff to do the chore). Valerie returns from her Christmas break, which she spent in Jamaica, despite having told everyone she was going to Buffalo. She couldn’t face going home yet. After she leaves the room, Kelly complains that she’s a compulsive liar, encouraging Brandon to call Valerie’s mother.

Steve brings Saul’s sheets back, correcting him again that he’s not Chuckie. Saul knows exactly who he is, revealing that he was fired because Rush told the showrunners he couldn’t remember his lines. They bond over losing family in car accidents. The director stops by and Steve announces that he’s going to complete his community service hours. The director thinks Steve wants to be a hero to Saul; he should just leave the man alone and let him live out his last days in peace.

The next day, Brandon tells Kelly that Valerie’s mother confirmed that Val went to Jamaica. Kelly still doesn’t trust her. Valerie asks to borrow her notes for a class they have together, though Kelly hasn’t noticed her in the classroom. She snits that she doesn’t want to help someone who doesn’t care about the class. Brandon defends Valerie, but Kelly says she’s a user and a liar. At the beach apartment, Donna tells Ray she’s arranged for him to headline opening night at the After Dark. Ray isn’t interested.

Steve works in the nursing home dining room while Saul tells his friends jokes. He calls Steve over to show him a card trick (though there isn’t actually a trick involved). The director snaps at Steve to get back to work. Andrea does laundry again and runs into Peter again. He wants to give her his number again. She still doesn’t tell him a) that she’s married or b) that Hannah’s her daughter, not her babysitting charge.

Saul and Steve lament that they’re both stuck at the nursing home, though at least Steve can leave. Saul says he’s “sentenced to life.” Steve offers to take him on a field trip the next day. At the Peach Pit, Jesse advises Dylan to get a good attorney and plead for mercy in court. He could get away with probation and a fine. Dylan thinks he’ll get a harsh sentence. Jesse gives him an attorney’s number. Steve goes to pick up Saul, but Saul doesn’t know who he is. He thinks Steve’s there to steal money and his Emmy.

Steve comes back the next day, and this time Saul knows who he is and wonders where he’s been. He admires Steve’s Corvette and asks to drive, trying to guilt Steve by saying it could be his last chance. Steve takes him to the Peach Pit, where Nat recognizes him. They meet up with Brandon, Kelly, Donna, David, Clare, Andrea, and Hannah, and Saul does a card trick for them. Clare mentions one of Saul’s movies, but he doesn’t remember whether he was in it. He also doesn’t remember what his Emmy was for. Steve decides it’s time to go home.

That night, while Andrea and Jesse tend to a sick Hannah, Clare tells Ray that they’re holding a spot open for him at the After Dark’s opening. Ray tells Donna again that he doesn’t want to perform. He thinks she wants to show him off so she can show up Felice. Andrea and Jesse take Hannah to the hospital, and guess who the med student on call is? Yep, Andrea’s laundry buddy. Peter gets the one-two punch of information that Andrea’s married and Hannah’s her daughter.

Back at the nursing home, Steve tells Saul that he and Rush don’t get along very well. Saul tells him to stop complaining and cherish what he has. He had a similarly bad relationship with his daughter, and one day he called her and told her he loved her no matter what. Two weeks later, she died. “Do the right thing,” he tells Steve. Steve shouldn’t wait to make up with Rush, or he’ll always regret it. As Steve leaves for the night, Saul says that he knows he’s going downhill. Steve tries to hide his emotions, assuring him that he won’t take anything personally.

Hannah stays in the hospital overnight, but she’s better in the morning. Peter asks why Andrea wasn’t honest about who she was. She says she wanted to see what it was like not to be a wife or a mother. Peter confesses that he’s also married. Andrea chastises him for flirting with her, though he points out that she didn’t exactly resist. He thinks she and Jesse only got married because she got pregnant. (He’s not wrong, but he’s also a jerk.)

Valerie calls Kelly from school, wondering why she isn’t at their psych final. Kelly accidentally overslept, so Val accidentally helped her out. Saul’s in an art class at the nursing home but isn’t painting anything. Steve helps him but he can’t hold the brush. Ray plays his guitar outside the beach apartment (and he’s finally playing a different song!), and Donna apologizes for pushing him to perform. He says he’s always wanted to perform, but he has stage fright. Donna wants to help him overcome his fears.

Dylan runs into Jesse after his hearing and blasts him for his advice before revealing that he got exactly the sentence Jesse said he would. At the Walshes’, Kelly thanks Valerie for getting her to her test on time. Val tells her to stop feeling guilty about not sharing her notes; she did fine without them. Kelly promises to repay the favor sometime. Steve brings Saul some pie, but Saul is so out of it that he doesn’t even acknowledge him. Steve brings him back to lucidity by offering a ride in the Corvette. Saul finally calls him Steve.

Thoughts: Saul is played by Milton Berle.

Jack Bender directed this episode (he directed episodes of Lost and a bunch of other shows). And Ian Ziering co-wrote it! Go, Ian!

Guys, I love Steve. I’m saying it before it’s too late!

“I have an English final tomorrow and I still don’t know who killed the damn mockingbird.” Donna, you make me sad.

Buffalo vs. Jamaica in December? Family or not, Valerie made the right choice.

I thought Kelly was okay with Valerie. Did I miss an episode?

Donna, that’s not a shirt, it’s a vest. Put on more clothes.

Saul drops a card in Kelly’s lap, then says, “I only did that so I could touch your knee.” I wonder if that was ad-libbed – Jennie Garth’s laugh sounds genuine.

Thank you, show, for not killing Saul. I don’t think I would have been able to handle that.

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