March 23, 2013

Party of Five 1.16, Aftershocks: Shaken and Stirred

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A plot all about refrigerators? Is it my birthday already??

A plot all about refrigerators? Is it my birthday already??

Summary: Charlie catches Bailey and Jill in Bailey’s bed and makes it clear that there will be no teenagers having sex in their house. Bailey notes that Charlie had sex in the house as a teenager. Charlie tells Jill that her house may not have rules, but the Salingers’ does. The fight ends when there’s a big earthquake that rattles the kitchen and knocks out the power. Everyone’s okay, but Jill starts babbling about a past earthquake.

Julia’s over at the coffeehouse with Justin, who doesn’t think the two of them can just be friends after their kiss. Julia reminds him that he’s dating Libby. Libby, by the way, has no idea what’s going on between the two of them. Kirsten relays a phone message to Charlie about a woman who’s encouraging him to make a decision. He tells her the woman is a designer and wants Charlie to partner with her. He doesn’t plan to accept since he needs $7,000 to help with startup costs. Kirsten offers to loan him the money.

The next day, an electrician comes over to fix the fridge, which was fried during a power surge. The model is discontinued, so they’ll have to get a new one. Bailey decides Charlie can be the adult and take care of. Jill shows up babbling about something else this time. Charlie guesses she’s high on speed, and was the night before during the earthquake. Jill denies it, but Charlie’s pretty sure, having had a roommate who was a speed addict.

Justin and Julia are in the school’s darkroom when an aftershock hits, jamming the door closed. They take the opportunity to make out. Jill asks Bailey if Charlie’s rude to her because he liked Kate better. She mentions that he accused her of using drugs. She swears she’s just jumpy because of the earthquake. Bailey assures her that he believes her claims that she’s not doing drugs. Justin and Julia make it out of the darkroom, and he announces that he’s going to dump Libby. Julia objects, not wanting her to get hurt. She suggests that they wait.

Bailey confronts Charlie over his accusations, blaming the earthquake and Jill’s coffee habit for her jumpiness. He thinks Charlie’s just looking for a reason to make Bailey dump her. Charlie notes that if he wanted to make something up, he would go to Bailey with it, not Jill. Claudia gathers the family for a meeting about emergency procedures in the case of another earthquake. No one cares.

Charlie and his possible design partner, Gwen, look for a workshop; Kirsten suggests working out of the Salingers’ shed and using their rent money to hire another carpenter. Gwen thinks it’s a great idea. Libby comes to the Salingers’ crying: Justin broke up with her. He said they were better as friends and denied being interested in someone else. She asks Julia to talk to him and either talk him into changing his mind or find out what Libby did wrong. “He really likes you,” Libby says.

Bailey tries to take a look in Jill’s purse, but she catches him and realizes he thinks she lied about the drugs. He says he wants to believe her, then looks through the purse, finding drugs. Jill says the drugs are her brother’s, then admits that they’re hers but she doesn’t take them all the time. Bailey makes it clear that he disapproves, so Jill says she’ll just stop taking them.

Kirsten asks Charlie how the design company is coming along, but Charlie thinks she’s second-guessing his decisions. She notes that she’s invested in the company, so she thought she’d have some say in how it’s used. Charlie suggests that she stay a silent partner. Justin tries to ask Julia out, but she already has plans with Libby. “You dumped her and now I’m dating her,” she remarks. She plans to tell Libby about her and Justin.

Jill misplaces her sunglasses, which are actually on her head, and from the reaction Bailey gives, she thinks he’s always going to think she’s high from now on. There’s another aftershock, but it’s small. Hours later, when Bailey and Julia get home, Claudia blasts them for not following the emergency procedures. Julia promises that if something major were to happen, they would rush home to be with her. Bailey adds that the house is really sturdy.

Charlie gives Kirsten her money back so she’ll have to stay out of his business. He wants to work on the company by himself. Julia starts to tell Libby about her in Justin, but they’re interrupted by the guy himself. Libby thinks he came by the Salingers’ to see her. Then she figures out he’s there to see Julia. Bailey brings Jill by the house on their way somewhere else, and she sneaks into a bathroom and takes some kind of pill. Claudia’s in the bathtub (apparently she’s sleeping there) and sees her.

Claudia shares the news with Charlie and Julia, who tell Bailey. They’ve figured out that the pills were painkillers their mother took for a back injury. Bailey jumps to Jill’s defense, refusing to listen to their accusations. Charlie and Kirsten go fridge shopping; he picks one out quickly but she uses a consumer guide to decide which is their best option. They fight and Charlie notes that they’re not even spending Kirsten’s money.

Julia tries to talk to Libby at school, but Libby thinks she just wanted Justin because he was taken. Julia says she couldn’t help what happened. Libby points out that if Julia were really her friend, she would have put the brakes on things. She makes it clear that their friendship is over. At home, Charlie and Kirsten agree that their recent fights haven’t been about money or faith in each other; they just have different ways of doing things. She offers him a loan again, but Charlie and Gwen are working on getting a bank loan instead.

There’s a rumbling, and Claudia thinks it’s another aftershock, but it’s the sound of a refrigerator being delivered – Kirsten bought one. Actually, two fridges are being delivered, since Charlie bought one, too. (Isn’t this fridge subplot just fascinating?) Julia and Justin are free to be together now, but neither of them is that excited anymore. Julia thinks the person who said “all’s fair in love in war” is the person who won, not the person who got hurt. She’s now found out what she’s willing to do to others in order to be happy. Justin thinks things will work out.

Bailey visits Jill at the coffeehouse and tells her that Claudia saw her taking pills. He’s upset that Jill lied about not using drugs, then again about stopping. He’s decided he can’t be with her anymore if she won’t get help. Jill swears that she did try to quit, and she only lied because she thought Bailey would leave her. She needs his help to get clean. He says he’ll stay with her. When he gets home, he finds everyone else in the family sleeping in Charlie’s truck because Claudia thinks it’s safer than being in the house.

Thoughts: The last character I saw Megan Ward play was a fashion magazine editor. That character would most definitely not approve of Jill’s torn jeans.

I really felt for Julia in this episode. She was kind of in a no-win situation – she either lost Libby or she lost Justin. I felt for Bailey, too, since he had to choose to either believe his brother or his girlfriend. I thought the way he addressed Jill at the end was very mature. And also ironic, considering what happens to Bailey in the future.

Maybe you shouldn’t keep old painkillers around, guys?

I’m sure social services would love to know that Charlie let a one-year-old sleep in a truck. Especially since in an earlier scene, you can see people’s breath.

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