March 26, 2013

Party of Five 1.17, In Loco Parentis: Emphasis On “Loco”

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"That's not what Goldilocks sounds like! Ugh, Bill is so much better at this"

“That’s not what Goldilocks sounds like! Ugh, Bill is so much better at this”

Summary: Bailey spots Jill talking to a guy at school and possibly buying drugs from him. Bailey approaches the guy and says he’s “looking to buy.” The guy says he can get anything. Justin gives Julia a sketch he drew of her as their English teacher talks about some love poem that coincidentally mirrors their love lives. Kirsten chastises Charlie for not being more of a father to Owen instead of just a brother. Apparently one of Owen’s five words is “Bill.”

Jill tells Bailey that the guy at school was someone she went to a concert with once, and she only met with him to tell him she’s not paying him back for her ticket. It’s not clear if Bailey believes her. At home, Claudia and Bailey admire Justin’s drawing, and Julia admits that they’re kind of dating. Claudia thinks it would be weird for them to kiss since they’ve known each other so long.

Artie invites himself to stay for dinner with the Salingers, then stays so late that Claudia has to kick him out. He admits that he doesn’t like being at home because his parents have been fighting a lot. Charlie takes Owen to some sort of daddy support group but doesn’t want to participate. Julia helps Justin and his mom with a mailing for the homeless shelter where she works; Mrs. Thompson is thrilled to learn that they’re dating because she’s always liked Julia.

Jill shows up at the Salingers’ with a cut on her head and tells Bailey she crashed her brother’s car. (Mark this down as the first mention of Griffin by name.) She’s pretty manic, which causes Charlie to give Bailey an “I told you so” look. Jill refuses to go to the hospital, and Charlie calls her out for wanting to avoid being busted for being high. Bailey realizes Charlie’s right. Jill rants at him for not trusting her.

Kirsten coos over Charlie spending time with Owen, leaving the room before he swaps a picture book for a hardware magazine. Julia and Justin volunteer at the shelter; since she talked him into it, Mrs. Thompson loves Julia even more. Justin is annoyed and jerky. Artie’s still at the Salingers’ (or there again – whatever), planning to keep avoiding his problems as long as possible. Claudia thinks they should do something proactive about Artie’s parents.

Bailey also wants to solve some problems, namely Jill’s. Charlie doesn’t get why. He wonders if Bailey likes that Jill needs help, since he’s always taking care of other people: “Saving her – maybe that’s really about you.” Justin laments that he wants more drama in their relationship; the fact that his parents like her so much makes things too easy. She finds a poem he wrote about her, and I guess his jerky behavior earlier is forgiven.

Julia goes home in such a good mood that even Charlie’s grumpiness and Bailey’s moodiness don’t bring her down. Even Claudia isn’t impressed with Justin’s poem. Kirsten listens on the baby monitor while Charlie tries to put Owen to bed. Then she goes in and fixes everything in five seconds. Charlie laments that he takes care of Owen all the time but isn’t a good “father.”

Bailey tries to get in touch with Jill’s mother, then goes to see her at the hospital where she’s a nurse. She has no idea who she is. In fact, Jill told her that Bailey’s a stalker who’s harassing her because she wouldn’t go out with him. She also said that Bailey would tell her Jill’s on drugs. Mrs. Holbrook argues that Jill can’t be on drugs because she would know, since she’s a nurse.

Apparently Justin’s so happy now that he’s dating Julia that he’s started singing in the shower. Julia tells Mrs. Thompson how they got together and shares the poem he wrote her. Bailey confronts Jill at the coffeehouse, but she doesn’t want his concern since she can’t trust him. Claudia and Artie pull a Parent Trap on his folks, getting them to the Salingers’ restaurant for a meal together. Claudia even serenades them with her violin. It doesn’t work.

Charlie has another frustrating bonding experience with Owen, but it ends on a positive note when Owen starts saying “Dada.” Justin blasts Julia for sharing his poem with his mother. He tears it up and says he shouldn’t have written it. She laments that she almost had it memorized.

Bailey wants Charlie to talk to Mrs. Holbrook, since he has experience dealing with drug addicts. Charlie notes that Bailey keeps giving Jill ultimatums, then not following through. He needs to walk away. Bailey says that’s Charlie’s solution to everything. Charlie doesn’t want Bailey going down with Jill if she gets arrested or has another car accident. Bailey says he doesn’t have a choice. Charlie asks if he’s in love with Jill.

Bailey sees Jill at school the next day, and she looks fine. At the coffeehouse, he runs into the dealer, who says she talked about going to L.A. Julia tries to make up with Justin, telling him that sharing the poem made the experience even better. In middle school, she made a pact with her mother that she would tell her everything once her crush on a guy turned into something. Julia can’t tell anyone at home about Justin, so she told his mom. Justin forgives her.

Artie wants to come up with a new plan for his parents, but Claudia uses the story of a sleepwalking experience to tell him that he needs to accept reality. He thinks she doesn’t understand what he’s dealing with. She promises him that “the hard stuff gets easier.” Julia and Justin hang out with his mom, and when he goes to bed, he encourages them to keep talking.

Mrs. Holbrook comes to the Salingers’ looking for Jill, who didn’t come home the night before. Now she’s willing to believe that Jill’s using drugs. She laments being so busy that she didn’t notice that her daughter was in trouble: “She got lost.” She asks Bailey to tell her about Jill. Charlie gets up with Owen in the middle of the night and tells him a story that sounds like it’s about how their parents met. It ends with their mother telling their father she wants five children.

Thoughts: Justin’s mom is played by Jane Kaczmarek.

There’s one kid at the daddy support group who’s so cute, he puts all other babies to shame. HANG YOUR HEADS IN DEFEAT, LESSER CHILDREN.

Bailey catches Claudia and Artie watching The Exorcist, and Charlie yells for them to turn it off. Claudia: “But her head’s spinning around!” Lacey Chabert’s delivery on that killed me.

There’s a sweet undercurrent to Julia and Mrs. Thompson’s scenes, like they’re mother and daughter, so that you can sense why Julia keeps talking to her even before she tells Justin about it. It’s a nice touch.

The funny part about Claudia and Artie’s plot is that the movie they were supposed to be watching instead of The Exorcist was The Parent Trap.

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