April 6, 2013

Party of Five 1.19, Brother’s Keeper: Sleepless About Seattle

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Not pictured: Salingers wreaking havoc

Not pictured: Salingers wreaking havoc

Summary: Thanks to his distraction over Jill, Bailey’s having trouble in trigonometry. His teacher gives him the chance to sit in on a sophomore class during his lunch period and make up for what he’s missed. Julia and Justin make out under the bleachers and talk about how his new driver’s license gives them freedom. Charlie gets a call at work that makes him really excited, and he skips out on the rest of his shift.

Claudia has a lesson with Ross, who thinks she’s gotten so good that she needs a new teacher. He’s already taught her everything he could. A prestigious teacher named Gloria is willing to take Claudia on. Bailey sits with Will in the school cafeteria, and the two (who clearly haven’t spoken since their fight) quickly patch things up. Will thinks Bailey will enjoy being in the sophomore class since some of the girls are hot. Like Julia. Who will be tutoring him. Womp womp!

Charlie and Gwen have a lunch meeting with people who want them to make furniture for their catalogue. They’ll be getting $65,000 and part of the profits. The Salingers and Kirsten celebrate at home. Then Gwen shows up at throws cold water on everything by telling Charlie something he didn’t pick up before: They’ll have to move to Seattle.

Charlie discusses the potential move with Kirsten, who notes that she could finish her dissertation anywhere. He thinks the pros outweigh the cons. Then he remembers that his siblings probably won’t be in favor. Kirsten suggests that Charlie make some requests of the company; they’ll probably agree since they want Charlie and Gwen so badly.

Julia tries to negotiate with Bailey to get him to repay the favor she’s doing by helping him with trig. After a discussion of various chores, she gets him to agree to loan her and Justin his Jeep that weekend. Ross takes Claudia to meet Gloria, who barks orders and chastises Claudia’s technique. Ross realizes that she’s blowing the meeting so she doesn’t have to switch teachers. He talks to her about sacrifices and moving on to better things. Claudia refuses to give Ross up.

Charlie and Gwen meet with the catalogue people again, and he points out that since so much of the company does its work in California, they would save money if Charlie stayed there. The catalogue people argue that there’s a new facility in Seattle, and they’d lose money if they kept two facilities open. Julia works with Bailey but doesn’t give him her full attention; Justin’s more interesting. Bailey blasts her for not caring if he fails. She calls him stupid and he calls her…a bad word.

Charlie calls a family meeting to tell his siblings that they’ll be moving to Seattle. They’re just as excited about it as you would expect. Bailey says they’re proud, but Charlie’s just starting out; he could get another offer closer to home. Charlie doesn’t think any other offer would match this one. Claudia balks at selling the house. Bailey and Julia side with her, so it’s three against one.

The next morning, Charlie and Gwen go to Seattle for a meeting, making his siblings think he’s going to take the job. Julia still refuses to go, and Bailey thinks it’s because she doesn’t want to leave Justin. He snipes that she acts like the world revolves around them. Ross meets Claudia after school and tries to talk to her about remaining her teacher. She tells him they’re moving to Seattle, so it’s a moot point. If they do move, she plans to stop playing.

Julia shares the news with Justin, who suggests that she move in with his family. Charlie comes back from Seattle full of excitement over how great the new job would be. He thinks he can win over the others. Kirsten wisely keeps her mouth shut about that. Julia comes home late from a date and Bailey blasts her for ditching him the night before a test. She notes that he was horrible for her, so of course she wouldn’t help him. It’s not her fault that Bailey skipped school to run after Jill. Why should she help? Bailey says it’s simply because he’s her brother and is in trouble.

Charlie announces to his siblings that he accepted the job and needs to move to Seattle ASAP. The others are furious. Charlie offers to put Claudia in a music/arts school and to let Julia visit Justin as much as she wants. He doesn’t want to pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Julia argues that there’s only one of him, and the rest of them have important things they don’t want to leave behind.

Charlie gets mad and announces that since he’s in charge, he’s making the decision: They’re moving. Julia replies that she’s moving in with Justin’s family. Claudia wonders what that means for her. Bailey says that Charlie can’t make them move. Claudia realizes that the family will be split up. Bailey blames Charlie.

During their test, Julia sees that Bailey’s struggling and offers him her paper to copy off of. He refuses. Charlie tells Gwen that his siblings are refusing to move to Seattle. She’s worried about having to break up their partnership. At school, Justin tells Julia that his parents won’t let her move in. (Yeah, no kidding.) She laments that everyone in the family is only thinking of him- or herself, without worrying that anyone else will get hurt. She wants to work things out with Bailey.

Claudia tells Bailey that she’s been thinking about the various things from the house that everyone will take if they split up. He tells her that no matter how much they resist, if Charlie goes to Seattle, they’ll all go with him. Julia appeals to her trig teacher to get Bailey a makeup test, blaming herself for his failure. Except it wasn’t a failure – Bailey got a B-. Problem solved!

Ross visits Claudia, who tells him they’re definitely moving once they sell the house. He notes that if she’s giving up the violin, they won’t see each other much before she goes. Claudia’s changed her mind about playing – she wants to keep taking lessons, but she also wants to be a normal kid. Ross agrees to keep teaching her.

Charlie tells Kirsten that if he were his siblings’ father, they wouldn’t be having all these discussions about moving; it would just happen. He feels partly like he’s a father and partly like he’s not. They walk by a store and Charlie sees a piece he built. It means something to him that someone bought it.

At home, Julia tells Bailey about her attempt at getting him a makeup test, then apologizes for not helping him more. He apologizes back, saying that seeing her so happy reminds him of how difficult he’s had it lately. He didn’t mean for his comments about Julia and Justin’s relationship to make it sound silly. Instead, Bailey sees it as simple, and a reminder of what he could have had with Jill. They talk about Seattle, and Julia says it’s hard to hold on to things. They need to remember to be good to each other.

Claudia visits Charlie in his workroom/shed and he tells her they’re not going to Seattle. Gwen bought him out of their partnership for $15,000. Claudia is genuinely sorry and tells him she loves him.

Thoughts: Gloria is played by Debra Mooney, and I can’t believe they only used her for one scene. Also, wasn’t Scott Wolf on Everwood with her?

Not to defend Charlie or anything, but he’s well within his rights to make everyone move. I kind of wish he’d told them all to shut up and pack.

Justin and Julia couldn’t have really thought their idea would work, right? I mean, it was straight out of the Baby-sitters Club.


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