April 20, 2013

Party of Five 1.22, The Ides of March: Jill Came Tumbling After

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Hi. I'm your destiny

Hi. I’m your destiny

Summary: Ross is hanging out at the Salingers’ house, asking lots of questions about Owen. Everyone is confused. Ross finally explains that he applied to adopt a baby, and recently learned that there’s a child available for him. Everyone is really happy for him. Bailey arrives with Jill and Claudia announces that someone’s having a baby. Little does she know that Bailey and Jill are in the middle of a pregnancy scare.

The two head up to a bathroom to take a pregnancy test, and Bailey tells Jill that “no matter what happens, I am never, ever having sex again.” Cut to the two of them out shopping with Claudia and Julia, and obviously the test was negative, because they’re in really good moods. Jill looks for a shirt for her brother, helping Julia pick out a jacket for Justin. She tells Bailey that she wants to run her own vintage store someday.

Back at home, Julia gives Justin the jacket, and he acts like the least appreciative person to ever receive a free piece of clothing. He thinks she’s trying to change him. (Maybe she should, since he’s currently a huge jerk.) That night, Bailey calls Jill at home and gets shocking news from her father. The rest of the family discusses allergies with Kirsten, who’s been sick lately. She announces that she’s allergic to Thurber and says one of them will have to leave. “Where will you go?” Charlie teases.

Bailey ruins the mood by announcing that Jill is dead. She relapsed with cocaine and her heart stopped. Everyone’s in shock. Later, Claudia asks Bailey a ton of questions, not understanding why Jill was using drugs again. She wonders if Jill was alone, and if she was scared. Bailey just asks why she’s crying. Claudia says she wants to go to the funeral, but Bailey says he’s not going – it would be a waste of time. Jill chose to throw her life away, and that’s not his problem. Elsewhere, Kirsten wonders why people say “but I just saw her” when they learn someone died.

Charlie and Julia go to the funeral without Bailey, though Charlie agrees with him that Jill’s life was a waste. Julia spots Jill’s brother Griffin and remarks that he must be cold without a jacket. Bailey sits in his jeep, watching everyone leave the church. Meanwhile, Kirsten takes Claudia to the hospital to meet Ross’ new baby. They discuss names, and Kirsten suggests naming the baby after Ross’ mother. She changes her mind when he says her name was Mavis.

Bailey takes Will to a club, clearly wanting to get drunk and forget about Jill. He tells Will not to stand around looking like someone just died. At home, Charlie tells his sisters that he’s going to propose to Kirsten. Julia and Claudia both approve of them using their mother’s ring. Will tries to take Bailey’s keys, since he’s too drunk to drive; Bailey fights him and ends up punching him, then taking off.

When Bailey gets home, Will’s already there, and Charlie lays into Bailey for driving drunk, which he should know better than to do because of their parents. Charlie says he’s not going to let Bailey self-destruct and end up killing himself. Bailey laughs because he said the same thing to Jill, and in the end, it didn’t make any difference.

At school, Julia approaches Griffin and offers to talk if he wants. He gets really close to her and mocks that she doesn’t know how he feels. Ross goes to the Salingers’ house so Kirsten can give him presents for the baby: a mobile and Thurber. (Nice try, Kirsten.) Ross sadly tells her that he doesn’t think he’ll be allowed to adopt the baby – the social worker found out that he’s gay. Now he’s been told there’s a “delay” in the process. Ross is worried because this is the only way he’ll be able to become a father.

Julia and Justin go back to the vintage store to return the jacket, because Justin is a jerk. She looks at the jackets again, but not for her boyfriend. At home, Kirsten suddenly asks Charlie if she’ll marry him. Only she’s stuffed up, so he thinks she’s asking him to bury her. Kirsten says pretty much exactly what Charlie told his sisters were his reasons for wanting to propose. He tells Kirsten he was going to propose, then accepts her proposal.

Julia takes Griffin a jacket, and he becomes the second person in the episode to decline free clothes. She explains that it’s really from Jill, who accidentally left his coat in L.A. She told Julia she was going to buy the jacket for him. Griffin tells her to go away. Julia tells him she knows what it’s like to lose someone. She got him the jacket because he looked cold.

At the house, Charlie tells Bailey that Jill’s mother called and asked Bailey to stop by. Bailey refuses. Charlie wants to help him through his grief, but Bailey says everyone gets through hard times alone. Jill was alone when she died because she couldn’t ask for help and he couldn’t give it. He doesn’t want Charlie or anyone else to care about him. Charlie thinks he’s just blaming himself, but Bailey says he doesn’t want to love anyone or be loved – “it’s too hard.” Charlie says that’s too bad, because he loves Bailey.

The next day, Ross gives Claudia the news that he’s officially not going to get the baby. He hates that he let himself love the baby before the adoption was finalized. At school, Julia approaches Griffin again; this time he’s wearing the jacket. She makes up a story about the guy who previously owned it. Wonderful things happened to that guy, so wonderful things can still happen to Griffin.

Bailey tracks down Ross’ social worker and tells her how great Ross has always been with Claudia, and how that can translate to parenting. He suggests that she watch the two of them interact before she makes a decision. Bailey doesn’t get how Ross’s sexuality matters if he loves the baby. He should be rewarded for being willing to love.

At home, Charlie looks through his mother’s jewelry box to get her ring. Bailey finds him and learns of the engagement. He says it feels right. Justin goes to the house to show Julia the shirt he got with his store credit. He thinks she’s going to dump him for a more rebellious guy (maybe like Griffin). Instead Julia thinks Justin is hotter now. I don’t get it. Charlie gives Kirsten the ring, but she doesn’t seem to like it all that much since the stone is so small.

Bailey goes to Jill’s grave and runs into Griffin, who wonders why Jill was so arrogant that she thought she could just do cocaine one more time. He admits to being angry enough to want to scream at her. Bailey says he feels the same way sometimes, but sometimes he just wants to touch her. He’s been trying to see more in her death than there is, but ultimately, he just thinks she made a mistake.

The other Salingers, Kirsten, and Ross gather at the restaurant, and it turns out Ross has ended up with the baby (now named Tess) after all. Bailey arrives just in time for a toast to Charlie and Kirsten’s engagement. Ross thanks him for what he said to the social worker, but Bailey doesn’t want the credit. He holds the baby as the family toasts and starts talking wedding arrangements.

Thoughts: I didn’t start watching the show until season 2, so I didn’t realize that Griffin was originally played by James Marsden (he goes by Jimmy here, which is weird), then replaced with Jeremy London. Joke’s on London, though – Marsden’s mad a much more successful career. (And is HOT.)

Ross should have just adopted Owen. It would have been a win-win for everyone, since his siblings barely spend any time with him anyway.

Julia should have gotten Griffin a shirt, because it appears he only has two.

Wait, Justin got store credit for the jacket Julia paid for? Jerk!

And that’s a wrap on season 1! Bring on Jennifer Love Hewitt!


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