April 23, 2013

Party of Five 2.1, Ready or Not: The Kid Is Not My Son

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Considering certain events in season 3, maybe I shouldn't have chosen a picture of them in the car

Considering certain events in season 3, maybe I shouldn’t have chosen a picture of them in the car

Summary: Bailey has spent the summer working at the restaurant, but he’s been fired a few days before school starts so he can enjoy the break a little. Julia’s also been working there, and has befriended a fellow waitress, Sarah Reeves. It looks like Sarah has a little crush on Bailey. Charlie keeps playing random songs, trying to pick out wedding music. Will bugs Bailey about going to a traditional pre-school-year bonfire. Then everyone has a goofy dance party.

Kirsten’s at home alone (maybe with Owen; I don’t know) when Pamela, who used to date Charlie, drops by. She doesn’t leave a number where she can be reached, and just tells Kirsten to tell him she’ll be in touch. Kirsten and her patchwork plaid shirt are suspicious. Bailey drives Sarah home and completely fails to pick up on her signals. At home, Kirsten drills Charlie about Pamela, and he makes it clear that they didn’t have anything serious and haven’t talked since they dated.

Julia hangs out with Griffin, who’s now played by Jeremy London but is still wearing the same shirt. He invites her to tag along while he shops for a motorcycle the next day, but she declines. She notes that when school starts again, it’ll be harder for them to meet up. (Also because Justin will be around, but she doesn’t say that.) Bailey and Will go to a movie Will’s already seen a bunch of times; it’s a setup for them to hang out with Will’s cousin Sharon and her friend Holly. Bailey’s not happy about it.

Pamela goes to the restaurant and gives Charlie a photo of her son, Spencer. Oh, and his last name is Salinger-Rush. Charlie refuses to believe that Spencer’s his kid. When he gets home, Pamela’s there with Spencer, but hasn’t told Kirsten what’s going on. Charlie yells at Pamela for not telling him sooner, but she says he would have tried to make her have an abortion. She knew she wouldn’t have been able to count on him as a father. She swears that Charlie’s the only possible father.

Charlie notes that he’s getting married in nine weeks, so this is horrible timing. It’s not great for Pamela either – she was laid off and needs money for daycare. Charlie is the exact opposite of sympathetic. He tells her over and over to leave, even making her take the back way. Pamela warns that she’s not just going to disappear.

Claudia tries to guilt Julia into letting her go to the bonfire. It doesn’t work. Bailey blasts Will for the Holly surprise, insisting that his new workout schedule is filling the void left by not having a girlfriend. Justin shows up to reunite with Julia after his summer away, and Will uses their makeout session as an example of why Bailey should want to get back in the dating game. At the restaurant, a patron sees Charlie looking at a picture of Spencer and remarks that they have the same eyes.

Sarah goes shopping with Bailey so he can pick out a new shirt for his redo of the date with Holly. Sarah’s crush on him is now so obvious that he’s growing dumber every minute he doesn’t figure it out. Justin and Julia hang out at the coffeehouse, and she pretends she didn’t do anything interesting all summer. She sees some negatives of the pictures he took in England and realizes he spent a lot of time with a girl (Allison). Julia isn’t happy about that.

Bailey and Holly’s date goes well until he learns that she works in a coffeehouse, like Jill did. He hesitates to kiss her good night. Charlie and Kirsten work on wedding plans at the restaurant, but he’s distracted and decides it’s time to tell her about Spencer. She can’t even decide how to respond, so she walks out. Julia bugs Justin about Allison, but he assures her that he still wants to be with her. He notes that he doesn’t know what she did every second of the summer. He trusts that she didn’t do anything wrong, and expects her to trust him, too.

Kirsten bumps some wedding errands to take Claudia shopping, and Charlie wonders if anything else will be postponed. Claudia figures that they’re fighting because he screwed something up. Julia and Bailey share a nice moment, talking about their romantic mishaps and planning a double date. Then Julia goes to the coffeehouse to talk to Griffin, who’s there with a girl named Erica (who’s kind of awful).

Holly likes football, so she and Bailey already have more in common than he did with Jill, but he decides he can’t keep seeing her. He confesses that he’s worried he’ll start to care about her, and he doesn’t want to. Charlie and Kirsten are still tense, and he wonders if giving Pamela money would make her go away and fix things. (Um, you don’t have any money, Charlie.) Kirsten’s mad that Charlie has a child who isn’t hers. She doesn’t want it to matter that he has a kid with someone else, but she’s worried that his relationship with Spencer will crowd out his other relationships.

Charlie goes to Pamela’s and offers to help out financially. He thinks that would be better than actually being a presence in his child’s life. Then he gets distracted by the sight of Spencer playing with construction toys. Julia visits Griffin at work to complain that he never mentioned he had a girlfriend. He notes that she has a boyfriend but never talked about him over the summer. And what does it matter, if they’re not going out?

Back at home, Charlie tells Kirsten that he gave Pamela money but couldn’t stop himself from finding a connection with Spencer. At the bonfire, Justin teases Julia about her jealousy over Allison while Bailey and Will toast to their senior year. Claudia shows up, wanting some sort of celebration in honor of starting junior high. He lets her stay. Justin tells Julia that if she’d made a guy friend over the summer, he wouldn’t be jealous. In fact, he’d be happy that she wasn’t alone. And she wouldn’t have been jealous if they weren’t perfect for each other.

Sarah arrives and is secretly happy that Bailey didn’t bring Holly to the bonfire. He tells her that when his father tried to teach him to swim, he swallowed a bunch of water and couldn’t bring himself to try again. He asks if she thinks it’s okay for him to wait to start dating again. Of course she does. Meanwhile, Will dances with Claudia, because he’s awesome. Charlie goes back to Pamela’s with a present for Spencer, but she’s paid the rent she owed and moved out.

Thoughts: Sarah, I’m going to try to save you a lot of heartache and advise you to date Will instead.

On the other hand, Scott Wolf is looking cuter (maybe it’s the haircut), so I can’t really fault you for that crush.

Will, it’s not like Bailey was dumped. His girlfriend died. And it was only three months ago. You need to back off.

The wedding’s in nine weeks and they haven’t picked out invitations yet? What were they doing all summer?


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  1. Megan said,

    I like how Sarah and Bailey kissed on the bleachers. her pretty brown hair and fair skin as there lips touched. oh love it.

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