May 4, 2013

Party of Five 2.3, Dearly Beloved: Take Back the Wedding

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This is what Kirsten and Charlie should put on top of their cake

This is what Kirsten and Charlie should put on top of their cake. “We survived the crazy people – high five!”

Summary: Bailey’s trying to stock up on extracurriculars so he can make his college transcripts look better. Sarah offers him her last piece of gum, so she’s definitely in love. Bailey wonders if he can save someone’s life and get an automatic spot in college. Sarah suggests that he run for vice president of the senior class. Elsewhere in the building, Julia spots Griffin (rust shirt) and awkwardly tells him that their kiss can’t lead to anything more. He says he gets it, then kisses her again.

Charlie’s friend Dudley is throwing him and Kirsten an engagement party, but Bailey notes the irony of him throwing it at their house with catering from their family’s restaurant. Kirsten storms in, just back from a visit with her family in Chicago, and rants about her mother’s lack of support. She’s so mad that she doesn’t want her parents to pay for the wedding anymore.

Justin and Julia are supposed to be practicing to work at a teen hotline, but he’s busy telling her the dream he had about her. She tells him they can’t go out tonight because she has to fill in for someone at the restaurant. The guy who runs the hotline tells all the volunteers that they need to always tell the truth. At home, the Salingers and Kirsten work on wedding plans, and Julia offers up her mother’s wedding dress. Kirsten tries to politely decline. (Free dress, Kirsten. You might want to take it.)

Sarah shows up with all the signatures Bailey needs to run for vice president. He’s not sold on the idea, so she bets him dinner and a movie that he’ll win. (Sarah is brilliant.) She also offers to run his campaign. In the backyard, Kirsten tries to calm herself so she won’t go off on the Salingers for taking over all the wedding plans. Charlie says they’re just happy and want to be involved. She tells him she’s not letting a committee plan her wedding.

Julia meets Griffin (blue shirt) at the coffeehouse and they make awkward small talk before going off for a makeout session. Kirsten does some wedding planning in the middle of the night, telling Charlie that she’s okay with letting the others help. She’s not sure why all the rituals are necessary, though. Justin comes by in the morning and notes that he went by the restaurant to see Julia, but she wasn’t there. She quickly says that the person she was subbing for came in after all.

At family dinner that night, the Salingers continue the wedding planning, but Kirsten starts panicking in when Claudia suggests that they have the wedding at the restaurant. Later, Bailey and Sarah work on his campaign, or at least that’s what they were doing before they got caught up chatting about their lives. He calls her a nerd, then clarifies that he thinks it’s cute. Then he asks her to write his speech for him.

Julia and Griffin (gray shirt! With a plaid shirt over it! Whoa!) meet up again, but only so she can tell him she has to go meet Justin. He says that’s fine, but that’s not the response she wanted. She notes that Justin would freak out if he knew she was going out with someone else. Griffin replies that she’d better not tell him, then. Basically, Julia wants him to tell her not to see Justin. He says his rule is that he doesn’t tell anyone what to do, and no one tells him what to do. She wishes he would care a little.

Kirsten tries on the wedding dress, but it’s definitely not right for her. (Two words: butt bow.) Also, it’s both too big and too short. She tells Charlie that she dreamed about her wedding day for years, and she’s not seeing any of her dreams come true. She thinks they’re receiving signs. Charlie doesn’t know what to say, mostly because he can’t, since Kirsten’s doing so much yelling.

Sarah wrote Bailey’s speech after all, but he won’t even read it. She gives him gum again. Julia wonders why Sarah’s going to such lengths to get Bailey elected when he doesn’t even want to serve. Sarah admits her crush, and Julia tells her that if Bailey’s not returning her feelings, it’s not going to happen. She needs to be with a guy who dreams about her. Julia finds concert tickets in her locker and tells Sarah they’re from “the right guy.”

Kirsten opens a wedding present – a hideous teapot – and tells Charlie it’s his when they divorce. Dudley announces that 73 percent of couples end up hating each other during the wedding-planning process. (He made that up, but he stands by his point.) He thinks eloping to Reno would be a better idea. Suddenly Kirsten does, too.

Julia thanks Justin for the tickets, but they’re obviously not from him. He volunteers them to man the teen hotline that night, and which confuses Julia even more, since the concert is that night. Sarah goes by the Salingers’ again and is sad to hear that Bailey still hasn’t read her speech. She finally realizes that he doesn’t care about the election. She yells at him for a little bit, saying that of course he’s treating her this way: She follows him around like a puppy, so it makes sense that he would tell her to go fetch. She tells him she quits.

While Justin volunteers at the hotline, counseling a girl whose boyfriend is flaking out on her, Julia meets up with Griffin (blue with plaid) at the concert. Justin puts two and two together and realizes that he and the girl on the phone are both being cheated on. Bailey tells Claudia about the Sarah situation, then informs Julia that Justin called while she was out. Claudia suggests that they all videotape the wedding and give Charlie and Kirsten the tape as a present. Meanwhile, Charlie and Kirsten sneak out to elope.

In the morning, the others find their brother’s note and wonder why Kirsten and Charlie had to rush the ceremony. They’re hurt that they won’t get to be involved in the wedding. Claudia’s especially upset because she wanted the family to be together for something happy: “We’re always together for the sad stuff.”

Julia tells Justin that she missed her shift at the hotline because she panicked over not being ready for it. He reminisces about a vacation their families took together when they were kids; she hurt him with a seesaw and he said he couldn’t trust her anymore, but she promised he could. “I was just thinking about that,” Justin tells her. Bailey tries to call Sarah to make things up to her; he’s gotten Will to take over as his campaign manager.

Dudley and Bailey decorate the house for a reception for Charlie and Kirsten while Claudia mopes by playing her violin. When Julia gets home, Dudley tells her that a guy named “Geffen” called, and Dudley invited him to the party. Julia flips and takes it out on Bailey, telling him he’s an idiot for not seeing how Sarah feels about him. In Reno, Charlie and Kirsten happily await their turn at the altar.

The reception kicks off (even though the bride and groom aren’t back yet), and as soon as Griffin (rust button-down shirt – someone’s branching out) arrives, Julia tries to make him leave. He won’t go. Sarah also shows up long enough to drop off a present and tell Bailey that she ran his campaign because she’s in love with him. Bailey is shocked because he’s clueless. Not clueless: Justin, who figures out who Julia’s been seeing as soon as he spots Griffin at the party. She says she loves Justin, but when he tells her to make Griffin leave, she says nothing.

Justin storms off, but before Julia can follow him, she gets pulled into a fresh family fight: Charlie and Kirsten are home, and Claudia and Bailey are confronting them about eloping. The couple admits that they didn’t get married; when the justice of the peace started off with, “Dearly beloved,” they realized that there was no one beloved there to witness their happiness. Everyone rejoins the party, which is no longer a wedding reception, but I guess more of the engagement party Dudley had originally planned. Everyone’s happy except Julia.

Thoughts: Jennifer Love Hewitt was so cute and sweet back before she started showing off her cleavage all the time and bedazzling things that should never, ever be bedazzled.

Julia, if you’re going to secretly meet someone after you lied to your boyfriend about where you would be, maybe don’t do it in a coffeehouse where a ton of people you know hang out.

I think they replaced Owen. He’s a cutie.

Sarah: “I’m running for office…” Bailey: “Under incredible duress.” Sarah: “If elected…” Bailey: “I will demand a recount.” Hee.

Sarah, on basketball: “I used to play at sleepaway camp, before I got short.” See? Cute.


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